Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Beauty Memory Lane

Hello and welcome to my post inspired by Sali Hughes and her eagerly anticipated book: Pretty Iconic. I have pre-ordered this book and so whilst I wait in eager anticipation I shall take a walk in memory lane and talk about some products and brands which are "pretty Iconic" to me personally. Enjoy xoxo

Lipcote lipstick sealer was a staple in my mums makeup bag and then a staple in my sisters and mine for a long time too. It burns the lips and I don't know anyone who uses it any more... however they do still sell it so someone must use it??!

The best hair days were crimped hair days. As a long sufferer of limp, lifeless and grease prone hair, (which has never been able to hold a style ever in its life) it came alive when it was crimped. And my mum didn't stop at define sporatic crimps, oh no, She went full on 80's frizz head crimp and my hair was never so voluminous and poodle like as it was on those days. I loved it. I actually still owned the same crimpers up until a few years ago when the thing decided to fall apart on its own accord.

Ah the first moisturiser with a touch of fake tan in it. I was working at superdrug when this was launched and it was really cheap keeping in mind the staff discount and new product special introduction offer I picked one up as the idea of having a tan was novel as I hadn't had one since 1994. I streaked it, as I have streaked every fake tanning product I have ever used. The whole streak free claim on all the products to this day is a lie. A goddam lie.

I remember my sister coming home with a constance carrol makeup bag full of constance Carrol staples including brown lipstick, an eyelash curler and lipcote... I remember loving it so much she bought me the same bag. It was white with a blue zip and blue emblem in the middle.

Rimmel Makeup in general. My mum used rimmel makeup and the scent of it reminds me of her and that precious time as a little girl watching my mother do her makeup. She had a Marilyn Munroe poster on her wall and I remember thinking she looked like her or Madonna as Breathless Mahoney in Dick Tracy (1990). She always had light blond hair, which she curled with heated rollers and always wore red lipstick.

My most used and most repurchased product growing up was the Rimmel stay clear powder which I loved. I used the thin powder puff that came with it and it used to go all hard on the top. I thought that was just what happened to powders. I have since learned it was the oils from my face. yummy. All that time i'm using a powder to mattify my oily skin when in fact it was probably making it worse.

Again this reminds me of my mum. It has always been her signature scent. I have sampled all of the Chanel perfumes because I want a chanel perfume dur... and they all smell bad on me. Saying that though I have never really sampled no5 on myself. Maby it would be a winner.

Back in the day I thought these were the most amazing mascaras ever to brace the earth. I was in love and raved about them. My sister had the volum' express mascara in the said Constance Carroll makeup bag and she gave it to me, or I stole it, one of the two.. I thought it was amazing.

This was a foundation revolution. I never really did foundation before this and when it was released it was such a novelty that foundation could be anything other than a liquid that I went full in and bought it. I found it easier to blend than other foundations but it may well have still been too dark who knows.

Oh the black pencil liner on the rim of your eyes was the look of the times. No smudging or even a hint of blending on the upper lid, just as black as possible on the bottom rim of your eyes. I can't remember the make I used (probably Constance Carrol or Rimmel) but it was the way forward from the beginning of secondary school until university (1999-2010).

This trend was prominent from my first year of secondary school until year 9 (1999-2003). Me and my friends would all go to the toilets at break time and emerge all wearing the same swipe of blue, green or purple eyeshadow on the eyelid only. Again, like the eyeliner, no blending was done here. We all probably had matching black rimmed eyes and the same lipgloss too.

Ok so I'm going to stop there. To be honest, whilst writing this, I became a little emotional. I didn't realise how much of a substantial role beauty has had on my life. Watching my mum put on her makeup, or putting on makeup in the girls loos with my friends at school were actually much more than a vacuous exercise of vanity they were bonding experiences which I hold very dear. Now I have started so many more stories and products are coming to mind but we must stop somewhere. I hope you enjoyed this and feel motivated to write your own iconic beauty story. It was really fun xoxo.

Thursday, 4 August 2016


So I haven't bleached my hair from home since 2014!! In a bid to save money on getting it done at the hairdressers I picked up a "do it yourself" kit. Now if you look to the right you will see my top viewed posts are my hair dye kits. I don't know why but they're the most read and I'm assuming most enjoyed?? So I'm planning on concentrating on haircare more as I go on.

This time around I picked up the Maximum Blonding Kit in No2 from Jerome Russell. There's a more intense version in the form of no1 Extreme Blonding Kit but as I have fair hair anyway I didn't think I needed to go to the extreme. 

Now I'll break it down. It says you shouldn't use this if you have already bleached your hair!! I went against this advice but I figured as I was only bleaching my roots it would be ok. 

My advice when buying this is to also pick up a tub of vaseline if you haven't already got one and a hair dye brush. The vaseline is to rub around your hairline to prevent standing your head and the brush is required because the brush supplies, in my opinion, is too small. I guess you could also invest in plastic gloves from Wilkinsons or somewhere as the gloves supplied can be too big and if you want that little bit more control with your hands, getting gloves that fit you perfectly is better for this. 

