Wednesday, 20 January 2016

BOTTOM 15 of 2015

So this is the case of: I wrote this post in December but haven't gotten round to take pictures until the 20th of January. Enjoy reading about products to approach with caution. There isn't many products to show anyway because if I don't like it, it quickly gets disposed of. Enjoy and stay tuned for the Top 15 of 2015. Xoxo

1. Ok so I've spoken at length about my love for Charlotte Tilbury but I did not enjoy her 5 star mascara purely because it smudged on me. If you suffer with oily lids or suffer with mascara panda eye then be warned. 

2. I also didn't enjoy using the Charlotte Tilbury eyebrow pencil. The highlight shade was too dark to highlight anything. The pen itself broke apart within minutes of opening it and I didn't like the pencil. I didn't get enough product, or too much and the colour wasn't right for me.

3. Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. Again another mascara another MEGA SMUDGER. This smudges really badly and is a great disappointment when I use it because the mascara in itself is really good. It just doesn't stay on the lashes where it belongs.

4. Oribe dry texturising shampoo. It's good but too expensive in my opinion. I think the Charles Worthington alternative is just as good at a fraction of the price. 

5. And the Oribe volumising mouse? I can't do it. I don't get it. I don't like it.

6. Sarah Chapman overnight facial. I thought this was the answer to my prayers. It's a dry oil that melts into the skin but honestly I think I was allergic to something in it because I sneezed like crazy and my face itched like crazy when I wore it. I used it regularly to try and use it up to be frank and I honestly didn't see an improvement or added radiance to my skin. 

7. Emma Hardie Protect and Prime SPF30. I only got a sample of this and I glad I didn't purchase because I didn't even finish the sample. This said all the right things and I was hoping it was going to be my saviour this year on my next holiday, alas it was not. In short it was too sticky, oily, nasty and broke me out. But my skin doesn't react well to facial sunscreens so that's my issue you may find it a gorgeous product and live happily ever after. 

8. Chanel Bronze Stick. I had the highest of expectations for this and I'm very sad to report, despite trying my dammed hardest I just can't get this product to work for me. It's too red in tone and that's where my issues lie. It just doesn't work on my skintone which saddens me greatly, but I live on. 

9. SKII face mask. After Mary Greenwell said she loved this product and used it on her clients I picked one up for a hefty 10 pounds (for one!) and waited patiently until There was an occasion which warranted such a mask. I used it for my Christmas party because I knew lots of photos would be taken and I wanted to look my best. Alas like all sheet masks I've tried, it feels yucky, it didn't give a boost to my skin and infact after using this pimples appeared...Joy! Not happy will not repurchase. 

10. Let's continue with mascaras shall we and I have tried 3 from Rimmel this year and I really liked Scandaleyes Extreme and but hated the other 2. The first The mascara I hated was the blue one - the waterproof wonderful mascara.. And I can't remember what I hated about it, but after using it once I threw it away that's all I know...

11. The other Rimmel mascara I hated was the green one - the Wake me up mascara. I didn't like the scent of cucumbers and it just gave me crappy lashes. I threw it away after struggling on for three weeks. No repurchasing of any Rimmel mascaras ever again for me. 3 strikes your out. 

12. Imperial Leather fruit salad shower gel. I bought this for the love of sweet scents and fruit salad candy. It smelt right but I just didn't enjoy using this. It was like using custard to wash with (colour and consistency) and it was just meh. It didn't overly nourish or pamper. It was just like.., yeah ok... Next.

13. Another shower gel I didn't like was the original source all in one moisturising shower pineapple and coconut oil scent. The scents amazing but that's not the problem here. This just isn't moisturising. It's really a meh product too. You can as good quality for 59p at Wilko. Again... Next.

14. Oilatum Natural Repair face cream. Ok this is for really dry skins and mine isn't very dry but I've used moisturisers for dry skins before and haven't been as greasy as this. I'm literally an oil slick when I apply this. I'm using it up as a night cream, but even then it feels really awful on the skin. It just doesn't sink in. Not repurchasing. Hashtag greasy.

15. And finally a product or products that left my hair feeling really gross and weighed down - the Redken extreme shampoo. They work better separately when I use a much less moisturising formula of shampoo and conditioner. My bleached and "distressed" hair really doesn't respond well to this at all. And as a salon priced formula I expected better. 

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