Tuesday, 20 January 2015


If you could only use one makeup brand ever again what would it be?
Charlotte Tilbury for sure. At present everything in my makeup bag, including my makeup bag, is Charlotte Tilbury and everything I've used so far is awesome. Apart from the mascara which smudges like a bitch on me, but I guess I could just wear eyelash extensions and I'm golden.

If you could only use one skincare brand ever again what would it be?
REN. Looking over the whole range I like pretty much everything I would need to do the full beauty routine. So I'm sorted. REN is really good and price wise is really reasonable too. 

What is your most disappointing beauty product you have ever bought?
Om I was really disappointed with the Estée Lauder day wear plus. It was just far too dark for me and I could never make it work. I was really disappointed with the Loreal True Match foundation too. After all the hype I thought I was on to a winner but I hated it.

What has been your biggest surprise? AKA what was much better than expected?
How much the formulations and longevity of high street pencils and lip liners have improved over the years. Rimmel do really great lip liners and eyeliners, shadow crayons. I love my Rimmel lip liner and Soap and Glory eyeliner. I don't have anymore but I'm sure I'd love them to. It proves you don't need to pay a fortune for quality.

What is your favourite beauty task?
It's a tie between putting all the makeup on and putting a luxurious face balm and cleaning my face, taking all the makeup off. The former brings calm and satisfaction the latter brings an awe of relief and satisfaction.

What is your biggest beauty bore?
Shaving, body moisturising, waxing, threading. The painful and the dull stuff. Putting on false eyelashes!!! 

What is your number one Winter beauty obsession?
I get back into the sensitive moisturisers and hydration facial masks. My skin turns on me quick so keeping hydrated helps keep the burning at bay.

What is your number one Summer beauty Obsession?
I should say building up the SPF but nah. That's just essential. My obsession is getting a bronze glow. Every summer that comes around brings with it a new determination to be a bronze goddess. It has yet to be realised though haha.

What would you reccomend a beauty newby buy?
Buy gift and travel sets. It's a really good cost effective way to try out new products from a range without wasting your money on something you don't like. 

Do you prefer high end or high street brands more?
High end MORE. There's some great products from the high street but in general you get what you pay for. But be warned it is a dangerous slippery slope. Once you've paid forty quid on a cleanser that's it. The game has been elevated and your hooked for the rest of your life.

What beauty words of wisdom have you learnt along the way?
Blend till your bored, double cleanse, add highlight, clean your brushes. Read beauty blogs.

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