Monday, 7 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 7. #charlesworthington

Day 7 bought yet another hair product; the Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue. So I've been racking my brains all day for another hair care blog post... And have decided to do an overdue review on my favourite hair care brand: Charles Worthington. I have only tried a sample of their products in the big scheme of things but what I have tried I have loved. They're probably one of the most expensive hair care brands available at Boots, especially with the launch of their secret collection range, but there's always 3 for 2 offers and points schemes so you can grab yourself a deal if you catch it at the right time.

Starting with the first product I tried of theirs. The moisture seal shampoo. This is an excellent shampoo to use if you have damaged your hair through dying, bleaching or over styling. It really reinvigorates the hair by locking in moisture without weighing the hair down. So for people with fine hair like me, its awesome. It's the orange box one in the picture. This is old packaging. They're tubes now.

Then we have the moisture seal hair healer leave-in conditioner. I love using this on holiday. Not only does it create beautifully moisturised locks it also helps tame the hair on the beach. It's the flat orange packet thing in the picture FYI. Again great for holidays and travelling.

And the final product from the Moisture Seal range: the intense rescue melting balm. Yum. You warm up the balm in your hand like you would a cleaning balm and smooth through your hair. When I bleached hair (oh about two months ago lol) I put this on before bed and washed it off in the morning. It's gorgeous and probably the one of the best products in the range.

Moving away from the orange packaging we come to the purple one. The instant amplifying volume treatment. I agree it does help give your hair bounce and body, but only if you heat activate it, in my opinion. Like all volumising products it's great for ten minutes but then it drops. Sorry that's just that. It helps keep your hair healthy so it's good in that respect, however I am not a hair dresser and I can't create magic with this unfortunately, so this is probably the product that I won't repurchase. But that could be down to user error than the product itself.

Now we come to the style setter dry shampoo. Now I've tried most the dry shampoos in Boots and I must say that this is my favourite dry shampoo I have tried to date. I don't know I just feel like it gives a better finish. It isn't as chalky as others, absorbs grease really well and does create good volume too so wooh. Out of all the dry shampoos I've tried this is the only one that I have repurchased time and time again.

And finally the volume and bounce texturising spray. Honestly I think this is on par with the Oribe offering and I like the smell of this one more. Despite the Oribe being so much more expensive than this one they both give the same effect, honestly, in my opinion you really don't need to waste your money (Oribe 75ml= £19 / 300ml = £39. Charles Worthington 150ml = £6.99).

I'm sure I've used more of their products and have definitely used different shampoos and conditioners but I honestly can't remember what they were. I hope the low down on a sample of their products will encourage you to check out the Charles Worthington stand. 

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