First things first - mix the bleach and peroxide. Now what I appreciate with this is that the mixture is really thick and that way it doesn't go anywhere other than where you apply it. Unlike hair dye which, if memory serves, went everywhere and was a mess.

Before I started I brushed my hair through ensuring that I had no knots, then using my hair dye brush I apply on my hairline where I need it and using the back of my brush I carve another parting a cm away from my centre parting and coat my roots there. I repeated this process until I had no hair left on my right side, went around my ear and hair line and then did it again to the left side. I then did the top of my head and the back the best I could. Then I put the big plastic hat thing on my head, washed up my hair dye brush using baby shampoo, treating it exactly like my makeup brushes and then threw the rest of the stuff away. The kit says leave the bleach on for 20 to 90 minutes, checking every 15 minutes. I left mine on for an hour. 

Once the time was up I washed the bleach out and washed using the conditioning shampoo. 

Now this works really well for me BUT I have fair hair anyway. Looking on the box it sort of suggests already that it will not create the "maximum blonde" shade if you have anything less than light blonde hair to begin with. I think hairdressers suggest that you go blonde gradually for best eventual results and to be the healthiest for your hair. But lets be real, bleaching your hair will DAMAGE it and the overall condition and thickness of your hair will suffer as a result. I personally have very fine and lank hair to say the least so I'm not precious. If you have full bodied gorgeous brown hair I would strongly urge you not to go with the trends. 

Now I usually leave my hair a few days to get greasy however I just didn't have the time to wait for greasy hair. FYI bleach doesn't normally irritate your scalp as much with greasy hair. But as it happens this didn't irritate my head at all. It was a bitch itchy at first but it was fine. The kit says apply to clean hair anyway so hey ho.

I found that I couldn't quite reach the back of my head so my husband bleached the "dark" bit. I found that I needed to tone my head to ensure that my roots matched my ends, which were appearing a little yellow.

So voila... another hair bleaching session... I did this two weeks ago and as I type my roots are already coming through. It's a life long commitment.

Friday, 8 July 2016

#BRIDALBEAUTY the expensive and best skincare

Hello and welcome to the place where we can discuss spending seventy pounds on a face mask and it's OK. Because expensive skincare is a drop in the ocean when you've basically spent the equivalent of a down payment on a mortgage on the wedding itself. If you don't see finances this way and think that skincare should really be a place where you can save money I don't need that kind of negativity on my blog so please leave. Thank you.

For those of you who, like me, want to get into more post wedding debt in the bid to get glowing beautiful skin please keep reading. I'll discuss what I used for my wedding day but I'll also talk about some alternatives that I feel would be as good or better for different skin types.

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm
After trialling a few alternative Cleansing balms and a few hundred cleansers I whole heartedly have to say the Emma Hardie Balm is my absolute favourite cleanser (overall) that I have ever used. I love the smell, application, and the result is beautiful smooth skin that's lush. This is the whole package. It balances oily and combination skin, nourishes dry skin and soothes sensitive skin. The face cleaning part is done.

In terms of toning and treatments etc.. I used the REN Resurfacing AHA Concentrate I really enjoy it and find my skin is smoother and glowier when I wear it. I also love Pixi Glow Tonic. Which helps you glow too. Think of these as very gentle facial peels that exfoliate dead skin cells revealing new and baby smooth skin.

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel
Masks on the other hand, I have quite a bit of experience and have lots of things to say. On the run up to my wedding I wore the Elemis xxx every other 0day and, most importantly, the night before. This leaves your skin glowing with a capital G. This is basically a gentle micro acid peel which essentially burns away the nasty upper layer of skin to expose lovely new glowing skin underneath.

Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask
For the day of my wedding I wanted to use a luxe face mask to bring the glow and help give me the best Base for the rest of my makeup. The Sisley is my favourite to give me stunning radiance however I also endorse the Charlotte Tilbury Clay Mask too. This is a great one if your skin is oily as I feel it really sucks all the nasty greasiness out of your skin leaving it balanced yet glowing.

Embryollise Lait-Creme Concentre 
Love this for day and night. Its a classic for a Reason and I used this religiously twice a day on the run up to my wedding. For my skin this feels really nourishing and soothing and blends on a dream giving plumped and supple skin. In terms of alternatives; if you have dry skin the Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream is Embryollise's thicker younger sister. For night time I'm currently really enjoying using the ren night time treatment so reccomend that for the night before your wedding. I also sampled Sisleys amazing night cream which I adored but as I have no wedding to use as an excuse to buy it I don't think even I will be forking out on this any time soon.

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
I had like 4 hours sleep the night before my wedding and using these cooling eye masks definitely helped to make me feel more awake and refreshed around the eyes.

So there you have it. A run down of my wedding skincare, which came at a luxe price. Please take note, splurge for your big day or take advantage of samples. Xoxox


OK new stuff..  Where do I begin?!?

