Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Hello there, long it has been since I posted last. But today I couldn't hold in my excitement. I haven't been this excited about makeup since I first started buying Charlotte Tilbury. Little side note: I'm very disheartened that not one but TWO blog posts about my CT purchases have been accidently deleted from existence. Hashtag why???? So back on to the topic in hand..  The Kylie Lipkits!!!

Since I'm interested in beauty and stuff concerning spending hard earned cash on oils and creams and shit to put on your face, hair and body and sort of Love Kylie Jenner and follow her on insta and snap and wish I could be as cool as her; the Kylie Lip Kit craze and dramas and new launches were not news to me but as they kept selling out etc I never really considered buying them.

Until one late night when I was wasting my life on social media when in white lettering and black background I read something along the lines of Kylie cosmetics live on Snapchat... Without even thinking about it, in autopilot mode, I Google, I choose the shades that I thought I would wear, click. Click, heart in my mouth, adrenaline pushing me forward, I literally run across my house to find my purse. Type in the numbers, buy it now.Done. "your order is confirmed."

What the hell was that? I sat there in dim light, heart thumping in my chest, I went to twitter to tell nobody about the events of the last 3 minutes. The most excitement I had had all day. With a skip in my step I got ready for bed and slept with a smile on my face. Hashtag retail THERAPY is real.
The wait for the lip kits to arrive is looooooooooonnnggg! After I had convinced myself that my dhl card on my matt  was the lipkits I was bitterly disappointed to find that it was not and something else utterly dull and rubbish in comparison... Time drags on... 15 days and counting...

Unfortunately no actual review or showcase but as I was sitting in a waiting room today for two hours total I thought I would tell the tale on the most pressing thing on my mind... "I can't wait until my lip kits get here"