Wednesday, 2 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 2. #winterlips

L-R Lord and berry, Dior (tester packaging: a friend of a friend worked on a counter) , CT, Chanel, Rimmel.

Hello all, behind day two was a Lord and Berry SKIN lipgloss. A highly pigmented gloss that can work in a number of ways... In a very dark, scary colour. But you can build it up or down to a berry stain. My initial reaction is fear! I'm not a dark lipstick girl. But I do enjoy doing the dark slash RED lip thing sometimes... But I mean sometimes. When a dark lipstick goes on that means I'm pushing the boat out because honestly after a few drinks or hours working etc. Who can be bothered to keep a dark lip pristine?

I currently have 3 dark shades in my makeup bag (before Lord and Berry) and I keep them for occasional wear. The wild card is my Dior Rouge Whispering Plum. It's a really dark rouge noir shade that I keep just in case. It smells like my mums makeup bag growing up and sentimental I guess. I've built it up for a 20's party and have patted it on as a winter berry stain to give that "just bitten berries in a frozen forest" kind of way and pair it with a grungy eye, pale skin and pop a tad on my chicks to give that berry flush aesthetic a little bit more. (Disclaimer. I've done this once). The idea is always better than the real thing to be honest and when it comes to it daily I shy away and slick on the nude pink at the last minute.

Ok so the red lip. Probably the ultimate in makeup glamour and sophistication. When you wear a red lip you mean business. I don't do the red stain thing personally. When I go red I go hard or I go home. And always pair it with a black winged eyeliner. Currently I have two reds. I did have another beautiful Chanel red but I decided to depot it. The palette went skanky and it was thrown away. Just end there. Hashtag looser. But currently I have a mini Charlotte Tilbury So Marilyn shade which is the perfect 50's neutral red. It's a tad drying but a stunning colour and creates a satin lip. If I want to vamp things up and want to take high maintenance to another level I adore Chanels red lip laquer in Dragon. It is the most seductive, sexy highly glossy blood red lip of gorgeousness you have ever seen. It makes you feel all the good things but take heed; This bleeds like crazy and is a nightmare. It gets on your teeth, your chin... Everywhere! So please be ready to spend half the night in the loo perfecting it! 

And oh! No red lip is complete without a lip liner to perfect it and I'm obsessed with the Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour lip liner in red diva. It's really pigmented and easy to glide on, plus It's waxy texture means that pigment lasts! It's an amazing liner which proves you don't need to spend a fortune for quality! 

Ok so my plan this December is to wear winter lips. Be it a berry stain during the day or a statement lip at night, I'll try and make it work. see you again tomorrow. xoxo

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  1. Thank you for the great lippy blog.
    I'd love to see the finished look of the Chanel Dragon.