Monday, 21 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 21. #sunburnt

Hi everyone I found it rather funny that today's product would be a St Tropez fake tan when I was due to dress up as an Oompa Loompa for a Christmas party. Rather than pile on the fake tan I chose to go the Snazaroo route. Top tips. Wet your cosmetic sponge and build up the coverage. The wetter the sponge the lighter the coverage. I applied this over Embryollise Le creme concentrate and I found that the face paint went on really evenly. The eyebrows were a nightmare and through lack of impliments scratched out the white paint with my nail and glooped it on. It didn't turn out very well and hours into the party they caked up and looked awful. Not fun. Despite this faux pas I was actually really happy with the overall look. The wig sort of makes it. xoxo

BLOGMAS DAY 20. #makeup

Hello everyone and welcome back. This weekend was all about celebrating and having lots of christmas fun finishing up with my works christmas do last night, where I decided to dress up all Rockabilly-like. I like to commit to a theme at all times and despite there not being one I felt I owed it to the spirit of christmas to dress up all 50's and wear an underskirt and headscarf and stuff!!

Ok so first, I attempted the full-on concealer/highlight technique I see so often online. It didn't go too well to be honest. I buffed it in good but I just didn't like the end look particularly and there was this big red spot mark under my eye which wouldn't be covered so I had to embrace it. and it wasn't that noticeable really. I contoured and blushered up with NARS and I have to say I wasn't loving it. I love the bright pink shade in the pallet and have loved the sculpting shade in the past but I found it too orangey. I highlighted with Kevyn Aucoin candlelight. Although it lasted under my brows, where I smothered it on, it appeared to have dissipated on my cheeks. I didn't go cray though. It was only "subtlely done" in the first place but really.  Using these products just made me miss my CT bronze and glow!!

For the eyes I went back to my old faithful MAC palette. I used all three shades on the fourth row down for my brows. I started with the lightest shade and built them up, making them stronger and darker. I used all the shades to create a fifties eye and topped off with Barry M gold glitter on the eyelid for christmas. Still loving the Estee Lauder little black liner, but I'm still rubbish at liner.

This was the second time I've used Fleur De Forces 3/4 lashes and I like them over a full strip any day, however I still find putting them on hard and always find they look different on each eye. One day I'll master makeup.

And finally the lip... and honestly WTF. It started peeling. I don't know. The waxy texture of both the Rimmel liner and CT So Marilyn lipstick stuck to tissue paper when I was trying to blot and build. Did I over build? Were my layers too thick? I tell you I'm definitely investing in a long wearing formula next time I do red. this peeled and went patchy...again... where's the skill?

Anyway haha aside from being overly critical I found the overall look was good. Everyone complimented on the makeup and my fiancé said I looked like a hollywood star... so it couldn't have been that bad... xoxo

Thursday, 17 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 17. #christmasnails

Day 17 woohoo... Today's look fantastic advent calendar delight was a Rimmel scandaleyes mascara so today's blogpost is about my new nails. Lol. Today I returned to acrylic after spending a month without them and missing them dearly. Today I asked for almond shaped red glitter acrylics and ran home to make claw shapes in front of my Christmas tree. #productiveevening xoxo

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 16. #drag

Hello one and all. Day 16 at the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar bought with it a spunky little eyelash primer, which is pretty cool. I'm very excited to try it. But I've been thinking all day about what I can write about for today's blogmas and I finally settled on doing a small chit-chat post on how much I love drag makeup. Where's the link? Well I figured I'd do a post about eye makeup or certain products eye widening effects...  But let's be honest RuPaul's eyes look pretty wide right? So let's talk about drag makeup. Ok so apart from blogmas and Christmas shizz this month has been all about RuPaul's Drag race. Obsessed! and it got me thinking about how much I love drag makeup and peoples makeup-artistry ability to sculpt and tweak to create a whole new aesthetic. I adore makeup period, hence the beauty blog, but drag makeup takes it to another level. It's glam on crack. It's extreme face sculpting skill, skilled hair concealing, dramatic eye lifting and opening, it's lip injection addiction worthy plumping, it's amazing. The perfect opportunity to use ALL the makeup and make a show of all the features. It's what the love of makeup, glamour and fun is all about, going to town and looking fierce. Below are a handful of my favourite YouTube tutorials which are all about drag makeup and they are just awesome... You are welcome! Xoxo

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 15. #oribe

Another day, another hair care product and today's beauty product was another hair mask which looks pretty lux so we're excited about this one. This year I started my journey into "premium haircare". After hearing 27,000,000 rave reviews on Oribe I decide to click "buy it now" on My basket was heaving with £200+'worth of product, after heavy deliberating and rave review searching I decided on... Drum roll please... travel sized The texturising spray, Grandoise hair plumping mousse and the Maximista thickening spray. My first impressions were not that great to be honest. But six months on, do I feel any different?

