Tuesday, 21 July 2015


First and foremost...it isn't love. Sorry but the Dior Star foundation just doesn't do it for me. It applies beautifully and sits on the skin really well (applied with fingers). It's a very liquidy consistency which gives that second skin look. The "your skin but better" aesthetic and does bring an extra luminosity to the skin as well, which is awesome. But really? Honestly? I'm not buying this. I picked up a sample from my local Dior counter and the shade up was to dark, this perhaps too light, but it doesn't really matter about that. What did matter was after 3 hours this looking slick as hell and had clung to my pores and had highlighted them. You know what I mean. The foundation starts to cake in your T zone and problem areas and things are a mess. I paired this with the charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow beauty flash and The Retoucher. I wasn't impressed with the outcome. It needed powdering bad! In superficial light it looks really glowing and lovely but through out the day in the harsh wintery sun light, all my flaws and PORES were highlighted and for some reason the foundation (and concealer) had dissipated completely in all the red and marked areas, just giving a general naff look. We wear makeup to look better not worse right?

After yesterdays debacle I decided to team the Star foundation with the Laura Mercier foundation primer, Collection concealer and Charlotte tilbury Powder. Yesterday we got nasty sweaty face. Let's see if today we can get a greater longevity and overall finish. I guess its unfair to judge a product without first considering what else it is paired with. The foundation definitely fared much better. It lasted much longer and didn't cake. I enjoyed wearing this much more today but with an over riding feeling of "meh"! 

I still don't like this foundation. I paired with just the Embyolisse Lait-Crème Concentré and collection concealer and powder and I have to say this is my favourite pairing. It said better on the skin and gave a luminescence which didn't sink into my pores and create havoc aka Day One. 

Sorry Dior Star your not for me. currently onto the Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua. I'll keep you posted on how that one fares too. Xoxox

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