Saturday, 12 March 2016

Unsung Heroes.

Hi all. I don't post very often but keep blogging when the mood takes me for kicks. I enjoy reading about beauty. I always keep up to date with the makeup artists and bloggers online so when I get inspired I blog. Therefore i think i get carried away by the new thing. The makeup story that inspires me at the time and I sort of forget about the constants. I forget about the products that I use most days and continue to repurchase and enjoy because they weren't wow or exciting or give me the heart eyed emoji when I first used them, instead they were like: "meh, whatever, they're essential, or a freebee, I'll see how they go." I don't initially jump for joy so don't run to the computer to blog but at the same time if they were crap or not for me, my skin type, scent preference... whatever!! I would have given them away by now. But they stay. So this post is about those products in your life that make life great by just being them. Here's whats up.

The Wella Shockwaves Ultra Strong Power hold hairspray is excellent. It's the best hairspray I have ever used and I have used it for years. And best part??? There is no lid. If I had a pound for every time I lost a lid I would have £9. So it's great. No lid no fuss. It holds your hair like it should. It's like Ronseal it does exactly what it says on the tin.

The V-cense revitalising night cream. Right ok, I have never bought this moisturiser but it comes free in magazine supplements, in the special REN bags M&S do twice a year and always seems to come free in everything so I continually have it in the cupboard and it just works. It's not sticky, or overly thick, its just a really nice, inoffensive night cream that works well over a variety of night treatments and serums. If you need a night cream but don't want to pay the earth or bite the bullet on some unknown cream that you might possibly hate then this is your guy. If I ever stop getting this as a freebee I might just go ahead and buy it myself, how about that?

Avene soothing eye contour cream. Ok this was a "meh I need an eye cream in my life but I don't want to pay the earth for it" product so I used it whatever. But I came to the realisation that this is the only eye cream ever, not to sting, burn or irritate my eyelids and eye area and since repurchasing it recently my dry, flakey eye lids have cleared up... it could be a coincident? I don't know but this is great for sensitive eyes. Zero irritation and no other eye cream (including the ones which boast for sensitive skin) has performed as well.

The Clairns Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate. This is gorgeous because it gives the aroma and feel and luxury of a beautiful bath oil but gives BUBBLES!!!! Pamper and silky bubbles is all you need for a bath time of dreams. This is another freebee product but one that I see myself purchasing for sure.

And finally the Olay Regenerist Luminous Skin perfecting Serum. My friend bought this when I bought the brightening and protecting cream. She said it made her face feel like sand paper so gave it me to try. I actually love it. It tightens my skin and I feel as if it is giving my skin a good dose of skin regenerating goodness rather than a wishy washy level of waste of time, which I feel lots of serums are to be honest. I like how this makes me feel like I am having a tiny face lift and has ignited my interest in sampling more of these regenerating types of serums. 

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