The smell of the Oribe line still doesn't resonate with me. It's orangey-perfumey and yacky. I don't enjoy it but I deal with it because I'm a trooper and these cost me more than a tank of petrol. Ok so the mousse. I bought this hoping that it would reinvent the hair mousse for me. That suddenly I would go "yes this is how mousse should be" but I just don't. Every time I use this my hair is crispy and sticky and yacky. It doesn't help with my volumising needs however. I guess it gives oomph to the hair but I really have to work this in and no matter what I do I get strawness so I'm not a fan.. Of this or mousse full stop. Paying a premium price tag doesn't change that unfortunately. 

Next the maximista thickening spray. This is good and my favourite product of the three. Very happy that this is only one I went full size and full price on. There's no stickiness or yackiness, which I feel lots of, dare I say it, cheaper "volumising" sprays do. This one definitely gives bounce and oomph to my hair. It is very nice and I think I see the benefits of paying that little bit more for hair products and when this finally finished (because a little lasts a Loooong time) I'll defiantly continue to pay premium prices. 

Oh and finally the big cheese, the most hyped up "texturising spray" because before this product one had never even heard of a texturising spray before and it totally made me turn my nose up at the meagre dry shampoo. Ok from what I can tell from this one and a few others I have tried. Texturising spray is a stickier version of dry shampoo but has a softer finish than hairspray. It gives oomph which lasts. I like this, I think There's a place in everyone's hair routine for this but honestly I find I get the same results using the much cheaper version by Charles Worthington. As a finishing product it gives the strongest and longest lasting nasty scent, so all in all I won't be running out to repurchase this or buy the full size at nearly £40...

I really like the maximista but despite that I don't see myself running to Oribe for any of these products or anything for my hair needs in the future. I'm sorry but my bank balance isn't, so kudos for something. See you tomorrow. X

Monday, 14 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 14. #andrelax

Ten days till C day and today's advent treat was Monuspa Bali massage and body oil. Very excited about this one. One enjoys a good body oil And I don't enjoy applying body oil more than after a long soak. Tonight is a night of pampering and relation and I thought I would bring you guys along with me so imagine it's a smartly edited YouTuber get "unready with me" vlog, OK?!

First I'm going to run my bath and I'm using The Body Shop Deep Sleep Comforting Milk Bath Float, which is contains Jujube date and camomile for a relaxing soak.. It's lush but more importantly makes bubbles!! Whilst the water is flowing and the bubbles are getting bigger I give my face a lovely cleanse using the REN Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk and wipe it away with a warm flannel. I then apply the Clarins Pure and Radiant mask with pink clay and then light my candles and turn the "big light" Off.

Once in the tub massage Kebelo's enriching masque into my hair and then relax... Side note: this masque is really gorgeous and creates beautiful locks which get compliments :D... (And the wet brush is awesome) I then wash this out and scrub up with Rituals Fortune Scrub, which hosts tiny scrub particles which almost melt into th skin. It's lush. We like. 

After the bath I finished off by slathering on my cult 51 night cream. I think it's still doing good things for the face, so far we're happy... And finally the Monuspa body oil... It smells citrusy amazing and feels amazing too. 

So that's it I'm all done, in my pyjamas and watching RuPaul's drag race... If you can't love yourself, How the hell you gonna love somebody else...Can I get an Amen!! X

Sunday, 13 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 13. #essie

Happy Sunday everyone. Today's post is inspired by the Caudalie hand cream I got from my Look Fantastic advent calendar. I really like  his hand cream. It smells amazing and absorbs into the skin really well, leaving a silky smooth finish. I was half way through planning a post on hand care and nail polish essentials when I realised every polish I was reccomending was an essie one. So I thought I'd leave the hand care post to another time and today do another brand focus post. This time: ESSIE. I love the packaging and they boast some of my favourite shades. Enjoy.

The Nudes (L-R Sand Tropez, topless and barefoot, Fiji, Ballet slippers)
Essie does some amazing nudes. My favourite being topless and barefoot. It's an amazing opaque creamy pinky nude shade which is prefect. Fiji is my second favourite. It's an opaque pink tinged white and it's gorgeous too. Ballet Slippers is the watery translucent version of Fiji. I'm not a fan of this shade as I feel as if it washes my nails out. I think I need a pinker translucent shade. And finally sand Tropez is a great markey grey nude shade which doesn't go too grey. I like.

