Sunday, 13 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 13. #essie

Happy Sunday everyone. Today's post is inspired by the Caudalie hand cream I got from my Look Fantastic advent calendar. I really like  his hand cream. It smells amazing and absorbs into the skin really well, leaving a silky smooth finish. I was half way through planning a post on hand care and nail polish essentials when I realised every polish I was reccomending was an essie one. So I thought I'd leave the hand care post to another time and today do another brand focus post. This time: ESSIE. I love the packaging and they boast some of my favourite shades. Enjoy.

The Nudes (L-R Sand Tropez, topless and barefoot, Fiji, Ballet slippers)
Essie does some amazing nudes. My favourite being topless and barefoot. It's an amazing opaque creamy pinky nude shade which is prefect. Fiji is my second favourite. It's an opaque pink tinged white and it's gorgeous too. Ballet Slippers is the watery translucent version of Fiji. I'm not a fan of this shade as I feel as if it washes my nails out. I think I need a pinker translucent shade. And finally sand Tropez is a great markey grey nude shade which doesn't go too grey. I like.

The Reds (L-R Leading Lady, Size Matters, 5th Avenue, Peach Daiquiri)
I think it's LE but a quick Google will no doubt have leading lady on sale. It's the perfect Christmas glitter red. It's festive chic and I love it. Size matters is a deep purpley pink tinged red shade which is a fun alternative to the deep Bordeaux shades out there. 5th avenue is the perfect tomatoe orangey red shade. It's my favourite red and makes your nails pop. Then there's there peach daiquiri; a grown up pink. It's really flattering on me and one of those shades you can't stop looking at.

The Glitters and Blues (L-R beyond Cozy, lots of lux, Lapiz of Luxury)
Lapiz of Luxury is my favourite blue polish. It's not too bright or shocking. Then we have beyond cozy which is a stunning party pewter glitter polish and the super glitz lots of lux which is amazing too.

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