Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Hook line and sinker! The minute The Real Techniques Bold Metals came on the scene I knew I wanted all of them (insert base and finish brushes, not the eye brushes so much). Their stippling and buffing brushes are my favourites and I was hoping to fall in love with these guys as well. Well yes I have. My favourite is the tapered blush brush (£24) I use this to apply my powder and my blush and I love it for both. I'm obsessed with the arched powder brush (£25) too. But I use this for putting on bronzer. It's larger size allows for the product to be dispersed and goes further, rather than mud face. I love the flat contour brush (£22) I don't find it difficult to use at all. Secret? Maby I don't use as much product as everyone else. Dab in the contour powder, dab on your hand, carve the brush into the back of your check bone and swipe upto blend it out. Blend what's left onto your temples and jaw and then repeat for intensity. And finally the triangle foundation brush (£22). Probably my least fave as honestly I'm more of a hands on or stippling kind of person when applying foundation. The bristles are more dispersed slash less compact than other foundation brushes I own, which may prove tiresome. Remember less is more and work into the skin bit by bit to avoid the streak face look. Also the end is designed in such a way so you can buff the foundation in too. The triangle aspect is cool but it hasn't changed my life you know. You don't need the triangle foundation brush. A normal one works the same in my opinion.

So yes. Bold Metals. Beautiful brushes. Extremely soft, amazing quality, make me happy to be alive but you don't need the contour or triangle foundation brushes . They're cool and if you want to play with new shapes and learn new (real) techniques (lol) then buy them, have fun. The powder brush and blush brush on the other hand are essential to your health and well being so sort of need to be bought at your earliest convenience. Xoxox

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