The Reds (L-R Leading Lady, Size Matters, 5th Avenue, Peach Daiquiri)
I think it's LE but a quick Google will no doubt have leading lady on sale. It's the perfect Christmas glitter red. It's festive chic and I love it. Size matters is a deep purpley pink tinged red shade which is a fun alternative to the deep Bordeaux shades out there. 5th avenue is the perfect tomatoe orangey red shade. It's my favourite red and makes your nails pop. Then there's there peach daiquiri; a grown up pink. It's really flattering on me and one of those shades you can't stop looking at.

The Glitters and Blues (L-R beyond Cozy, lots of lux, Lapiz of Luxury)
Lapiz of Luxury is my favourite blue polish. It's not too bright or shocking. Then we have beyond cozy which is a stunning party pewter glitter polish and the super glitz lots of lux which is amazing too.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 12. #expensiveface

Half way through blogmas and today's gift of The Jurlique rose water balancing mist. Although I'm not a fan of the scent, can you get any more luxe (or unnecessary) than a white glass bottle of rose water. It was an "ooh" moment opening door 12 because, for me, the luxe product is what loving beauty is all about. And here are 5 luxe makeup products which are worth their high price tag. I haven't found a dupe on the high street or found another product full stop which I love more. Rave Reviews "comin' at'cha cleopatra!!!"

1. Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow. This gives gives light and luminosity to the skin, so on its own it just wakes up your skin and gives you an umph. It's a beautiful makeup base too. It just elevates and gives a glow to any foundation. 

2. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. Hands down the most gorgeous liquid highlighter which can be used as a shimmering base, face and body illuminator or mix it into moisturiser or foundation. Its not grainy or glittery, streaky or bland. It's perfect. 

3. Kevin Aucoin celestial powder. Candlelight. This is the most stunning, finely milled highlighting powder. It gives the BEST highlighter ever. For me, it's the perfect pale golden shade, it gives you a wash of light without the glitter. It's high quality and beautiful.

4. Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base. Now I haven't found another product which compares to this at all. For me this is the perfect bronze shade, not too red or too orange. When I buff this into my skin with my real techniques buffing brush it gives the most natural sun kissed effect. I love it.

5. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish powder. Awe this is lovely. It's definitely pore blurring and mattifies without the cakage. This gives a beautiful sarin finish to the skin and creates great pictures. Everyone needs this powder in their makeup bag.

Friday, 11 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 11. #betterthansex

As the product behind door 11 was an awesome set of Eylure Lengthening eyelashes I thought it fitting today to review my new Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. The reason why I bought it is simple: the hourglass shaped brush. It's the same shape of my all time favourite mascara the Loreal Extra Volume Collagene (that changed to: Mega Volume Collagene 24hr) which is now sadly discontinued. Because I loved that one so much whenever I see something similar I'm all over it.

On to the product and I have to say I really like the pink tube and the embossed lettering too. It's really weighty and feels like an expensive, albeit very fat, fountain pen. This retails for £19 at Debenhams but I managed to get it for £14 after buying a £5 raffle ticket in a beauty event. Basically you needed to redeem the £5 against a product and I picked this. Obviously I love the brush. It's an hourglass bristle brush which is bae. I've only used this twice, but I think you can get a good impression straight away. I've worn it on a night out and on a working day (Ehem today) so I think that's a good test of a mascara. 

Ok first. The product is a little dry, which is great for application. I feel like a drier formula adheres to the lashes better as there is less slip. However this shows that the mascara will dry up quicker and won't last very long. If you have £19 to throw around that's great, if not, then this probably won't be for you. Mascara is not a splurge worthy purchase because it doesn't last. 

It's very lengthening. It gives gorgeous fanned out lashes which are defined and striking. However in an attempt to get the volume my lashes slumped a bit under the weight of the product and funnily enough lost the fanned out look. The key is to do a coat then go onto something else and build the lashes afterwards for this to work, however if your in a rush then this isn't the one. 

Those issues aside. I need to emphasise that this mascara is so much better in application and result than a lot of mascaras out there on the high street. It's better than a lot of Rimmel mascaras I've tried recently and I feel like it's on par with the Charlotte Tilbury mascara (which is the last high end mascara I wore). 