These kits have probably induced the most excitement I've ever felt over makeup (after Charlotte Tilbury launched). The design of the box is amazing. It's bold, simple and awesome... but, Off the bat I hate the scent. It's far too sweet and pungent for my tastes. I also find them difficult to perfect because I have thin lips but once on they stay on for hours. They're comfortable to wear but I find the light mauvey pinky shade, Koko K looks too dry and emphasises the lines on my lips. This one dried down to a nice stain. The bright red Mary Jo K, on the other hand, actually flakes off and the colour flakes off from the inner lip out. Its not crazy bad it's just that it requires maintenance, as all dark lipsticks do. The long lasting formula doesn't mean you can leave it without it looking crazy by the end of the night. On the other hand this one does look better on the lips, so it's toss up at the moment on which one I like more. The lip liner is soft, easy to use and long lasting. 

Yaassss!! Not too sure about the cream or lavender shade but the yellow and peach shades are everything. This brings the shine without the glitter. If you love highlight then this won't dissapoint.

This is the perfect accompaniment to the Sumner night bronze look I like to do sometimes... Its not the most wow in your face highlight but it does give a gorgeous bronze sheen. It dries down quite quickly so definitely be quick to blend in the edges. For my skin tone it's defiantly more of a blush/bronze/highlight hybrid product. The formulation of this cream is lovely and it doesn't have any sparkles in it which is awesome. The other shades this line do, so this is the special one. 

The formulation of this lipstick is great but bad at the same time. It's great because it applies like butter, it packs the punch with colour and, although fades, it stains the lips so your left with coloured lips all day. After eatting and drinking I was concerned it would smudge but my lips looked fine. It also smells like cake, which I love. But now to why the formulation is also bad?.. It is so soft that after my using it once, the bullet snapped. And this is the second Envy lipstick I've owned that this has happened to. My other one died a death but i'm being really careful with this one and am putting it in the fridge every now and then too. Overall though I definitely recommend the Envy lipsticks. 

Gross. My husband loves it but I think it smells awful. It's super sweet and although has a chocolate vibe to it it isn't chocolate. It's rank. The formula is good. It's a cream thick texture and is really moisturising and lovely but really?? the scent is a deal breaker. 

This is a really thick shower gel. It smells great but it's really a meh product really. I dont hate it. It's just OK. I think I prefer a cream formula over a "gel". It is very nice though I just won't repurchase, there's too much option out there.

The packaging of this product and the design in the pan definitely sold this product for me. It's very Micheal Kors, very glam, gold luxury box and the huge, sleek black pot is gorgeous too. Now the shades on the matte side, mixed together create a lovely cool toned bronze shade which I love and I use all the time. I don't use the shimmery side that much to be honest and I particularly dislike the centre shade which comes up so orange on my skin tone. I use both matte and shimmer shades individually as eye shadow and I like. 

I needed a dry shampoo and I got a texturing spray. It gives great texture to the hair and helps when styling but as a hair refresher I personally don't love this. I had really greasy hair and this just didn't do anything. But it did volumise. So I am still on the hunt for a good dry shampoo. I might try the normal dry shampoo one to see if that one will be a win. I love the London scent... It's hard to describe but its like a sweet musk scent?? I don't know but it's nice... try it. 

Saturday, 2 July 2016

#BRIDALBEAUTY The Final Bridal Look

Hi all. I'm finally ready to talk about the makeup I used on myself on my wedding day. Yes I chose to do my own for the very reason that unless I had the budget for Charlotte Tilbury I could do my makeup as good, probably better than any makeup artist I could afford. I hired a makeup artist to do my bridesmaids, mother and grandmother in law, however, who was really good, but wouldn't apply false Lashes. So if you want lashes applied remember to ask the question that I completely forgot about.

For my Base I chose to go with a much loved combination of mine... LAURA MERCIER FOUNDATION PRIMER, ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR LIQUID FOUNDATION, REVLON COLOUR STAY LIQUID concealer and CHARLOTTE TILBURY powder. DW foundation is really long lasting and can be sheered down if you want to. Sure once built up it can create a fully matt face. But at this stage all you are bothered about is creating a even, perfected face. You can build dimension, glow and light to the face later!

Adding the LM foundation to the mix is just that extra glue that holds the foundation in place that little longer. To be honest I find that the DW covered and concealed perfectly on its own, as I was lucky enough not to have any blemishes on the day. But knowing my skin I knew I needed a little extra around my nose, chin and mouth area as this is where foundation is normally rubbed off and so I used the awesome yet reasonably priced and amazing colour match for me: Revlon Colourstay liquid comcealer over these areas.

I finished the Base (at the end) and dusted my face with my heart and soul, one and only CT powder. The best powder I have ever used and probably the only one I'll ever use in my life!! It's that good!! I repowdered twice as my forehead got pretty shiny as the day turned out to be 26 degrees Celsius... Yikes! But despite the heat it all stayed put without caking or melting so if you have combination skin then this combo might work for you too.

Haha lashes. The perfect mascara is just always out of reach. I picked up the Lancome waterproof mascara and I was really disappointed with it but time and with all the wedding prep on the run up just completely forgot to get something else. I was disappointed because it did not with the drama or length or volume. It was just "meh"!

