Monday, 9 February 2015

OBSESSED! Charlotte Tilbury

Literally I have never fallen for a brand so hard ever! Sure we have a love for all premium makeup but in reality I just don't think it always delivers or creates the love strong enough to pay the premium prices, but Charlotte Tilbury is different. I don't know what it is but her products are just all really great. Everything delivers. The mascara smudges on me but that is all. 

The lipsticks are creamy and highly pigmented. They smell like MAC lipsticks (that sickly sweet vanilla, which i'm not overly in love with but it's not unpleasant by any means. Their pigmentation is amazing, they're creamy and comfortable. So Marilyn is the perfect classic red. Not too orange, or too vamp, just perfect! Bitch Perfect is my ultimate pinky nude lipstick which I have duplicates of and Penelope pink is the first actual beige nude lipstick which suits my skin tone and with the 90's browny nude trend right now, I'm feeling it. The lipliner in pillow talk is my newest Charlotte Tilbury purchase and so far I'm loving it. It's a "your lips but better" situation and goes really well with Penelope Pink.

The Airbrush Flawless Finish powder, as sad as it sounds, is probably my favourite Charlotte Tilbury offering so far. It is AMAZING. Truly the best powder I have ever used. Honestly if your not one to splurge on makeup, I beg you to reconsider and bite the bullet with this one. It is amazing. Mattifys, without the cakey, powderiness that is associated with powders. It makes your makeup look better in photographs too. It's really, really good ok. Ok next. The Light Wonder foundation literally melts into your skin. It's beautiful and is akin to the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. But is a little thicker and feels nicer on the skin. To my mind anyway.  

I've reviewed the other Charlotte Tilbury Products HERE and HERE. Honestly I can't wait to try out her eye products and more of her skincare and probably throw a blusher into my shopping basket too and next time I go on holiday I will probably pick up one of her beach sticks and film star on the go pallets. To my mind this line outshines the likes of Chanel, Dior, YSL and Lancome. So please don't be swayed by the designer label, honestly these products on the whole are better. Get shopping xoxoxo

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