Monday, 6 July 2015

The Last Beauty Haul

The beauty wish list is never ending, neither is retail therapy. Welcome to the last beauty haul ever THIS SUMMER this week??

My stash was missing a overnight rejuvenating beautiful product that made me go AWE in the morning!  And the Sarah Chapman hype took me all the way to Harrods at 7:40pm because Space NK shut at 6pm for a swift pick up. First thoughts? YUM. It's a beautiful oil that melts into the skin giving a satin finish rather than an oily one, very nice. It smells delicious and packed with all the good stuff and it leaves my skin... Not wow! I am yet to go Ooooohhh my skin! But what I have done is noticed my skin is silky smooth and more even. I've been using this 5 out of 7 days and I feel like it's doing good things. I'm sure I'll be blogging about this again soon. Oh and a little aside, whilst buying this I eyed up the daily facial. I tell you I want it. Firmly at the top of my beauty wish list.

Agh the struggle is real people. What's going on with the world mama? People acting like they don't have no mama. I think the whole world is addicted to the drama...... My struggle is colour matching. I just couldn't find a good match on the high street, until Revlon came to the rescue. Hold the phone. a concealer comes in my colour?? (insert all the celebration and happiness emojis here) perfection. Happy. If I love it i'll probably blog about it. If it's meh, ok. I'll use it, abuse it and then throw it away!!! ... Where is the love? 

I won't lie I've spent time figuring out who I am out of Charlotte Tilbury's 10 looks. Ironically I think I'm the bronze goddess. (It's ironic because I'm really pale) mixed with the ingenue and the rock chick. But out of all the pallets the one that has caught my eye over again is the bronze goddess pallet. After a mammoth swatch session it came up on top. I'm loving all the shimmery shades. As yet I've only used it once and find the Glitter or pop shade really chunky. I don't mind that. I love it but I'm noticing fall down. Once I've played with it a bit more I'm sure I'll blog about it. 

How exciting guys. I have often scoured the blogs about the beach sticks and have always wanted to have Formentera. I hoped I would like it in the flesh. So often I don't and I thought that perhaps in real life it wouldn't be love. But it was. Boom!! After swacthing this against other cream blushes around the same shade I was excited to discover I liked this the best and it actually comes up a tad rosey on my skintone rather than full on mauvey which swatches look like online. I love this. I feel like it's a little dry in the bullet so it requires a little bit of pressure when applied, but once applied it melts into the skin giving the most amazing "beach glow". Obsessed.

I ordered this blind. I wanted a cream stick bronzer, considered the Charlotte tilbury Ibiza Beach stick but Jane from British Beauty Blog fame said this was better and as I love the tan de Chanel more than anything I thought: yes this is going to be it in stick form. It's not though. It has red undertones and a subtle sparkle running through it that can be picked up on, so I use this in the same way as Formentera. A little disappointed at present as it's not what I really wanted slash I don't know whether the red undertones work with my complexion. But I'll keep at it and report back. 

My third repurchase of this. I love the smell and I love the consistency (It's a tad thicker than other oils you can get) and I love the results (frizz GONE). I highly reccomend to everyone, but especially those of you who colour slash bleach your hair.

I tell ya there's no telling the power of instant gratification. Despite having the Makeup Forever HD foundation firmly in my sights for months, a spot of hot weather, leading to enlarged pores and a few blemishes and I pick up the classic high coverage foundation because Estée Lauder counters are everywhere. Im hoping this will help to keep my face perfect throughout the summer.. We hope. 

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