Making the most of it though I curled my lashes with the best SHU EUMORA EYELASH CURLERS and also used the MAYBELLINE CLASSIC VOLUM' EXPRESS WATERPROOF mascara for some crazy reason. I bought the drama to my lashes by using Eyelure Fleur de Force 3/4 lashes which are perfect for my small eyes and do not give that painful inner eye scratching that I always seem to get with dull length false Lashes. I applied using the aging DUO GLUE in clear, that although smells aweful, it ensured that my lashes stayed on all day and night.

Despite being waterproof I knew both mascaras smudged on me so to avoid panda eye as much as possible I put on the smalleat amount of mascara as I could get away with on my bottom lashes and smudged liner and shadow quite low under my eyes, so as the day developed there was smudging but altogether it wasn't noticeable to anyone but me at 1oclock in the morning.

There's something very sentimental and special about your wedding day lipstick. For women who never wear makeup, their "big day lippie" can always be found in their makeup bag years and years and years after. I wanted a perfect pinky nude,  which I found in (unfortunately limited edition and no longer available - yikes) CHARLOTTE TILBURY REVOLUNARY MATTE LIPSTICK IN MISS KENSINGTON.

I lined with the perfect long lasting liner CHARLOTTE TILBURY PILLOW TALK. And used no gloss. I would say I reapplied when I powdered, but it lasted really well and the amazing formulation of the Revolutionary matte mean that my lips were comfortable all day and that the colour evenly fades through out the day. I recommend you check out this formulation for your big day.

So to recap: sample double wear foundation, try 3/4 false Lashes and Wear  your most special lipstick that you love and feel amazing in. Oh and trial as many mascaras that you can afford if you haven't yet found "the one". See you next time xoxo

Next on the wedding makeup agenda is to talk about the cheek products essentially and the products that I used to carve and lift my features to get picture perfect on my wedding day. I used my most favourite face products.

I used TAN DE CHANEL to sculpt my face and bring dimension. I built this up using The bronze shade from CHARLOTTE TILBURYS FILMSTAR BRONZE AND GLOW PALETTE and carved out my cheekbones and slimmed that nose with Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium.

To lift and illuminate I used the highlight powder from ct filmstar Bronze and Glow palette. I lifted my under eye area with my CHARLOTTE TILBURY THE RETOUCHER pen which is a tad light for me so was the perfect choice to do this.

My pop of colour, my glow was my something old but going strong...ESTEE LAUDER BRIMZE GODDESS Blush which is literally 6 years old but still going strong and I love it a lot. It's just my perfect glow shade... So don't judge me.

So yeah my face makeup stayed on all day. My advice (which is actually Lisa Eldridge's advice which I'm sharing with you) is to apply thin layers and build upon them. Using a cream/liquid formula and essentially setting with powder is a great way to do this.

The overall plan was to look as perfected as possible. So my Base and lips were supposed to just accentuate my looks as far as possible. My eyebrows were just perfected as far as I could get them. I used Hi Impact HD BROW POWDER, DELIA BROW PENCIL and set in place using SLEEK CLEAR EYEBROW GEL, which is actually really good. One week before my wedding I got my eyebrows (and moustache) threaded. This gave my skin plenty of time to heal in these areas.

Honestly, when I do my eyes I like to go big or go home and the eye makeup on my wedding day must have taken me 45 minutes easily. And I used so many products and eyeshadows and eye pencils and I blended and built, blended and built. Blended and built until the Lashes came on and I was "done" (time ran out). If you do your eyes right they take forever!!!  but I loved it. It helped me zone out and relax.

My bridal look Definitely centralised around the eyes. I learnt long ago that, for me, the sixties, wide eye look was the most flattering for my small, hooded eyelids. My dress was definitely Based on the Audrey Hepburn Funny Face(esque) look circa 1962 so I used this to create a modern sixties eye. My pale skin and pale pout bought the look all together.

OK so the deets... Honestly I was in "the zone" at this point and products were everywhere so I cannot remember much, but I'll give a food whack at it. I primed my lids, up to the brow bone and around the eye with NARS EYESHADOW PRIMER. I then used my ct bronze shade to define my eyes and set out the shape. The CT highlight shade was used to highlight my brow bone and inner corner of my eye. By using the same products that you use on your face really ties the look together.

On top of this I lined my eyes (under my waterline) and shaped my wing using URBAN DECAY 24HOUR LINER IN smog, a dark brown. I created my winged flick using ESTEE LAUDER LITTLE BLACK LINER. At this point I went Cray Cray mixing colours in my mac eyeshadow palette to deepen and define my crease shade. I may have added the if liner. Brow shades and KA sculpting powder too. What I do remember though is that I used MAC ALL THAT GLITTERS on my lid.

I then did my lashes and added a but more dimension. I finished off the look using CHARLOTTE TILBURY EYE CHEAT on my water line and added sparkle and beauty to my lid using MUA AMAZING FOIL shadow in rose gold. AMAZING eyeshadow which is literally £4. Can I ask at this point why the Stila version is £33?!?  I finalised my look doing my Lips, more Base and a good Spritz of MAC FIX+ SPRAY and I was DONE!!

