Monday, 29 June 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW: Olay Regenerist Brightening and Protecting Cream SPF20Moisturiser

I haven't written a review blog post in the longest time due to the sad fact that I just couldn't find the words... I like to write review posts with a little bit more substance than I really like it. It's pretty. You need it. End. That's what favourite posts are all about. No a review needs more and I think I have found the words to share about the Olay Regenerist moisturiser that was released earlier this year.

This range intrigued me from day one because I feel like Olay is a really good drug store skincare brand  and actually make my oldest favourite moisturiser xxx which I have been using for ten years. I thought it looked like a gorgeous range, but what struck me was its price. The price point of Olay, depending on the range ranges from £7 to £18 so to release a moisturiser at £30 really is a jump and has blurred the boundaries between drugstore and highend, this is also happening with other drug store brands such as LOreal and No7 too. Plus the French pharmacies brands raising the price point on the shelves of Boots too. It begs the question - is it worth he money slash is it good period?

I've been using the moisturiser for 3 months now and can say that it definitely feels like facial suncare. It's very white and rather thick and you need to massage it in quite vigorously to allow the white cast to dissipate. It also clings to the lips and many a day I have found a white line along my bottom lip. I have also found that if I apply makeup over this and try and buff it, my face starts peeling. Another facial suncare issue which I have encounted in the past. This moisturiser is definitely targeted at a more mature skin than mine. I just like the nutriens it gives. It is a thicker cream than lots of newer facial sunscreens so if your buying it on he back of the SPF20 alone, I definitely think you could get lighter or greater UVB and UVA protection from other products. 

But it also promises to brighten and reduce dark spots. I think the thick cream, Embryollise/magic cream-esque substance definitely gives life to your face and again if you have a mature skin it will definitely plump and nourish you. If you have younger skin you might not get as much out of the benefits. Does it reduce dark spots? Now I think it helps brighten darker areas at the time you wear the moisturiser but I couldn't definitely say dark spots overall have been lightened. I haven't seen any evidence of this. 

So I like this moisturiser. I think it makes my skin feel radiant definitely and it does 3 jobs in one, moisturisers, gives sun protection and gives radiance. So I like to take this when I go away to save space in my bag as I take one product rather than 3.. It's also a chic light bottle. I don't reccomend this as a makeup base though. I think you could do better for £30 in all honesty but it is very nice and feels lovely on the skin. So if you have the money to spend definitely trial this out because you might love it, but as it's merely a " I really really really really really really like you" situation I won't repurchase it. The peels face issue is a deal breaker for me. 

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