Tuesday, 18 November 2014

An October slash current beauty faves 2014

Makeup, skincare, a beauty tool and a beauty book... let's go.

First up lets talk Charlotte Tilbury. The ordering of her products has literally relit my love of beauty. I am obsessed with her products, her brand, her ethos, her videos and have a wish list forming on her site as I type. 3 things. First up the film star bronze and glow palette. Literally if you love makeup you need this. Simple as. As soft and buttery as Kevyn Aucoin powder and as fool proof. The bronze shade is the perfect bronzy contour shade that neither leans too pink nor orange and the highlight is radiant. Quite honestly I am in love with everything about this palette and that is that. Next let's give some love to the liquid luminator wonderGlow. It nourishes the skin whilst giving you a luscious healthy glow. Subtle but yum. I have worn this literally every day since I got it. And then the retoucher. This conceal and treat pen is beautiful. It melts into the skin leaving a flawless finish. It is fool proof and stunning. I don't see a future without any of these products. Let's move on.

The Chanel Les Beiges powder in no10 is honestly the first powder that I have enjoyed using. Actually the act of putting this on gives me joy. It keeps bad shine at bay but keeps you looking radiant without the powder cake-age which we hate. I love this powder. Then we have the Clarins Lip perfecter in 02 nude. I have been loving a more beigey nude recently and this is the perfect accompaniment to my no makeup makeup charlotte tilbury and chanel face. Joy. And to my favourite brush of the moment. The no7 blush brush. It sheds like a bitch but the brush is the perfect shape and size to apply all my powder products throughout the day. This is probably the only brush I have used this month.

Now skincare and in October I was reacquainted with my beautiful REN evercalm global protection day cream and gentle cleansing milk. These feel so soothing and invigorating on the skin and are the perfect anecdote to sore sensitive autumn skin. I absolutely love these and try and convert as many people as possible.

And finally the beauty book. Sali Hughes' Pretty Honest. I love this book because it is a celebration of beauty and of women. Not only is it a very informative and supremely helpful beauty reference book it is also the perfect handbook for the modern women. Sali covers a whole host of scenarios and the part that beauty products play in them, such as giving you beauty arsenal advise for the walk of shame or how to treat common post-partum beauty gripes for example. I find the 'How to look good in a picture' chapter particularly helpful. But my favourite advise is thus: We are not rehearsing here. We are alive now and deserve to look and feel great... Life is really bloody short, so stop saving things for best today. "Here Here."

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