And "what makeup brushes did you use?", I hear you ask... I used the CHARLOTTE TILBURY SCULPT BRUSH, two REAL TECHNIQUES STIPPLING BRUSHES and so many eyeshadow brushes I couldn't tell you... if in doubt go to MAC and get yourself 3 217's and your covered.

And we're done. I really hope you have made it this far down and have picked up some tips and some products you might be interested in trying. If your getting married soon and plan to do your own makeup. Give yourself time, light and space and get into it! Good Luck xoxoxo

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Hello there, long it has been since I posted last. But today I couldn't hold in my excitement. I haven't been this excited about makeup since I first started buying Charlotte Tilbury. Little side note: I'm very disheartened that not one but TWO blog posts about my CT purchases have been accidently deleted from existence. Hashtag why???? So back on to the topic in hand..  The Kylie Lipkits!!!

Since I'm interested in beauty and stuff concerning spending hard earned cash on oils and creams and shit to put on your face, hair and body and sort of Love Kylie Jenner and follow her on insta and snap and wish I could be as cool as her; the Kylie Lip Kit craze and dramas and new launches were not news to me but as they kept selling out etc I never really considered buying them.

Until one late night when I was wasting my life on social media when in white lettering and black background I read something along the lines of Kylie cosmetics live on Snapchat... Without even thinking about it, in autopilot mode, I Google, I choose the shades that I thought I would wear, click. Click, heart in my mouth, adrenaline pushing me forward, I literally run across my house to find my purse. Type in the numbers, buy it now.Done. "your order is confirmed."

What the hell was that? I sat there in dim light, heart thumping in my chest, I went to twitter to tell nobody about the events of the last 3 minutes. The most excitement I had had all day. With a skip in my step I got ready for bed and slept with a smile on my face. Hashtag retail THERAPY is real.
The wait for the lip kits to arrive is looooooooooonnnggg! After I had convinced myself that my dhl card on my matt  was the lipkits I was bitterly disappointed to find that it was not and something else utterly dull and rubbish in comparison... Time drags on... 15 days and counting...

Unfortunately no actual review or showcase but as I was sitting in a waiting room today for two hours total I thought I would tell the tale on the most pressing thing on my mind... "I can't wait until my lip kits get here"

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


I finally got round to doing the bridal makeup trial and we are overall very happy. I'm doing my own FYI. Read on for the deets.

Base... The Laura Mercier Original foundation primer and Estee Lauder Double wear with a dusting of Charlotte Tilbury Powder and a finishing spritz of mac fix plus is a win. 12 hours later my Base, aside from my chin area because it's a bastard, was still great. Aside from being a tinsey bit shiney. I didnt even need concealer with this. But I've picked the LM secret camouflage anyway and I want to brighten under my eyes so I'll pick up a brightening concealer pen thing too.

Face... The Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze and Glow palette is amazing. Paired with the tan de Chanel cream bronzer I had sculpt and glow that lasted!!! I might add in my becca shimmering skin perfector to "strobe" and Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder to define further... Blush of choice was of course my old faithful Estee Lauder bronze goddess from years back; which gives a lovely subtle pink flush but considering the powerful Charlotte Tilbury powders I'm thinking maby a swish and pop is the way forward... Maby I need the new universal palette that is making waves in blogger land.. 

Lips... OK first things first the Charlotte Tilbury Matt Revolution lipstick formula is superior to their K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula. It's more comfortable on the lips and wears beautifully. My shade of choice was miss Kensington and it came up really pink on me... Too pink? I don't know but teamed up with CT's lip cheat in pillow talk it stayed on forever and faded down evenly throughout the day.

Eyes... The key to the look. First mascara. The Maybelline water proof volum' express stayed on all day without smudging hooray. But there wasn't any vavavoom so I'm thinking looking else where? I amped up the look with Fleur de force's 3/4 lashes. I found that they need to be put on properly to begin with otherwise there's drama. As my left lash was hanging off weirdly by 3 o'clock and they needed reapplying. I used smog urban decay 24hr liner. It was great. Transfered a bit on the left eye (pattern forming here) I noticed when I inspected this before bed. For eye colour I used the film star bronze and glow to shade and highlight and then went over the lid with Illamasqua cream pigment in solstice and Barry M gold glitter. I think it worked and the eyes stayed on all night but I'll keep playing around with ideas.

So woop I think the Base is sorted I'll probably stick with the lips too but the eyes need a little bit more consideration. Hooray! Wedding makeup is shaping up. Watch this space. Xoxo

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Unsung Heroes.

