Sunday, 6 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 6. #littleblackliner

Today I opened up my lil door to find an Inika organic black liner in Black Caviar. Exciting. But before I get into a new eyeliner new I feel the need to tell the world at large how amazing the Estee Lauder Little black liner is. The colour is 01 Onyx (BLACK) and it is a pretty black black. None of these grey blacks you hear about but legitimate black. It dries really quickly and dries matt. So no glossy eyes over here which, for me, is  well received. It's a two sided felt tip pen applicator which, in my opinion, is the easiest type of liner to apply. It glides on easily and I literally just typed: "and it makes it easy to apply" but i'm not going to lie to you guys. Let's be real: if you are crap at applying eyeliner then you will be crap at applying this. Liner is hard and you have to practice if the art doesn't come naturally to you. But because it glides on there's no tugging or unnecessary issues beyond creating the line. 

So the double ended-ness... One side boasts a Ultra-fine line. They're not lying it is ultra fine and the finest liner I've ever used and is perfect to do the fiddly inner eye area. And then there's the thin/thick side. The thick side is very thick and unmanageable in my experience, I much rather turn the nib and use the thin side. For me it's the perfect thickness for an eyeliner line so you can guess I am well chuffed with this.  Longevity is excellent. It does not smudge, budge or cry off. To get a hazy line I literally have to rub with my finger and as that is not an everyday occurrence  I can say that it is 99% not going to be down your face by the end of the night. The cheapest I've found this is £18.95 on all beauty  but if you were to go in store your spending £22 on this. It's expensive but it's really good so if your gonna do it, do it properly. 

LOL ok guys bottom line buy it it's great. See you tomorrow xoxo

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