Thursday, 4 August 2016


So I haven't bleached my hair from home since 2014!! In a bid to save money on getting it done at the hairdressers I picked up a "do it yourself" kit. Now if you look to the right you will see my top viewed posts are my hair dye kits. I don't know why but they're the most read and I'm assuming most enjoyed?? So I'm planning on concentrating on haircare more as I go on.

This time around I picked up the Maximum Blonding Kit in No2 from Jerome Russell. There's a more intense version in the form of no1 Extreme Blonding Kit but as I have fair hair anyway I didn't think I needed to go to the extreme. 

Now I'll break it down. It says you shouldn't use this if you have already bleached your hair!! I went against this advice but I figured as I was only bleaching my roots it would be ok. 

My advice when buying this is to also pick up a tub of vaseline if you haven't already got one and a hair dye brush. The vaseline is to rub around your hairline to prevent standing your head and the brush is required because the brush supplies, in my opinion, is too small. I guess you could also invest in plastic gloves from Wilkinsons or somewhere as the gloves supplied can be too big and if you want that little bit more control with your hands, getting gloves that fit you perfectly is better for this. 

First things first - mix the bleach and peroxide. Now what I appreciate with this is that the mixture is really thick and that way it doesn't go anywhere other than where you apply it. Unlike hair dye which, if memory serves, went everywhere and was a mess.

Before I started I brushed my hair through ensuring that I had no knots, then using my hair dye brush I apply on my hairline where I need it and using the back of my brush I carve another parting a cm away from my centre parting and coat my roots there. I repeated this process until I had no hair left on my right side, went around my ear and hair line and then did it again to the left side. I then did the top of my head and the back the best I could. Then I put the big plastic hat thing on my head, washed up my hair dye brush using baby shampoo, treating it exactly like my makeup brushes and then threw the rest of the stuff away. The kit says leave the bleach on for 20 to 90 minutes, checking every 15 minutes. I left mine on for an hour. 

Once the time was up I washed the bleach out and washed using the conditioning shampoo. 

Now this works really well for me BUT I have fair hair anyway. Looking on the box it sort of suggests already that it will not create the "maximum blonde" shade if you have anything less than light blonde hair to begin with. I think hairdressers suggest that you go blonde gradually for best eventual results and to be the healthiest for your hair. But lets be real, bleaching your hair will DAMAGE it and the overall condition and thickness of your hair will suffer as a result. I personally have very fine and lank hair to say the least so I'm not precious. If you have full bodied gorgeous brown hair I would strongly urge you not to go with the trends. 

Now I usually leave my hair a few days to get greasy however I just didn't have the time to wait for greasy hair. FYI bleach doesn't normally irritate your scalp as much with greasy hair. But as it happens this didn't irritate my head at all. It was a bitch itchy at first but it was fine. The kit says apply to clean hair anyway so hey ho.

I found that I couldn't quite reach the back of my head so my husband bleached the "dark" bit. I found that I needed to tone my head to ensure that my roots matched my ends, which were appearing a little yellow.

So voila... another hair bleaching session... I did this two weeks ago and as I type my roots are already coming through. It's a life long commitment.