Hi all. I don't post very often but keep blogging when the mood takes me for kicks. I enjoy reading about beauty. I always keep up to date with the makeup artists and bloggers online so when I get inspired I blog. Therefore i think i get carried away by the new thing. The makeup story that inspires me at the time and I sort of forget about the constants. I forget about the products that I use most days and continue to repurchase and enjoy because they weren't wow or exciting or give me the heart eyed emoji when I first used them, instead they were like: "meh, whatever, they're essential, or a freebee, I'll see how they go." I don't initially jump for joy so don't run to the computer to blog but at the same time if they were crap or not for me, my skin type, scent preference... whatever!! I would have given them away by now. But they stay. So this post is about those products in your life that make life great by just being them. Here's whats up.

The Wella Shockwaves Ultra Strong Power hold hairspray is excellent. It's the best hairspray I have ever used and I have used it for years. And best part??? There is no lid. If I had a pound for every time I lost a lid I would have £9. So it's great. No lid no fuss. It holds your hair like it should. It's like Ronseal it does exactly what it says on the tin.

The V-cense revitalising night cream. Right ok, I have never bought this moisturiser but it comes free in magazine supplements, in the special REN bags M&S do twice a year and always seems to come free in everything so I continually have it in the cupboard and it just works. It's not sticky, or overly thick, its just a really nice, inoffensive night cream that works well over a variety of night treatments and serums. If you need a night cream but don't want to pay the earth or bite the bullet on some unknown cream that you might possibly hate then this is your guy. If I ever stop getting this as a freebee I might just go ahead and buy it myself, how about that?

Avene soothing eye contour cream. Ok this was a "meh I need an eye cream in my life but I don't want to pay the earth for it" product so I used it whatever. But I came to the realisation that this is the only eye cream ever, not to sting, burn or irritate my eyelids and eye area and since repurchasing it recently my dry, flakey eye lids have cleared up... it could be a coincident? I don't know but this is great for sensitive eyes. Zero irritation and no other eye cream (including the ones which boast for sensitive skin) has performed as well.

The Clairns Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate. This is gorgeous because it gives the aroma and feel and luxury of a beautiful bath oil but gives BUBBLES!!!! Pamper and silky bubbles is all you need for a bath time of dreams. This is another freebee product but one that I see myself purchasing for sure.

And finally the Olay Regenerist Luminous Skin perfecting Serum. My friend bought this when I bought the brightening and protecting cream. She said it made her face feel like sand paper so gave it me to try. I actually love it. It tightens my skin and I feel as if it is giving my skin a good dose of skin regenerating goodness rather than a wishy washy level of waste of time, which I feel lots of serums are to be honest. I like how this makes me feel like I am having a tiny face lift and has ignited my interest in sampling more of these regenerating types of serums. 

Friday, 11 March 2016

New and Exciting Things

I have two new and exciting products to share with you today and they are the very awesome Fleur de Force lashes by Eylure in the 3/4 lash called FLEUR LOVES (..FEW...) and the very amazingly smelling Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel.

First the lashes. Let me just say 3/4 lashes are amazing for the sole reason that they are so bloody easy to apply. Honestly why don't more brands sell these or do them in different styles? Honestly? Why? in the whole of Boots this was the only pair available and I don't think I could find any in Superdrug at all. I feel like these are the shorter (or 3/4 length) cousin of the Ardell demi Whispies, but perhaps with a bit more of a winged out kick.... so they're like the 3/4 length sister of Nicola from Gils aloud Eyelure lashes they used to make.. might still do.. who knows? Essentially They blend in with my natural lashes a treat and look great with a winged liner look, as I like to take the edges up further than my eye a little bit, creating more of an elongated cat eye effect. Again, I must emphasise the easiness of these to apply and the comfort. There's no chance of having nasty plastic strip poking into your eye because, guess what they stop 1/4 away from your inner eye. Ease, comfort and they look the business.. yes please. I love these. I will buy them again and tell all my friends that they need them in their life NOW! Go Fleur and her amazing idea to create a 3/4 lash. Proving once again why bloggers are awesome. They live in the real world and know what works. 3/4 lashes work. YES.

And another thing... that smelt so good, that when on a recent spa trip my friend bought this on the spot, and she don't do that unless its special. Trust me this smells like a fruit punch, Caribbean holiday dream. This scent is strong but if the scent is good then I love it. The same friend gave me this sample from a magazine and YES it's love. Papaya and Pineapple heaven.... Ok so I guess your wondering what the product actually is? well its a chemical exfoliator or exfoliating face mask. You leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash it off, leaving smooth skin that smells awesome. You can tell it's an exfoliator because it tingles, in a way only those acidy exfoliating products tingle. It's probably a 2 on the irritation scale so I deal with it and because it's tingly I think to myself "yassss its working miracles and stuff." It's a gorgeous whipped creamy product too that feels gorgeous when you put it on the skin. No tackiness or sticky, gunky mess, it's more like a moisturiser texture and most importantly it leaves my skin smooth and happy and decongested and life seems that little bit more bearable.

