Wednesday, 9 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 9. #cult51

Out from door 9 popped out a particular looking glass tub with the words 'cult 51' sprawled across it. Apparently this is a night cream which I can use all over my face, decolette and eye contour area... googling skills came in handy and I soon realise that I had stumbled upon the beauty gem of the advent calendar so far. Full size (50ml) retails for £125 and this is a fifth of that so we have a pot of £25 worth of loveliness. Sorry Look Fantastic but Cult Beauty have a better write up... 

They say this night cream is "a revolutionary ‘3D’ night cream which addresses every skin requirement in one fell swoop. By acting in synergy with your skin’s own metabolism, this miraculous formula encourages cells to recover their energy potential and behave like they did several years ago; renewing, regenerating and restoring your complexion to its former, more youthful glory. Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by up to 52% in just 28 days, Cult 51 also protects against the development of new creases by preserving and bolstering your skin’s antioxidant cell pool – essential for warding against skin ageing free radical attack. It also helps protect the mechanics of skin elasticity – strengthening fibroplasts (the chain-linked cells responsible for skin’s ‘stretch’) – so you face gradually becomes firmer."

It also claims to make the following differences...
Within 24 hours: The increase in ATP has an immediate effect; your skin receives an energy boost and so its’ management system will instantly spring into life. Whatever your skin is doing, it will do it much more quickly and efficiently. Which means if you’re in the middle of a breakout – things may get drastically worse, before they (quickly) get very much better!
Within 1 week: You’ll hear ‘you look well’, and ‘have you been on holiday’ as often as ‘hello’. This is because of the tonal differences created by the increased ATP and oxygen.
Within 2 weeks: The compliments will keep on coming, and wrinkle depth will begin to diminish. The best way to monitor the difference is to do the ‘one hand test’. Apply {Cult 51} to the back of one hand, as well as your face every evening. Because the cream works with your skin’s own metabolism, the effects build day on day, making it difficult to appreciate the dramatic improvement. Yet by comparing your two hands, you can really see the compound changes – prepare to be astonished!
Within 6 weeks: The full effects of {Cult 51} are now being experienced. Expect up to 52% wrinkle reduction, a 56% reduction in melanogenesis (the melanin production which contributes to pigmentation and age spots) and a 15% reduction in skin sensitivity. And these beauty benefits are only the tip of the iceberg…

WOW! with such claims how could I not do a first impressions review of this. Truth time! I opened this door two days in advanced to give myself a head start ahead of a busy week so when I hit "publish" I would have been using this for 48 hours. Let's hope for magic. First I'm not fond of the smell. It's very perfumery; a mix of fresh and musky notes. It feels very similar to the Temple Spa repose cream which I love. It feels soothing as well as nourishing and the strong scent almost acts like aromatherapy and relaxes you. It's not irritating on th skin and is even lovely around the eye area. I'm really sensitive around my eye area and most products burn my eyelids but this was lovely. 2 nights don and my skin feels very soft and even. The monster spot next to m nose has gone down really quickly in the past few days. Is it because of this? I don't know. But so far so good. My skin has initially reacted well. Hopefully this pot will last 6 weeks and I'll be able to see the full effects of cult 51. I'll be sure to blog about it. See you tomorrow xoxo. 

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