Now this mascara is a 5/10 for me and I will not repurchase this because it SMUDGES like a bastard. The Rimmel scandeleyes plastic come, red packaging mascara had better wear time and the cucumber one was terrible too. The Charlotte Tilbury one smudged too but not as bad as this one. I had panda eyes 40 minutes after application and it kept dropping. I had smudged black specks constantly and by midday I looked a mess. I kept up with it, but honestly "YIKES"! It's so annoying because the only way to make this wearable is to get a water proof primer over the top, which I had to do with the Charlotte Tilbury as well. CT wins out though because this is beyond bad. 

Better than sex? More like: "look like you've had" sex - another mascara fail! Panda eyes is a deal breaker. 

Thursday, 10 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 10. #facepaintbook

Popping out of door 10 today was the NUDESTIX lip and cheek pencil in the shade Satan AKA RED. It is really soft and glides on the skin beautifully, however judging by the hand swatch this morning, this smudges before it sets tight as a deep unmovable stain. It made me laugh because I though if I attempted to wear this on my cheeks and smudged my mouth by mistake I would look strikingly similar to the model emulating the Sixteenth Century venetian aristocrat in Lisa Eldridge's Face Paint Book - The story of Makeup.

This book is one of my favourite purchases of the year. It is everything that I have wanted from a makeup book for the longest time. Most makeup (and fashion) books that are easily available concentrate very much on the 20th century only. You can get reference books about fashion and makeup before then but honestly they are few and far between and aren't very easy to read or nice to have, or are lacking in imagery.

Face Paint is the antidote to all that. It is perfect coffee table book that has a stunning cover and equally striking images within. But it's so much more than that. It's contents leap off the pages as readily as the images. It's fascinating and entertaining. There's so much information that is delivered in bite sized chunks that ensures that it doesn't feel heavy or overwhelming.

It's a joy to read, it's a joy to have and I imagine a joy to reference in the future. I love makeup and my interest in its history has well and truly been catered for in Face Paint. If you are reading this blog and love makeup and beauty I encourage you to buy this book. I would buy one for everyone I know, if only they were as makeup crazy as me.

And oh... NEWS: I tweeted, asking the world at large if they have Lisa Eldridge's voice their my head when they read it and Lisa Eldridge herself RT-ed me and said "haha" plus smiley face... Not that I'm famous or anything but 26 people liked her RT tweet and 4 people RT-ed her tweet (and counting, obvs). I was sure I was going to get an article on the mail online or something. I didn't see it but I guess I missed it, being so famous and busy and all. 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 9. #cult51

Out from door 9 popped out a particular looking glass tub with the words 'cult 51' sprawled across it. Apparently this is a night cream which I can use all over my face, decolette and eye contour area... googling skills came in handy and I soon realise that I had stumbled upon the beauty gem of the advent calendar so far. Full size (50ml) retails for £125 and this is a fifth of that so we have a pot of £25 worth of loveliness. Sorry Look Fantastic but Cult Beauty have a better write up... 

They say this night cream is "a revolutionary ‘3D’ night cream which addresses every skin requirement in one fell swoop. By acting in synergy with your skin’s own metabolism, this miraculous formula encourages cells to recover their energy potential and behave like they did several years ago; renewing, regenerating and restoring your complexion to its former, more youthful glory. Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by up to 52% in just 28 days, Cult 51 also protects against the development of new creases by preserving and bolstering your skin’s antioxidant cell pool – essential for warding against skin ageing free radical attack. It also helps protect the mechanics of skin elasticity – strengthening fibroplasts (the chain-linked cells responsible for skin’s ‘stretch’) – so you face gradually becomes firmer."

It also claims to make the following differences...
Within 24 hours: The increase in ATP has an immediate effect; your skin receives an energy boost and so its’ management system will instantly spring into life. Whatever your skin is doing, it will do it much more quickly and efficiently. Which means if you’re in the middle of a breakout – things may get drastically worse, before they (quickly) get very much better!
Within 1 week: You’ll hear ‘you look well’, and ‘have you been on holiday’ as often as ‘hello’. This is because of the tonal differences created by the increased ATP and oxygen.
Within 2 weeks: The compliments will keep on coming, and wrinkle depth will begin to diminish. The best way to monitor the difference is to do the ‘one hand test’. Apply {Cult 51} to the back of one hand, as well as your face every evening. Because the cream works with your skin’s own metabolism, the effects build day on day, making it difficult to appreciate the dramatic improvement. Yet by comparing your two hands, you can really see the compound changes – prepare to be astonished!
Within 6 weeks: The full effects of {Cult 51} are now being experienced. Expect up to 52% wrinkle reduction, a 56% reduction in melanogenesis (the melanin production which contributes to pigmentation and age spots) and a 15% reduction in skin sensitivity. And these beauty benefits are only the tip of the iceberg…

