Thursday, 3 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 3. #sensitiveskincare

Hi everyone. Behind door 3 of my look fantastic advent calendar today was the white version (super mud clearing treatment) of the well renowned Glam Glow youth mud mask. Now I've never used the white one (as yet) but i've used the black one (and currently have a tube in my cupboard). Despite its glowing results it is so strong It feels as if it's burning my skin. I can't tolerate it and thinking about it, there has been many products in the past that have irritated my sensitive skin and I have had to go out and purchase 'sensitive skin saviour' products to soothe it after it has become inflamed or hypersensitive. This happens especially at this time of year with the cold weather and the central heating indoors battling it out for biggest irritant; It's a match made in hell. So here's the theme of today's blogmas: Sensitive skincare. If you have reactive skin you might want to sample some of these products which I enjoy using to pamper and soothe my skin without the burn. 

If you want a lovely skincare line then head to M&S or Space NK and sample the REN Evercalm range (previously hydra-calm). The stand out product for me is the cleansing milk. It's a lux thick cream that melts into the skin. It feels soothing and smells amazing. I really love this product. The serum feels really hydrating and sinks into the skin leaving a smooth satin finish. The global protection day cream is just that, a nourishing cream which smells and looks extremely similar to the cleansing milk. All together a gorgeous sensitive skin busting team.

if you want a thicker face cream or have a drier skintype than the Oilatum Natural repair face cream is for you. It has no scent and is great for super reactive skin types. I personally find it really greasy and heavy so I only wear this at night when my skin is feeling extremely dry or tight.

The Eucerin Ultra Sensitive cleansing lotion for hypersensitive skin and Dermalex Skin treatment cream for irritation from allergic reactions are great for what they are advertised for. For those of you who react to the sun or have skin conditions which make you intolerant to most skincare will really benefit from using these. I enjoy wearing them for when my skin is suffering with the afore mention afflictions. 

And finally. The expensive one. The Clarins skin beauty repair concentrate SOS treatment for sensitive skin leaves your skin extremely OILY so is best kept for the evening. I'm not feeling the love too much with this if I'm honest. It's ok but I don't think I've ever put it on and felt super soothed or nourished. As It stands I probably won't repurchase. 

So there you are. A nosey into my sensitive skincare. See you tomorrow. xoxo

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