Tuesday, 8 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 8. #bodycare

Okaaaaayyyy Door 8 revealed the most amazing smelling body lotion ever. The Bubble T hibiscus & acai berry tea restoring body lotion. I've only tried it on my hands, arms and elbows but I have good feelings. It melts in really quickly. As a rule I don't get on with body lotions or body butters because everything I have tried to date is super sticky and does not soak into the skin in a reasonable time frame. In fact I feel uncomfortable for the whole night if I moisturise. Also in the morning; one just doesn't have any inclination to moisturise ones body after ones shower because it's cold. Plus I need to leave the house in ten minutes. Hashtag need the power of stopping time.

However I think I have found my saviour in the Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil. It promises to firm and tone but I wouldn't listen to any of that. Instead listen to this: This absorbs really quickly and leaves super soft, radiant skin which is nourishing and lovely before bed, amazing to create glistening limbs for a night out and keeps my body comfortable and lovely in the hot weather or cold weather. It's an amazing all rounder. I picked this up as a freebie promotion at the Clarins stand months ago and honestly once this is used up I'm propping up the Clarins counter again pronto. Body oil is the way to go.

And the tub to the left. You know that medicinal tube of Cetreban looking ugly and stuff?? Well this is the actual shit. This is the real macoy. The daddy. The winner of all!! and as it's now in lotion form it has made my life. I have a huge 500ml tub of the cream version which was prescribed by my doctor. This is very thick and although it helps with the itchy, irritation of my psoriasis It's just not travel friendly or comfortable to use.  AKA it's sticky!! so is only used under extreme psoriasis conditions. The lotion however, which also comes in a handy 30ml tub, which is excellent. Push come to shove, this is the only cream (sorry lotion) you need to travel with. I use it for everything: My hands, body and face and I find that it's all I need. It's not sexy and oo like the Clarins oil but it's 'bae' regardless. I think everyone needs a little bit of Cetraben lotion in their life. For everything. 

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