WOW! with such claims how could I not do a first impressions review of this. Truth time! I opened this door two days in advanced to give myself a head start ahead of a busy week so when I hit "publish" I would have been using this for 48 hours. Let's hope for magic. First I'm not fond of the smell. It's very perfumery; a mix of fresh and musky notes. It feels very similar to the Temple Spa repose cream which I love. It feels soothing as well as nourishing and the strong scent almost acts like aromatherapy and relaxes you. It's not irritating on th skin and is even lovely around the eye area. I'm really sensitive around my eye area and most products burn my eyelids but this was lovely. 2 nights don and my skin feels very soft and even. The monster spot next to m nose has gone down really quickly in the past few days. Is it because of this? I don't know. But so far so good. My skin has initially reacted well. Hopefully this pot will last 6 weeks and I'll be able to see the full effects of cult 51. I'll be sure to blog about it. See you tomorrow xoxo. 

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 8. #bodycare

Okaaaaayyyy Door 8 revealed the most amazing smelling body lotion ever. The Bubble T hibiscus & acai berry tea restoring body lotion. I've only tried it on my hands, arms and elbows but I have good feelings. It melts in really quickly. As a rule I don't get on with body lotions or body butters because everything I have tried to date is super sticky and does not soak into the skin in a reasonable time frame. In fact I feel uncomfortable for the whole night if I moisturise. Also in the morning; one just doesn't have any inclination to moisturise ones body after ones shower because it's cold. Plus I need to leave the house in ten minutes. Hashtag need the power of stopping time.

However I think I have found my saviour in the Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil. It promises to firm and tone but I wouldn't listen to any of that. Instead listen to this: This absorbs really quickly and leaves super soft, radiant skin which is nourishing and lovely before bed, amazing to create glistening limbs for a night out and keeps my body comfortable and lovely in the hot weather or cold weather. It's an amazing all rounder. I picked this up as a freebie promotion at the Clarins stand months ago and honestly once this is used up I'm propping up the Clarins counter again pronto. Body oil is the way to go.

And the tub to the left. You know that medicinal tube of Cetreban looking ugly and stuff?? Well this is the actual shit. This is the real macoy. The daddy. The winner of all!! and as it's now in lotion form it has made my life. I have a huge 500ml tub of the cream version which was prescribed by my doctor. This is very thick and although it helps with the itchy, irritation of my psoriasis It's just not travel friendly or comfortable to use.  AKA it's sticky!! so is only used under extreme psoriasis conditions. The lotion however, which also comes in a handy 30ml tub, which is excellent. Push come to shove, this is the only cream (sorry lotion) you need to travel with. I use it for everything: My hands, body and face and I find that it's all I need. It's not sexy and oo like the Clarins oil but it's 'bae' regardless. I think everyone needs a little bit of Cetraben lotion in their life. For everything. 

Monday, 7 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 7. #charlesworthington

Day 7 bought yet another hair product; the Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue. So I've been racking my brains all day for another hair care blog post... And have decided to do an overdue review on my favourite hair care brand: Charles Worthington. I have only tried a sample of their products in the big scheme of things but what I have tried I have loved. They're probably one of the most expensive hair care brands available at Boots, especially with the launch of their secret collection range, but there's always 3 for 2 offers and points schemes so you can grab yourself a deal if you catch it at the right time.

Starting with the first product I tried of theirs. The moisture seal shampoo. This is an excellent shampoo to use if you have damaged your hair through dying, bleaching or over styling. It really reinvigorates the hair by locking in moisture without weighing the hair down. So for people with fine hair like me, its awesome. It's the orange box one in the picture. This is old packaging. They're tubes now.

Then we have the moisture seal hair healer leave-in conditioner. I love using this on holiday. Not only does it create beautifully moisturised locks it also helps tame the hair on the beach. It's the flat orange packet thing in the picture FYI. Again great for holidays and travelling.

And the final product from the Moisture Seal range: the intense rescue melting balm. Yum. You warm up the balm in your hand like you would a cleaning balm and smooth through your hair. When I bleached hair (oh about two months ago lol) I put this on before bed and washed it off in the morning. It's gorgeous and probably the one of the best products in the range.

Moving away from the orange packaging we come to the purple one. The instant amplifying volume treatment. I agree it does help give your hair bounce and body, but only if you heat activate it, in my opinion. Like all volumising products it's great for ten minutes but then it drops. Sorry that's just that. It helps keep your hair healthy so it's good in that respect, however I am not a hair dresser and I can't create magic with this unfortunately, so this is probably the product that I won't repurchase. But that could be down to user error than the product itself.

