Thursday, 10 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 10. #facepaintbook

Popping out of door 10 today was the NUDESTIX lip and cheek pencil in the shade Satan AKA RED. It is really soft and glides on the skin beautifully, however judging by the hand swatch this morning, this smudges before it sets tight as a deep unmovable stain. It made me laugh because I though if I attempted to wear this on my cheeks and smudged my mouth by mistake I would look strikingly similar to the model emulating the Sixteenth Century venetian aristocrat in Lisa Eldridge's Face Paint Book - The story of Makeup.

This book is one of my favourite purchases of the year. It is everything that I have wanted from a makeup book for the longest time. Most makeup (and fashion) books that are easily available concentrate very much on the 20th century only. You can get reference books about fashion and makeup before then but honestly they are few and far between and aren't very easy to read or nice to have, or are lacking in imagery.

Face Paint is the antidote to all that. It is perfect coffee table book that has a stunning cover and equally striking images within. But it's so much more than that. It's contents leap off the pages as readily as the images. It's fascinating and entertaining. There's so much information that is delivered in bite sized chunks that ensures that it doesn't feel heavy or overwhelming.

It's a joy to read, it's a joy to have and I imagine a joy to reference in the future. I love makeup and my interest in its history has well and truly been catered for in Face Paint. If you are reading this blog and love makeup and beauty I encourage you to buy this book. I would buy one for everyone I know, if only they were as makeup crazy as me.

And oh... NEWS: I tweeted, asking the world at large if they have Lisa Eldridge's voice their my head when they read it and Lisa Eldridge herself RT-ed me and said "haha" plus smiley face... Not that I'm famous or anything but 26 people liked her RT tweet and 4 people RT-ed her tweet (and counting, obvs). I was sure I was going to get an article on the mail online or something. I didn't see it but I guess I missed it, being so famous and busy and all. 

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