Saturday, 5 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 5. #glowgivers

Hmmm... Behind door 5 is the REN Glycolactic Radiance Mask. This is a funny one because I have had a few 15ml sample sizes of this before, didn't think much of it and have always given it away. But I will endeavour to try this again and see if I think differently about it this time. This promises to dramatically improve skin tone and radiance and this got me thinking about the skincare bits in my stash that do actually give my skin that much needed glow on these dreary days in December and of which I could recommend to strangers on the internet looking for their beauty reading fix and confirmation that they can press buy it now on their extortionate beauty haul on space NK online.

Again we're talking about REN. I love REN. I've spoken about it countless times before. This isn't news. So if your finding that along with dull skin your looking congested too then a good 1 minute facial with the REN flash rinse will do you the world of good. Truth time. I hate the consistency of this stuff, the smell and the feel of it on my skin. The process is negative but the outcome is beautifully decongested and glowing skin which is silky smooth. Repeat after me: "the end justifies the means".

I'm also enjoying the Resurfacing AHA concentrate. It stings a little but in the morning your skin is looking that little bit more alive and radiant. It is my baby step into the world of real skincare AKA retinols and all the excitingly scary and expensive ingredient based skincare which will bankrupt me in about 5 years time.

Then there's PIXI. Obsessed. I resisted the hype on the Glow tonic for a lifetime because at the time there was no online presence and the only way to get this was to order over the phone or to trek to London and it was always out of stock and there was a waiting list! *phew. But when I got it in my life I got the hype and thought: "yeah my skin looks pretty great. It's less congested, more glowing. This stuff is good." And it is - whoo! and finally the cleanser, the glow mud cleanser with 5% glycolic and aloe vera. Again it's lovely, feels really nice and luxurious to apply and like the title of this post suggests, is a glow giver!

That's it for now, happy Saturday. See you tomorrow xoxo

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