Friday, 11 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 11. #betterthansex

As the product behind door 11 was an awesome set of Eylure Lengthening eyelashes I thought it fitting today to review my new Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. The reason why I bought it is simple: the hourglass shaped brush. It's the same shape of my all time favourite mascara the Loreal Extra Volume Collagene (that changed to: Mega Volume Collagene 24hr) which is now sadly discontinued. Because I loved that one so much whenever I see something similar I'm all over it.

On to the product and I have to say I really like the pink tube and the embossed lettering too. It's really weighty and feels like an expensive, albeit very fat, fountain pen. This retails for £19 at Debenhams but I managed to get it for £14 after buying a £5 raffle ticket in a beauty event. Basically you needed to redeem the £5 against a product and I picked this. Obviously I love the brush. It's an hourglass bristle brush which is bae. I've only used this twice, but I think you can get a good impression straight away. I've worn it on a night out and on a working day (Ehem today) so I think that's a good test of a mascara. 

Ok first. The product is a little dry, which is great for application. I feel like a drier formula adheres to the lashes better as there is less slip. However this shows that the mascara will dry up quicker and won't last very long. If you have £19 to throw around that's great, if not, then this probably won't be for you. Mascara is not a splurge worthy purchase because it doesn't last. 

It's very lengthening. It gives gorgeous fanned out lashes which are defined and striking. However in an attempt to get the volume my lashes slumped a bit under the weight of the product and funnily enough lost the fanned out look. The key is to do a coat then go onto something else and build the lashes afterwards for this to work, however if your in a rush then this isn't the one. 

Those issues aside. I need to emphasise that this mascara is so much better in application and result than a lot of mascaras out there on the high street. It's better than a lot of Rimmel mascaras I've tried recently and I feel like it's on par with the Charlotte Tilbury mascara (which is the last high end mascara I wore). 

Now this mascara is a 5/10 for me and I will not repurchase this because it SMUDGES like a bastard. The Rimmel scandeleyes plastic come, red packaging mascara had better wear time and the cucumber one was terrible too. The Charlotte Tilbury one smudged too but not as bad as this one. I had panda eyes 40 minutes after application and it kept dropping. I had smudged black specks constantly and by midday I looked a mess. I kept up with it, but honestly "YIKES"! It's so annoying because the only way to make this wearable is to get a water proof primer over the top, which I had to do with the Charlotte Tilbury as well. CT wins out though because this is beyond bad. 

Better than sex? More like: "look like you've had" sex - another mascara fail! Panda eyes is a deal breaker. 

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