Now we come to the style setter dry shampoo. Now I've tried most the dry shampoos in Boots and I must say that this is my favourite dry shampoo I have tried to date. I don't know I just feel like it gives a better finish. It isn't as chalky as others, absorbs grease really well and does create good volume too so wooh. Out of all the dry shampoos I've tried this is the only one that I have repurchased time and time again.

And finally the volume and bounce texturising spray. Honestly I think this is on par with the Oribe offering and I like the smell of this one more. Despite the Oribe being so much more expensive than this one they both give the same effect, honestly, in my opinion you really don't need to waste your money (Oribe 75ml= £19 / 300ml = £39. Charles Worthington 150ml = £6.99).

I'm sure I've used more of their products and have definitely used different shampoos and conditioners but I honestly can't remember what they were. I hope the low down on a sample of their products will encourage you to check out the Charles Worthington stand. 

Sunday, 6 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 6. #littleblackliner

Today I opened up my lil door to find an Inika organic black liner in Black Caviar. Exciting. But before I get into a new eyeliner new I feel the need to tell the world at large how amazing the Estee Lauder Little black liner is. The colour is 01 Onyx (BLACK) and it is a pretty black black. None of these grey blacks you hear about but legitimate black. It dries really quickly and dries matt. So no glossy eyes over here which, for me, is  well received. It's a two sided felt tip pen applicator which, in my opinion, is the easiest type of liner to apply. It glides on easily and I literally just typed: "and it makes it easy to apply" but i'm not going to lie to you guys. Let's be real: if you are crap at applying eyeliner then you will be crap at applying this. Liner is hard and you have to practice if the art doesn't come naturally to you. But because it glides on there's no tugging or unnecessary issues beyond creating the line. 

So the double ended-ness... One side boasts a Ultra-fine line. They're not lying it is ultra fine and the finest liner I've ever used and is perfect to do the fiddly inner eye area. And then there's the thin/thick side. The thick side is very thick and unmanageable in my experience, I much rather turn the nib and use the thin side. For me it's the perfect thickness for an eyeliner line so you can guess I am well chuffed with this.  Longevity is excellent. It does not smudge, budge or cry off. To get a hazy line I literally have to rub with my finger and as that is not an everyday occurrence  I can say that it is 99% not going to be down your face by the end of the night. The cheapest I've found this is £18.95 on all beauty  but if you were to go in store your spending £22 on this. It's expensive but it's really good so if your gonna do it, do it properly. 

LOL ok guys bottom line buy it it's great. See you tomorrow xoxo

Saturday, 5 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 5. #glowgivers

Hmmm... Behind door 5 is the REN Glycolactic Radiance Mask. This is a funny one because I have had a few 15ml sample sizes of this before, didn't think much of it and have always given it away. But I will endeavour to try this again and see if I think differently about it this time. This promises to dramatically improve skin tone and radiance and this got me thinking about the skincare bits in my stash that do actually give my skin that much needed glow on these dreary days in December and of which I could recommend to strangers on the internet looking for their beauty reading fix and confirmation that they can press buy it now on their extortionate beauty haul on space NK online.

Again we're talking about REN. I love REN. I've spoken about it countless times before. This isn't news. So if your finding that along with dull skin your looking congested too then a good 1 minute facial with the REN flash rinse will do you the world of good. Truth time. I hate the consistency of this stuff, the smell and the feel of it on my skin. The process is negative but the outcome is beautifully decongested and glowing skin which is silky smooth. Repeat after me: "the end justifies the means".

I'm also enjoying the Resurfacing AHA concentrate. It stings a little but in the morning your skin is looking that little bit more alive and radiant. It is my baby step into the world of real skincare AKA retinols and all the excitingly scary and expensive ingredient based skincare which will bankrupt me in about 5 years time.

Then there's PIXI. Obsessed. I resisted the hype on the Glow tonic for a lifetime because at the time there was no online presence and the only way to get this was to order over the phone or to trek to London and it was always out of stock and there was a waiting list! *phew. But when I got it in my life I got the hype and thought: "yeah my skin looks pretty great. It's less congested, more glowing. This stuff is good." And it is - whoo! and finally the cleanser, the glow mud cleanser with 5% glycolic and aloe vera. Again it's lovely, feels really nice and luxurious to apply and like the title of this post suggests, is a glow giver!

