Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Beauty Memory Lane

Hello and welcome to my post inspired by Sali Hughes and her eagerly anticipated book: Pretty Iconic. I have pre-ordered this book and so whilst I wait in eager anticipation I shall take a walk in memory lane and talk about some products and brands which are "pretty Iconic" to me personally. Enjoy xoxo

Lipcote lipstick sealer was a staple in my mums makeup bag and then a staple in my sisters and mine for a long time too. It burns the lips and I don't know anyone who uses it any more... however they do still sell it so someone must use it??!

The best hair days were crimped hair days. As a long sufferer of limp, lifeless and grease prone hair, (which has never been able to hold a style ever in its life) it came alive when it was crimped. And my mum didn't stop at define sporatic crimps, oh no, She went full on 80's frizz head crimp and my hair was never so voluminous and poodle like as it was on those days. I loved it. I actually still owned the same crimpers up until a few years ago when the thing decided to fall apart on its own accord.

Ah the first moisturiser with a touch of fake tan in it. I was working at superdrug when this was launched and it was really cheap keeping in mind the staff discount and new product special introduction offer I picked one up as the idea of having a tan was novel as I hadn't had one since 1994. I streaked it, as I have streaked every fake tanning product I have ever used. The whole streak free claim on all the products to this day is a lie. A goddam lie.

I remember my sister coming home with a constance carrol makeup bag full of constance Carrol staples including brown lipstick, an eyelash curler and lipcote... I remember loving it so much she bought me the same bag. It was white with a blue zip and blue emblem in the middle.

Rimmel Makeup in general. My mum used rimmel makeup and the scent of it reminds me of her and that precious time as a little girl watching my mother do her makeup. She had a Marilyn Munroe poster on her wall and I remember thinking she looked like her or Madonna as Breathless Mahoney in Dick Tracy (1990). She always had light blond hair, which she curled with heated rollers and always wore red lipstick.

My most used and most repurchased product growing up was the Rimmel stay clear powder which I loved. I used the thin powder puff that came with it and it used to go all hard on the top. I thought that was just what happened to powders. I have since learned it was the oils from my face. yummy. All that time i'm using a powder to mattify my oily skin when in fact it was probably making it worse.

Again this reminds me of my mum. It has always been her signature scent. I have sampled all of the Chanel perfumes because I want a chanel perfume dur... and they all smell bad on me. Saying that though I have never really sampled no5 on myself. Maby it would be a winner.

Back in the day I thought these were the most amazing mascaras ever to brace the earth. I was in love and raved about them. My sister had the volum' express mascara in the said Constance Carroll makeup bag and she gave it to me, or I stole it, one of the two.. I thought it was amazing.

This was a foundation revolution. I never really did foundation before this and when it was released it was such a novelty that foundation could be anything other than a liquid that I went full in and bought it. I found it easier to blend than other foundations but it may well have still been too dark who knows.

Oh the black pencil liner on the rim of your eyes was the look of the times. No smudging or even a hint of blending on the upper lid, just as black as possible on the bottom rim of your eyes. I can't remember the make I used (probably Constance Carrol or Rimmel) but it was the way forward from the beginning of secondary school until university (1999-2010).

This trend was prominent from my first year of secondary school until year 9 (1999-2003). Me and my friends would all go to the toilets at break time and emerge all wearing the same swipe of blue, green or purple eyeshadow on the eyelid only. Again, like the eyeliner, no blending was done here. We all probably had matching black rimmed eyes and the same lipgloss too.

Ok so I'm going to stop there. To be honest, whilst writing this, I became a little emotional. I didn't realise how much of a substantial role beauty has had on my life. Watching my mum put on her makeup, or putting on makeup in the girls loos with my friends at school were actually much more than a vacuous exercise of vanity they were bonding experiences which I hold very dear. Now I have started so many more stories and products are coming to mind but we must stop somewhere. I hope you enjoyed this and feel motivated to write your own iconic beauty story. It was really fun xoxo.

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