Wednesday, 8 July 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks (FORMENTERA)

Charlotte Tilbury's Beach Sticks have been on the beauty wish list for a long time due to the great skincare benefits that they give, as well as the claims of their amazing blendability. I generally don't like to go into these things blind and when I finally had the chance to swatch I was very excited to discover that the Formentera shade was my favourite. I hoped it would suit me but there was the chance that it would be too purpley in its undertone and not sit right with my complexion. However to the contrary Formentera comes up a blush shade on me. When applied it looks like I have been in the sun all day. It is literally the perfect "sun kissed" glow cheek shade. Amazing. It's really moisturising on the lips too and gives a gorgeous nudey pink lip stained look. I find the bullet a little dry and you need to apply some pressure onto your cheeks. I got very little payoff when I attempted to apply it with little light handed baby swipes. There's no shimmer or sparkle with this one just a lovely blush stain.

This retails for £30 (or 2 sticks for £55 on the Charlotte Tilbury website) and despite being a cool little rose gold fat bullet and looks chic and synonymous with her brand, I feel it lacks a certain premium quality that the Chanel blush stick has. In comparison the Charlotte Tilbury beach stick looks a little cheap and plastic(y). It's very light and the lid always managed to capture some of he product which drives me insane. I recognise that is my issue but if the cream stick could be twisted all the way down the bullet this couldn't happen so I don't know. Finally there doesn't seem to be a lot of bang for your buck. There's 6.5g and it doesn't look a lot at all. But I feel like the price is based on the quality of the product and I'd rather have less of something decent than a surplus amount of product that is of lesser quality. (Or that is how I'm comforting myself over the shot of disappointment I have over the little bullet).

But despite loving the shade and being less than a 100% happy with the packaging (probably 85% happy) the best thing about Charlotte Tilbury's beach stick is it's amazing blendability. The hype is on point, the claims are true. It blends like a dream. It's a pleasure to use. On the cheeks and on the lips. It's so quick and easy and with stunning sun kissed, glowing results I'm obsessed and am itching to pick up more. At this stage in the game I want all of them. I'm sure I'lol be Instagramming any further additions to beach stick collections as and when they are purchased.

Oh and I think the longevity is really good too. And I have medium, combo, probably verging on oily recently, skin and it lasts for hours on me. No problems there. It also smells like vanilla (MAC lipsticks). It's ok. It's not my favourite scent but it's not unpleasant. So in final conclusions: love these, you need these, buy these. OBSESSED. 

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