Saturday, 11 October 2014


Ah the infamous Kevyn Aucoin Celestial powder in candle light and medium sculpting powder. The powder on our left is the old packaging and of which had a brush that came with (RRP around the £38 mark I think - 4.8g) and on your right we have the new packaging, no brush and comes in dinky pouch (£35 - 3.1g). I definitely prefer the new packaging, but its dinky-ness sort of makes one a little resistant to spend top dollar on this, if it wasn't for the hype I probably wouldn't have looked twice at this product.

But are they worth it? I guess that's the question on everyones lips. If, like me, you have heard all the hype and need to know the real deal keep on reading.  The celestial powder in candlelight is essential for your life to be full and happy so press the buy it now button on that one. It's a pink toned shimmer powder without any sparkle or frost. When you sweep this over your cheekbones be prepared to swoon as your skin will literally glow. It's stunning and you'll love it I promise you. I love the highlight and believe me this is the best highlight powder I have ever used (before the Charlotte tilbury one, but this is more subtle I guess you'd call it). It is bloody impressive. That's it let's move on to the sculpt powder shall we?

I held out on the sculpt powder for the longest time and am I glad I finally caved? Well if you want me to be honest then I think you can live without this in your life just be careful with your bronzers if your gonna chisel den cheekbones. No one likes the orange cheek stripe. Well I don't and I will judge you if you commit this sin. This sculpting powder is perfectly toned to mimic the natural shadow of your skin without a hint of orange. I personally find that it is very subtle to begin with and I need to go back in to build the intensity which is great as it helps to avoid the overdone look. It is a great product to sculpt with I just haven't felt the love yet. If I do I'll be sure to write up on when the penny finally dropped. So stay tuned for that blogpost.

Anyway yes the Kevyn Aucoin products are definitely top quality and if you love the cheek products I am afraid you need them. I don't care if you love your current highlighting powder, I assure you this one is better so pick it up tomorrow. The sculpting powder? well this one can wait unless your desperate for a new one, if not enjoy the one you already use.  Happy saturday, Take Care xoxo

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