Monday, 21 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 20. #makeup

Hello everyone and welcome back. This weekend was all about celebrating and having lots of christmas fun finishing up with my works christmas do last night, where I decided to dress up all Rockabilly-like. I like to commit to a theme at all times and despite there not being one I felt I owed it to the spirit of christmas to dress up all 50's and wear an underskirt and headscarf and stuff!!

Ok so first, I attempted the full-on concealer/highlight technique I see so often online. It didn't go too well to be honest. I buffed it in good but I just didn't like the end look particularly and there was this big red spot mark under my eye which wouldn't be covered so I had to embrace it. and it wasn't that noticeable really. I contoured and blushered up with NARS and I have to say I wasn't loving it. I love the bright pink shade in the pallet and have loved the sculpting shade in the past but I found it too orangey. I highlighted with Kevyn Aucoin candlelight. Although it lasted under my brows, where I smothered it on, it appeared to have dissipated on my cheeks. I didn't go cray though. It was only "subtlely done" in the first place but really.  Using these products just made me miss my CT bronze and glow!!

For the eyes I went back to my old faithful MAC palette. I used all three shades on the fourth row down for my brows. I started with the lightest shade and built them up, making them stronger and darker. I used all the shades to create a fifties eye and topped off with Barry M gold glitter on the eyelid for christmas. Still loving the Estee Lauder little black liner, but I'm still rubbish at liner.

This was the second time I've used Fleur De Forces 3/4 lashes and I like them over a full strip any day, however I still find putting them on hard and always find they look different on each eye. One day I'll master makeup.

And finally the lip... and honestly WTF. It started peeling. I don't know. The waxy texture of both the Rimmel liner and CT So Marilyn lipstick stuck to tissue paper when I was trying to blot and build. Did I over build? Were my layers too thick? I tell you I'm definitely investing in a long wearing formula next time I do red. this peeled and went patchy...again... where's the skill?

Anyway haha aside from being overly critical I found the overall look was good. Everyone complimented on the makeup and my fiancé said I looked like a hollywood star... so it couldn't have been that bad... xoxo

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