Thursday, 10 March 2016

Maby I don't like foundation

My relationship with foundation is a tumultuous one. It started with the discovery of skanky orange liquid foundations of no brands when I was 13. I didn't wear them, instead opted for concealer and mattifying powder in my teens (namely Rimmel all clear powder) which I remember went hard and shiny with my skanky oily sponge... Mmm.  Anyway my first foundation love came in the form of Maybelline dream matte mouse. This stuff was revolutionary and on offer so I picked it up and used up 2 or 3 pots worth. After a flakey nasty foundation let down in the name of a no7 oil control one I discovered the beauty Hall in Boots and picked up the Clinique gentle light makeup foundation which changed my life. In retrospect it was glittery (mm yes I know. You saw it in the pot but I don't remember it transferring to the face) and was too dark. But at the time I rocked it. I stuck with Clinique foundation for a while and fell out of live with the Superbalance one. It would cake between my eyebrows. Back in the day foundations always seemed to do that!! Was it the foundation? My application skills lacking? or my skincare prep was crap? I suspect it was an accumulation of all three.

What I have found over the years that I have been blogging and loving foundation is A. I have become a little obsessional about foundation.i think we all do. B. I hardly ever wore it. C. Never finished one and D. Fall out of love with them. I loved Nars Sheer glow, then hated it, and praised the foundation gods for Illamasqua skin Base. It was the best thing since sliced bread as fares I was concerned but eventually was disappointed by how it's glow transfered as shiny, was too pale and made me look sickly and after not even looking at it for 10 months I got rid. I just don't wear it often enough and I suspect the sell by date should be adhered to. I find after 48 months my skin falls out of love or the foundation has gone bad.

I currently have four foundations in my stash at present. First the Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturiser for a day time makeup and the Estee Lauder double wear for night. Why do I keep these?!! Well the LM is my favourite "low coverage" foundation. For me it blends seamlessly without caking or looking odd. 99% of the time I don't wear foundation at all so when i do I want it purely for a boost or because I had extra time in the morning to get ready. I don't want to look "made up". And the double wear is just a really great foundation for night time. It gives enough coverage that I don't need to conceal with it moat the time.for me it works really well for makeup on the night out and crazily enough never cakes, never slides off or look shiny by the end of the night.happy. I also have Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and Charlotte Tilbury light wonder who are literally on their last legs after being less than satisfactory the last few times of wearing them.

So there you have it. My current issue is that I have a wedding that I need to make myself up for! And I'm currently agonising over what I should do. My gut feeling all along has been to pick up the MUFE HD foundation but Im seriously considering just wearing the double wear. I am going to do a makeup test on Saturday and see where I need to go with it. I'm also in twelve minds about concealer too. I'm loving my Revlon liquid concealer but I don't think it has the power or longevity to cover a crazy breakout. It could happen and I need to be prepared. Top of the list of the Kevyn Auction sensual skin enhancer, Mac studio finish 6 pan pallet or the MUFE HD and or high coverage liquid concealers. Hash tag head spin. This is definitely to be continued... See you later, thankyou for stopping by.

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