That's it for now, happy Saturday. See you tomorrow xoxo

Friday, 4 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 4. #hairstory

Ooph...Behind the day 4 door of my look fantastic advent calendar was a Redken Diamond Oil intensive treatment. Very nice. As two out of four days have been hair care items I have decided to talk about hair today. Specifically my hair. It's very fine and straight by nature and this dark ash blonde shade. Honestly I don't love my hair and I have zero skill in styling it but we try. This is my story.

Babyhood - bald

Childhood - my mother made me wear it shoulder length with a fringe. My hairdresser used to always cut it wet so I'd always end up with a 'Dum and Dummer' mid forehead fringe. 

Teenage years - limp and greasy. Eek hindsight is 20-20 isn't it. If only I could turn back the hands of time. I finally understand what R Kelly was singing about lol. 

The college years - I finally dyed it. I went brunette, but the tones mixed with my own went auben. I grew my hair really long here.

The university years - my hair was in such awful condition and, you know, I was a student, living in the moment, loving life so I got my flat mate to cut my hair short and dyed it blonde. Ok Sunflower yellow. 

Early twenties - I played around with short hair, foils and spending a small fortune in expensive hair salons. 

Mid twenties - I went red. It trashed my hair, went pink. Awful. So I got it all chopped off and dyed brunette. A few months later I went platinum blond and pixi short. This was my signature style for three years I'd say.

Mid-late twenties - last year I started growing my hair. A few months later I got engaged and I'm now on a mission to grow my hair for my impressing wedding. I've stripped my hair of bleach, putting on a colour on closer to my original shade to keep it in better condition and hopefully allowing it to grow faster?! Ooh I used clip in extensions for the first time last month too. A whole new world is opening up. A dazzling place I never knew. Haha. 

See you tomorrow xoxo

Thursday, 3 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 3. #sensitiveskincare

Hi everyone. Behind door 3 of my look fantastic advent calendar today was the white version (super mud clearing treatment) of the well renowned Glam Glow youth mud mask. Now I've never used the white one (as yet) but i've used the black one (and currently have a tube in my cupboard). Despite its glowing results it is so strong It feels as if it's burning my skin. I can't tolerate it and thinking about it, there has been many products in the past that have irritated my sensitive skin and I have had to go out and purchase 'sensitive skin saviour' products to soothe it after it has become inflamed or hypersensitive. This happens especially at this time of year with the cold weather and the central heating indoors battling it out for biggest irritant; It's a match made in hell. So here's the theme of today's blogmas: Sensitive skincare. If you have reactive skin you might want to sample some of these products which I enjoy using to pamper and soothe my skin without the burn. 

If you want a lovely skincare line then head to M&S or Space NK and sample the REN Evercalm range (previously hydra-calm). The stand out product for me is the cleansing milk. It's a lux thick cream that melts into the skin. It feels soothing and smells amazing. I really love this product. The serum feels really hydrating and sinks into the skin leaving a smooth satin finish. The global protection day cream is just that, a nourishing cream which smells and looks extremely similar to the cleansing milk. All together a gorgeous sensitive skin busting team.

if you want a thicker face cream or have a drier skintype than the Oilatum Natural repair face cream is for you. It has no scent and is great for super reactive skin types. I personally find it really greasy and heavy so I only wear this at night when my skin is feeling extremely dry or tight.

The Eucerin Ultra Sensitive cleansing lotion for hypersensitive skin and Dermalex Skin treatment cream for irritation from allergic reactions are great for what they are advertised for. For those of you who react to the sun or have skin conditions which make you intolerant to most skincare will really benefit from using these. I enjoy wearing them for when my skin is suffering with the afore mention afflictions. 

And finally. The expensive one. The Clarins skin beauty repair concentrate SOS treatment for sensitive skin leaves your skin extremely OILY so is best kept for the evening. I'm not feeling the love too much with this if I'm honest. It's ok but I don't think I've ever put it on and felt super soothed or nourished. As It stands I probably won't repurchase. 

So there you are. A nosey into my sensitive skincare. See you tomorrow. xoxo

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 2. #winterlips

L-R Lord and berry, Dior (tester packaging: a friend of a friend worked on a counter) , CT, Chanel, Rimmel.

Hello all, behind day two was a Lord and Berry SKIN lipgloss. A highly pigmented gloss that can work in a number of ways... In a very dark, scary colour. But you can build it up or down to a berry stain. My initial reaction is fear! I'm not a dark lipstick girl. But I do enjoy doing the dark slash RED lip thing sometimes... But I mean sometimes. When a dark lipstick goes on that means I'm pushing the boat out because honestly after a few drinks or hours working etc. Who can be bothered to keep a dark lip pristine?

