Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Being pale iiiiiiiiiiiinnn SUMMMMMMER!!!!!!

In SUMMMMMMERRRR.... What is your favourite beauty look? I join the gazillions of people in the world who want to look a little bit more tanned, sun kissed, glowing, healthy, rejuvenated... Beautiful???? But here's the snag... I'm NC15/20 - NC18 should the colour exist. In most makeup brands I go lightest or, if I'm at the clarins or Rimmel stand, for example, I go home... brands like illamasqua, MAC and Revlon I get the second shade or third, or forth... Depending on the brand. I'm definitely in the fair bracket of things. So I like going darker, but my darker is the average UK fair to medium (lol) but the idea is to look that bit more healthy and glowing than before. One keeps their English rose complexion but its summered up.. If you fall into this bracket too, welcome. Here's what I'm doing and what I'm using to create my summer pale-bronzed look. Enjoy... X

I think the biggest bug bare of a pale person, who solely wears trousers for 9 months of the year is the Olof-white leg situation. This needs attention. For me it's all about St Tropez at the moment. I streak my fake tan like a moFo so I need my fake tanning to be as easy as possible. Cue the newest fake tanning sensation St Tropez shower tan. Is it good? Well I think so... It is really subtle but Maby I'm not putting enough on. My plan is to put it on over a few days to get a build up but as yet the 3 minute waiting time is just too long for me to bare so I am reluctant to do it again #greatbeautyblogger. But what is really good is the St Tropez after sun with hint of tan. I actually can't find this anywhere so I suspect it might have been repackaged or discontinued... It actually gives you a lovely tan, which I haven't ever streaked. When this runs out I'm definitely on the hunt for an alternative because this is the future.

Let's make one thing straight, one does not mess around with body fake tans on ones face. First... Second, one lives for the easy no makeup makeup look. I am not spending time mixing the perfect darker shade of foundation that matches my subtle tan look. No. I actually am not spending time on foundation period. Good skincare, suncare, concealer for the bags and spots and I'm away. Nothing else is required. What I do, do though is use the awesome Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning "stuff". Again this develops an awesome subtle tan on your face, without you even noticing it. It doesn't smell like fake tan either. It's really good and worth spending the twenty-odd pound price tag on. Honestly it's really good.

The Au-Naturel skinkissed FACE. 
This involves a brow pencil, my pencil of choice is the Delilah brow pencil high I'm obsessed with. With said pencil, with small lines to replicate hairs and draw in my brows to make them look a little unruly. Then I go in and Create faux freckles all over my nose and apples of my cheeks. The au-natural sun kissed face also involves bronzerS (because I'm using two bish) are Chanel. My beloved tan de Chanel bronzing cream buffed into the high point of my face, over my nose, my chin etc etc to warm my skin up and then I go over the high points to highlight slash bronze further my face with the Chanel xxx. On my apples I'm using MAC so sweet so easy for a quick pink flush or Rimmels natural blush in Santa Rose to look a little more natural-rosey. 

And a lip balm thing and a black mascara. Done. my pale (in SUMMER) no makeup, makeup, waste of time really look is complete. Copy this if you want to look more summery than you did without looking made up... If that's what you like. Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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