Friday, 11 March 2016

New and Exciting Things

I have two new and exciting products to share with you today and they are the very awesome Fleur de Force lashes by Eylure in the 3/4 lash called FLEUR LOVES (..FEW...) and the very amazingly smelling Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel.

First the lashes. Let me just say 3/4 lashes are amazing for the sole reason that they are so bloody easy to apply. Honestly why don't more brands sell these or do them in different styles? Honestly? Why? in the whole of Boots this was the only pair available and I don't think I could find any in Superdrug at all. I feel like these are the shorter (or 3/4 length) cousin of the Ardell demi Whispies, but perhaps with a bit more of a winged out kick.... so they're like the 3/4 length sister of Nicola from Gils aloud Eyelure lashes they used to make.. might still do.. who knows? Essentially They blend in with my natural lashes a treat and look great with a winged liner look, as I like to take the edges up further than my eye a little bit, creating more of an elongated cat eye effect. Again, I must emphasise the easiness of these to apply and the comfort. There's no chance of having nasty plastic strip poking into your eye because, guess what they stop 1/4 away from your inner eye. Ease, comfort and they look the business.. yes please. I love these. I will buy them again and tell all my friends that they need them in their life NOW! Go Fleur and her amazing idea to create a 3/4 lash. Proving once again why bloggers are awesome. They live in the real world and know what works. 3/4 lashes work. YES.

And another thing... that smelt so good, that when on a recent spa trip my friend bought this on the spot, and she don't do that unless its special. Trust me this smells like a fruit punch, Caribbean holiday dream. This scent is strong but if the scent is good then I love it. The same friend gave me this sample from a magazine and YES it's love. Papaya and Pineapple heaven.... Ok so I guess your wondering what the product actually is? well its a chemical exfoliator or exfoliating face mask. You leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash it off, leaving smooth skin that smells awesome. You can tell it's an exfoliator because it tingles, in a way only those acidy exfoliating products tingle. It's probably a 2 on the irritation scale so I deal with it and because it's tingly I think to myself "yassss its working miracles and stuff." It's a gorgeous whipped creamy product too that feels gorgeous when you put it on the skin. No tackiness or sticky, gunky mess, it's more like a moisturiser texture and most importantly it leaves my skin smooth and happy and decongested and life seems that little bit more bearable.

Ok a bit of a weird, wandering review but rave reviews they are. These are definitely new and exciting products to me. I love them. I'll definitely buy the full size of the elemis enzyme peel and it will take restraint not to go cray cray when Boots have their 3 for 2 offers on their nails and lashes. Please look them up, check them out and buy them. They're great. xoxox

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