I currently have 3 dark shades in my makeup bag (before Lord and Berry) and I keep them for occasional wear. The wild card is my Dior Rouge Whispering Plum. It's a really dark rouge noir shade that I keep just in case. It smells like my mums makeup bag growing up and sentimental I guess. I've built it up for a 20's party and have patted it on as a winter berry stain to give that "just bitten berries in a frozen forest" kind of way and pair it with a grungy eye, pale skin and pop a tad on my chicks to give that berry flush aesthetic a little bit more. (Disclaimer. I've done this once). The idea is always better than the real thing to be honest and when it comes to it daily I shy away and slick on the nude pink at the last minute.

Ok so the red lip. Probably the ultimate in makeup glamour and sophistication. When you wear a red lip you mean business. I don't do the red stain thing personally. When I go red I go hard or I go home. And always pair it with a black winged eyeliner. Currently I have two reds. I did have another beautiful Chanel red but I decided to depot it. The palette went skanky and it was thrown away. Just end there. Hashtag looser. But currently I have a mini Charlotte Tilbury So Marilyn shade which is the perfect 50's neutral red. It's a tad drying but a stunning colour and creates a satin lip. If I want to vamp things up and want to take high maintenance to another level I adore Chanels red lip laquer in Dragon. It is the most seductive, sexy highly glossy blood red lip of gorgeousness you have ever seen. It makes you feel all the good things but take heed; This bleeds like crazy and is a nightmare. It gets on your teeth, your chin... Everywhere! So please be ready to spend half the night in the loo perfecting it! 

And oh! No red lip is complete without a lip liner to perfect it and I'm obsessed with the Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour lip liner in red diva. It's really pigmented and easy to glide on, plus It's waxy texture means that pigment lasts! It's an amazing liner which proves you don't need to spend a fortune for quality! 

Ok so my plan this December is to wear winter lips. Be it a berry stain during the day or a statement lip at night, I'll try and make it work. see you again tomorrow. xoxo

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 1. #currentfavourites

Happy December one and all!! This is my favourite month of the year. I love all the festivities which come with Christmas, the shopping, the wrapping, the food, the parties, decorating, music, films and festive cheer. Plus it's my birthday month and all in all an amazing time to celebrate with everyone I love most!

I'm also super excited with my beauty calendar this year. I have the Look Fantastic advent calendar and the prize behind door one is the original version of my favourite hair care item ever; Moroccan oil treatment for fair/fine hair. So I'm really exited to see how it compares.

To celebrate my favourite month I've decided to upload a blog post everyday on the run up to Christmas again. I did it in 2013 I think... And every day's post is going to be themed on the product I get in my beauty calendar. As The Moroccan Oil is probably my favourite hair care product ever I've decided that todays post should be all about my favourite beauty products of the now... Enjoy!! Xoxo

Look Fantastic Advent Calendar.
Despite only being a favourite for the past 24 hours when I gave it a photo shoot and spammed my instagram it is a crazily big favourite and has given lots of joy. If the first day is anything to go by this is shaping up to be an amazing calendar this year!

Ardell Demi Wispies False Eyelashes.
Honestly guys these lashes do not disappoint. I find the eyelure lashes too long but these ones don't need any trimming and these in particular blend into my lashes seemlessy giving the drama without looking fake. Unfortunately the lashes have apparently fluttered away though and were not available for the photoshoot.

Dr Lipp Nipple Balm.
Lets be real nothing else compares to this all purpose balm that soothes all the chapped lips and skin issues in no time. holy Grail over here. 

Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask.
Honestly this is my favourite face mask I've ever used but with a 80-90 pound price tag I'm holding onto this sample, which I got in my beauty advent calendar last year, for dear life. It gives a deep cleanse and leaves a radian glow. It's amazing. Honestly. Bankrupt yourself don't worry you only live once once.

Embryollise Lait-Crème Concentrate.
This become one of my holy Grail products very quickly. I have loved it all year and have especially appreciated it since temperatures dropped here in the UK. It's light but really soothing and nourishing; and really hydrating but not greasy. And is great plump parched skin and a great base for makeup. Basically an amazing all rounder which will be in my makeup bag for a long time.

Charlotte Tilbury The Golden Goddess Luxury Palette.
And finally a sparkling, sexy, luxurious makeup item which I'm currently obsessed with. I'm reaching for this all the time because the colours are beautiful and so flattering, they blend amazingly well and, despite initial reservations, I love the glittery pop shade and like nothing more than to pile it on.