Tuesday, 15 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 15. #oribe

Another day, another hair care product and today's beauty product was another hair mask which looks pretty lux so we're excited about this one. This year I started my journey into "premium haircare". After hearing 27,000,000 rave reviews on Oribe I decide to click "buy it now" on SpaceNK.com. My basket was heaving with £200+'worth of product, after heavy deliberating and rave review searching I decided on... Drum roll please... travel sized The texturising spray, Grandoise hair plumping mousse and the Maximista thickening spray. My first impressions were not that great to be honest. But six months on, do I feel any different?

The smell of the Oribe line still doesn't resonate with me. It's orangey-perfumey and yacky. I don't enjoy it but I deal with it because I'm a trooper and these cost me more than a tank of petrol. Ok so the mousse. I bought this hoping that it would reinvent the hair mousse for me. That suddenly I would go "yes this is how mousse should be" but I just don't. Every time I use this my hair is crispy and sticky and yacky. It doesn't help with my volumising needs however. I guess it gives oomph to the hair but I really have to work this in and no matter what I do I get strawness so I'm not a fan.. Of this or mousse full stop. Paying a premium price tag doesn't change that unfortunately. 

Next the maximista thickening spray. This is good and my favourite product of the three. Very happy that this is only one I went full size and full price on. There's no stickiness or yackiness, which I feel lots of, dare I say it, cheaper "volumising" sprays do. This one definitely gives bounce and oomph to my hair. It is very nice and I think I see the benefits of paying that little bit more for hair products and when this finally finished (because a little lasts a Loooong time) I'll defiantly continue to pay premium prices. 

Oh and finally the big cheese, the most hyped up "texturising spray" because before this product one had never even heard of a texturising spray before and it totally made me turn my nose up at the meagre dry shampoo. Ok from what I can tell from this one and a few others I have tried. Texturising spray is a stickier version of dry shampoo but has a softer finish than hairspray. It gives oomph which lasts. I like this, I think There's a place in everyone's hair routine for this but honestly I find I get the same results using the much cheaper version by Charles Worthington. As a finishing product it gives the strongest and longest lasting nasty scent, so all in all I won't be running out to repurchase this or buy the full size at nearly £40...

I really like the maximista but despite that I don't see myself running to Oribe for any of these products or anything for my hair needs in the future. I'm sorry but my bank balance isn't, so kudos for something. See you tomorrow. X

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