Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Coming at you, with love, is a run down of my favourite products that I have enjoyed more than usual, or have recently acquired and am obsessed with... 

I have been all over the no foundation, bronzing and fake freckle look this month and paramount to this look is my new fave beauty bit the Deliliah brow pencil. Whoop! Like literally this is my favourite brow product I have ever used. The colour is spot on, the pencil is just the right consistency, it's lovely packaging and I like it lotsly... And it was a freebie with a Space NK order. Win, win, win... Happy.

I have come to the conclusion that high street/drugstore mascara is the way forward, but at 6-12 pounds a go anyway they're not super cheap in themselves though are they?? But anyway, my friend bought me a random mascara on a whim and it ended up being really good... And it's a comb no less. The Rimmel Scandeleyes Extreme mascara. My secret is that I wipe the excess off the comb first. What I like is that it extends as well as volumising and is a good black black. Also it doesn't smudge on me, well it probably would under extreme conditions but I haven't noticed anything and some mascara's SMUDGE, so this one is a good one... Relative to the smuDgE bastards out there.

The Mororrcon Oil for thin/light hair. This is everything at keeping frizz at bay. I'm coming to the end of this and in my opinion: if it ain't broke don't fix it. I'm gonna ignore the rest on the heaving high street and pick another one of these up. Oh and the small one lasts me FOREVER so I never feel the need to spend extra coin on the big bottle.

It's dull and it's, like, medical... But the cetraben lotion is life. As a sufferer of psoriasis on my legs I need to slap this on regularly and it's so much nicer than the thick cream... I throw this in my bag daily. Not just for legs and elbows but I also use this as a hand cream and even face cream when things are drying out... 

Listen guys pink (rose) clay masks are definitely the way forward. I love the pure and radiant pink clay mask from Clarins. It's so soft and gentle, yet clarifying. It's really, really nice and is great at keeping your skin balanced during those hormonal imbalances we deal with sometimes. 

Probably my favourite tanning products of the moment, the Clarins Bronze Self Tanning Liquid. This is really effective, yet subtle, doesn't streak and doesn't smell like a fake tanner. Dollap a bit on your cotton pad and wipe away. Honestly this is really good and quick and effective. If you need a face tanner head to the Clarins counter pronto.

June faves DONE. Thank you for reading xoxo

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