Thursday, 13 August 2015

My Makeup STYLE.

Hi ya'll. Despite constantly buying makeup i'm also constantly getting rid of the stuff too. I hate clutter in my life and this applies especially to my makeup stash. Truth is as much as I love makeup I don't wear it that often. I go all out for the occasion and the dress up makeup, but on the every day I don't give myself enough time slash I don't have any inclination to do my face up so I rely on good skincare to keep myself looking presentable daily.

I wrote a post a while back about loving products which are quick and easy to use, but with wow results. So if I have any products in the stash which don't conform to those standards then I don't use it and it will be gotten rid of eventually. Life's too short to hoard products which don't work in my opinion.

So on the off chance I am doing my makeup I follow the following rules. Like my fashion style, I like to be comfortable and to accentuate my features. I don't like to look overdone. A little bit edgy perhaps and put together. Me... but better! In Charlotte Tilbury talk: I'm no makeup rebel, glamour muse or vintage vamp and i'm not put together enough to emulate the sophisticate or uptown girl. Instead I feel I am a mixture of the rock chick slash ingénue (slash bronze goddess wannabe) and on a night out I attempt to personify the bombshell (when the occasion calls for it) or the Dolce Vita.

Call it luck, it's in my genes or the skincare I spend a small fortune on is paying off because my skin is pretty good. I don't need or particularly enjoy a high coverage makeup look. I like my skin to shine through really and opt for a radiant base most of the time. Sometimes on a night out I will pile on the slap but this is few and far between. This summer i have been enjoying applying faux freckles with my brow pencil.

Most of the time I will only use a concealer to cover major blemishes and dark circles. On the whole i don't mind minor blemishes because, let's be real, caking your face up with foundation to conceal these flaws, especially during the day in harsh sunlight, looks worse. On me any way.

I like to shape my face. I love the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder in medium for this and it's candlelight highlighting powder counterpart. I also enjoy using the Charlotte tilbury bronze and glow face powders too. I like to warm up my face using my ultimate product Tan De Chanel. I like to contour my forehead, enhance my cheekbones and slim line my nose when the mood takes me.

I don't really opt for blush really, but when I do I find I need a bright pink. Coral and peachy shades don't work with my skin tone at all.

I like a good strong brow and enjoy amping them up. I am obsessed with my Delilah Brow pencil. I think I have found my holy grail brow product. Love IT.

On the everyday I won't bother with shadow or liner but I like a good volumising mascara. It needs to be Volumising with a capital V though for me to be impressed and I prefer a brush wand, not a plastic one. It also has to be smudge proof and long lasting formula. Most mascaras smudge on me. My favourite mascara L'oreal Mega Volume Collagene 24hr has been discontinued I think because I can't find it anywhere (sad face) but I am really enjoying the Estee Lauder Little black primer at the moment. It's really good and long lasting and I find I can build it. A must have for the future I am sure.

When I decide to do the whole eye shebang I like to make my eyes look larger. My eyes are pretty small to be honest so I need all the help I can get. I like to use brown liner because I am very pale and black is too harsh on me and I love to create a cool Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick. It really enhances my eyes and looks really sexy and really good. I get tonnes of compliments when I do this. I find using a pencil best for this. I think it's easier. But I have recently purchased the Estee Lauder Little Black Liner and I'm loving it. I create a feline flick on the top and blend out a brown on the bottom. Et Voila.

Eyeshadow wise. If I go super feline and "bombshell worthy.. hopefully) i use the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder to contour my eye crease or use matt neutral MAC eyeshadows such as concrete and typographic for this. If I go less on my liner I enjoy a good shimmery (or glittery) neutral eye. I prefer to create a sixties style eye to open them up rather than the generic "light shade in the inner, mid shade in the middle and darker shade in the crease" look. I think it looks a tad dated on me.

I don't like my teeth slash I have small lips so I don't like to draw attention to them. On the every day I'll literally just wear an eight hour cream type deal, but if i'm feeling adventurous I like a good pinky nude. Nude Kate Nude is too beige and looks horrendous on me but a good Bitch Perfect is great. I used to love a paler pink shade but the tide has turned and I'm not too fond of that look anymore. I feel it washes me out somewhat. An obsession is forming with lip liner now too.

Ok I prefer a nude lip on me. I always think when I've rubbed off a red lip my face softens and I just look better. As a rule I don't do peach lips, pink, brown, mauve, orangey red or dark dark shades. I do Pink Nude or True Red, although I like wearing Chanel Dragon. It's slightly darker than the ever flattering medium toned red but I love it because it's super glossy and glamorous. But it's hassle. Red lips are hassle. If I wear a red lip I'm in the mirror half the night perfecting it. So it doesn't happen alot.

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  1. Wow! Amazing make up as always and engrossing blog, thank you.