Ok a bit of a weird, wandering review but rave reviews they are. These are definitely new and exciting products to me. I love them. I'll definitely buy the full size of the elemis enzyme peel and it will take restraint not to go cray cray when Boots have their 3 for 2 offers on their nails and lashes. Please look them up, check them out and buy them. They're great. xoxox

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Maby I don't like foundation

My relationship with foundation is a tumultuous one. It started with the discovery of skanky orange liquid foundations of no brands when I was 13. I didn't wear them, instead opted for concealer and mattifying powder in my teens (namely Rimmel all clear powder) which I remember went hard and shiny with my skanky oily sponge... Mmm.  Anyway my first foundation love came in the form of Maybelline dream matte mouse. This stuff was revolutionary and on offer so I picked it up and used up 2 or 3 pots worth. After a flakey nasty foundation let down in the name of a no7 oil control one I discovered the beauty Hall in Boots and picked up the Clinique gentle light makeup foundation which changed my life. In retrospect it was glittery (mm yes I know. You saw it in the pot but I don't remember it transferring to the face) and was too dark. But at the time I rocked it. I stuck with Clinique foundation for a while and fell out of live with the Superbalance one. It would cake between my eyebrows. Back in the day foundations always seemed to do that!! Was it the foundation? My application skills lacking? or my skincare prep was crap? I suspect it was an accumulation of all three.

What I have found over the years that I have been blogging and loving foundation is A. I have become a little obsessional about foundation.i think we all do. B. I hardly ever wore it. C. Never finished one and D. Fall out of love with them. I loved Nars Sheer glow, then hated it, and praised the foundation gods for Illamasqua skin Base. It was the best thing since sliced bread as fares I was concerned but eventually was disappointed by how it's glow transfered as shiny, was too pale and made me look sickly and after not even looking at it for 10 months I got rid. I just don't wear it often enough and I suspect the sell by date should be adhered to. I find after 48 months my skin falls out of love or the foundation has gone bad.

I currently have four foundations in my stash at present. First the Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturiser for a day time makeup and the Estee Lauder double wear for night. Why do I keep these?!! Well the LM is my favourite "low coverage" foundation. For me it blends seamlessly without caking or looking odd. 99% of the time I don't wear foundation at all so when i do I want it purely for a boost or because I had extra time in the morning to get ready. I don't want to look "made up". And the double wear is just a really great foundation for night time. It gives enough coverage that I don't need to conceal with it moat the time.for me it works really well for makeup on the night out and crazily enough never cakes, never slides off or look shiny by the end of the night.happy. I also have Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and Charlotte Tilbury light wonder who are literally on their last legs after being less than satisfactory the last few times of wearing them.

So there you have it. My current issue is that I have a wedding that I need to make myself up for! And I'm currently agonising over what I should do. My gut feeling all along has been to pick up the MUFE HD foundation but Im seriously considering just wearing the double wear. I am going to do a makeup test on Saturday and see where I need to go with it. I'm also in twelve minds about concealer too. I'm loving my Revlon liquid concealer but I don't think it has the power or longevity to cover a crazy breakout. It could happen and I need to be prepared. Top of the list of the Kevyn Auction sensual skin enhancer, Mac studio finish 6 pan pallet or the MUFE HD and or high coverage liquid concealers. Hash tag head spin. This is definitely to be continued... See you later, thankyou for stopping by.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

TOP 15 OF 2015

Ooooohhh the second part of this... Of 2015 post... All my faves. Only things not pictured is the little black primer and the acrylic nails unfortunately... Enjoy xoxo

1. Charles Worthington dry shampoo. My ultimate in dry shampooing. I think this is great and superior to all the other dry shampoos I have tried in the past. Loves it. 

2. Acrylic nails. Who'd have thought? After hating on them for years I have well and truly embrace the long nail this year. It's fuelled by a laziness to maintain and an inability to grow my natural nails but I'm obsessed with them.

3. Estée Lauder double wear. Again after hating on this years ago I bought this again this year and it quickly became my go to night time foundation and my favourite foundation of the year.

4. Clarins body oil. I was first introduced to this when I got it as a free gift with a clarins purchase and I fell in love with it. I hate using body lotions etc but this oil is beautiful and my best friend bought me a back up for my birthday. Hooray!! 

5. Look Fantastic. My partner bought me an advent calendar and 6 months subscription to their beauty boxes. I can't wait to receive my January box.

6. Embryollise Lait creme concentrate. I had heard of this for a long time but only got involved when it was being sold at my local boots... And wow. Hands down. Holy Grail moisturiser over here. obsessed!! All the good things. All the praise. I love this moisturiser. 

7. Clarins pink clay mask. I love pink clay and the Clarins one is lovely. A gorgeous clarifying yet radiance boosting face mask. 

8. Sisley face mask. I'm on rations with this one because I fear it's going to run out on next application. It's beautiful. Expensive. It's on my wedding must have shopping list. 

9. Charlotte Tilbury face powder. I literally hit pan on this yesterday and one doesn't hit pan on anything. This is probably my favourite makeup product this year.

10. Charlotte Tilbury Film Star bronze and glow. After initially feeling like the highlight was too dark I have come to cherish this compact. It's the most beautiful product I own! The shades are amazingly flattering and are really long lasting.

11. Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow quad in bronze goddess. My favourite pallet of the year. The colours are top but what's the best is the absolute amazing quality of Charlotte Tilbury powders. They are amazing as you can tell by the last two products mentioned. Guys invest!

12. Estée Lauder little black primer. I mentioned this once I think last year but I was really impressed with this mascara, which I actually enjoyed using on its own, not just to go over other mascaras. It dried up after 8 months which I think is quite good going. 

13. Real techniques Makeup brushes. These are amongst my favourite brushes. They just really good and their premium line bold metals are stunning. 

14. Garner micellaire water. This is great stuff that rivals Bioderma at the fraction of the price. I have never found a dupe in other brands, which aren't as effective, have a weird scent or burn! Very impressed with this one. Top 15 for sure! 

15. TANGLETEEZER. Oh my God!! This is a life changer. I currently have three and counting.

BOTTOM 15 of 2015

So this is the case of: I wrote this post in December but haven't gotten round to take pictures until the 20th of January. Enjoy reading about products to approach with caution. There isn't many products to show anyway because if I don't like it, it quickly gets disposed of. Enjoy and stay tuned for the Top 15 of 2015. Xoxo

1. Ok so I've spoken at length about my love for Charlotte Tilbury but I did not enjoy her 5 star mascara purely because it smudged on me. If you suffer with oily lids or suffer with mascara panda eye then be warned. 

2. I also didn't enjoy using the Charlotte Tilbury eyebrow pencil. The highlight shade was too dark to highlight anything. The pen itself broke apart within minutes of opening it and I didn't like the pencil. I didn't get enough product, or too much and the colour wasn't right for me.

3. Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. Again another mascara another MEGA SMUDGER. This smudges really badly and is a great disappointment when I use it because the mascara in itself is really good. It just doesn't stay on the lashes where it belongs.

4. Oribe dry texturising shampoo. It's good but too expensive in my opinion. I think the Charles Worthington alternative is just as good at a fraction of the price. 

5. And the Oribe volumising mouse? I can't do it. I don't get it. I don't like it.

6. Sarah Chapman overnight facial. I thought this was the answer to my prayers. It's a dry oil that melts into the skin but honestly I think I was allergic to something in it because I sneezed like crazy and my face itched like crazy when I wore it. I used it regularly to try and use it up to be frank and I honestly didn't see an improvement or added radiance to my skin. 

7. Emma Hardie Protect and Prime SPF30. I only got a sample of this and I glad I didn't purchase because I didn't even finish the sample. This said all the right things and I was hoping it was going to be my saviour this year on my next holiday, alas it was not. In short it was too sticky, oily, nasty and broke me out. But my skin doesn't react well to facial sunscreens so that's my issue you may find it a gorgeous product and live happily ever after. 

8. Chanel Bronze Stick. I had the highest of expectations for this and I'm very sad to report, despite trying my dammed hardest I just can't get this product to work for me. It's too red in tone and that's where my issues lie. It just doesn't work on my skintone which saddens me greatly, but I live on. 

9. SKII face mask. After Mary Greenwell said she loved this product and used it on her clients I picked one up for a hefty 10 pounds (for one!) and waited patiently until There was an occasion which warranted such a mask. I used it for my Christmas party because I knew lots of photos would be taken and I wanted to look my best. Alas like all sheet masks I've tried, it feels yucky, it didn't give a boost to my skin and infact after using this pimples appeared...Joy! Not happy will not repurchase. 

10. Let's continue with mascaras shall we and I have tried 3 from Rimmel this year and I really liked Scandaleyes Extreme and but hated the other 2. The first The mascara I hated was the blue one - the waterproof wonderful mascara.. And I can't remember what I hated about it, but after using it once I threw it away that's all I know...

11. The other Rimmel mascara I hated was the green one - the Wake me up mascara. I didn't like the scent of cucumbers and it just gave me crappy lashes. I threw it away after struggling on for three weeks. No repurchasing of any Rimmel mascaras ever again for me. 3 strikes your out. 

12. Imperial Leather fruit salad shower gel. I bought this for the love of sweet scents and fruit salad candy. It smelt right but I just didn't enjoy using this. It was like using custard to wash with (colour and consistency) and it was just meh. It didn't overly nourish or pamper. It was just like.., yeah ok... Next.

13. Another shower gel I didn't like was the original source all in one moisturising shower pineapple and coconut oil scent. The scents amazing but that's not the problem here. This just isn't moisturising. It's really a meh product too. You can as good quality for 59p at Wilko. Again... Next.

14. Oilatum Natural Repair face cream. Ok this is for really dry skins and mine isn't very dry but I've used moisturisers for dry skins before and haven't been as greasy as this. I'm literally an oil slick when I apply this. I'm using it up as a night cream, but even then it feels really awful on the skin. It just doesn't sink in. Not repurchasing. Hashtag greasy.

15. And finally a product or products that left my hair feeling really gross and weighed down - the Redken extreme shampoo. They work better separately when I use a much less moisturising formula of shampoo and conditioner. My bleached and "distressed" hair really doesn't respond well to this at all. And as a salon priced formula I expected better.