Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Hit, Miss or Maby. September 2015

The favourites, the fails and the "ok but there is slash must be better" products of the now... Enjoy xxx

Pixi Mud Cleanser - yaassss bitch YASS!!!!! Obsessed. It feels like a really lux deep cleansing mask treatment and leaves your skin GLOWING!!!! I love this. It's definitely THE find of recent times. I highly reccomend this if you have £18 spare and want to mix up your cleansing routine... With style for wow results.

Another day another Charlotte Tilbury order. Exceptionally excited to announce that I love my new CT purchases muchly and have perhaps found "the perfect nude" in Miss Kensington. It's funny the world at large describe this as a baby pink, too pink, very pale... But for me it transfers very much more on the Nude pink side of things. I've never found a nude like it and am excited. I love the formulation of these Matt Revolutions and prefer it to the KISSING lipsticks. Despite it being Matt it feels more comfortable on the lips. I'm also obsessed with the powder and sculpt brush. This was actually the first thing I actually wanted from the CT line and I have finally got it. Happiness is a dome brush that applies powders to your face. Serious. 

Redken Extreme shampoo and conditioner. See my issue here is that I have many needs when it comes to my hair. I asked my hairdresser what to focus on: how fine my hair is.?, my greasy roots? or the damage that is caused by bleaching it. She said focus on the damage and reccomend end these. Ok it's really nourishing. You don't need a lot and Keeps the straw head at bay however no matter how little I use there is a definite residue left in my locks and I feel a little yucky. Also my hair gets greasy within hours too. If you have thick hair this set will probably suit you down to the ground if you bleach it. For me and for my needs however they don't. I won't repurchase these slash won't trust another human being ever again.

Imperial Lather Fruit Salad shower gel. I bought this with great exhuberance and I'm extremely disappointed. Let's get one thing clear - the fruit salad sweet makes top five in my favourite sweets ever and seeing this gave me great joy. If you sniff the bottle you get fruit salad aroma however it isn't strong enough to transfer when having a shower. As a shower gel it isn't very moisturising and a little bit of a waste of time. No repurchase. More gimmick than substance unfortunately. 

I guess in my excitement and haste in finding Pixi in my local Marks and Spencer I bought a mask which, on retrospect, I should never have bought. I really don't enjoy a drying mud mask and this is no exception. I guess I was carried away by the words... But it's a miss for me because I don't particularly like it

The first world issue of finding the perfect mascara is real. if you've found yours. I'm happy for you . I'm glad you have found peace. For me though I'm still on the road to mascara discovery and the current is The Wake Me Up by Rimmel. Ok. Pro. It's fat wand creates good volume. Con. Despite wiping the wand this huge wand holds so much product that no matter what I do I get clump eye. The killer is I can't even comb it through because the product is really wet. I can't just manage to get this to work but honestly mascara application has been easier. The chances of me repurchasing is slim. I'd probably go back to it in the future if it's a mascara emergency and I'm stuck in a place with one of those Shops with one or two makeup stands. 

I've been trying out the REN Resurfacing AHA Concentrate in the hope for rejuvenated skin for the past few weeks and I'm waiting for the wow wow wowsers effect, but thus far I'm yet to see these results. So for the time being for the month of September this is a Maby. In time it might be elevated to hit or dismissed to miss but currently it's the ok product in my regime. Time will tell. 

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