Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Doing Beauty in my Spare Time.

My summer was spent away from the blog and mostly away from the lure of the Boots Beauty Aisles. I didn't wear makeup for like 3 months and my skin was playing up. I lost the love and the inspiration. I haven't even taken any pictures with my camera really and haven't taken a selfie since June. Hashtag cray right? But I guess I'm feeling it again now. I felt the need to do a whole beauty blog overhaul, change the name and start again. Ok so before I upload the reviews, here's a little beauty breakdown of where I'm at...

Nails - Currently acrylic. I can't remember the name of the brand but the polish name is V.I.P very important polish. It's a blackened purple shade which has subtle red glitter specks  running through it, which are literally impossible to photograph. The reasoning behind the nails? well I wanted high impact without the daily maintenance. We'll see how long they last before they drive me crazy and I'm pulling them off with dental floss sticks.

Hair - I'm growing it. Woohoo. This summer has literally seen the awkward middle stage and touch wood I'm finally getting out of it. My hair issues now are thus: creating volume and dealing with grown out bleach frizz. My tool of choice is the tangleteezer and products? The L'Oreal Fibrology shampoo and conditioner.

Skincare - Top and tail of it is that although the long and hot summer was fabulous because gotta get that vitamin D right? The hot weather and my face don't get on and I have been dealing with the worst skin I think I have ever had in my twenties. Honestly my skin is still bearing the signs (and scars) of a spotty summer but with the cooler temperatures comes a calming effect on my skin. It relishes the mild weather and I'm already seeing the benefits. Any finds this summer? om loving the Rodial Brightening Cleansing Balm, after a rocky start am feeling the love of the Astalift Aquastif serum concentrate, which is basically a orange jelly which smells awful and feels awful but I'm feeling the benefits of. My skin is feeling much firmer. Om also loving the exfoliating face masks of late... oh I think I have a lot to say about lots of different skin care bits, stay tuned for the reviews...

Makeup - As I type I am waiting on a very special shipment from a certain luxury brand. I also sampled my friend's MAC Pro Longwear concealer and sort of fell in love. I think I've just added it onto my wish list. In my opinion it kicks the Collection concealers in the face, which are, as I type splodged all over my face. My favourite makeup product of the summer has to be Maybelline's The Collosal Go Extreme Volum' mascara. It's really good and at a very reasonable price point. I highly recommend Maybelline mascaras over lots of high end brands.

Body - I had a 40% off voucher through O2 for The body Shop so went a little bit cray in there. I'm currently obsessed with the Raspberry body scrub, which is basically jam, it smells great and scrubs a treat. I also love the Argon oil bubbling bath which is just lovely and what a fabulous name? I also finished every oil in my Aromatherapy set and I just loved them. I used them all for the appropriate time or mood to fit the oil and I have to say I'm not sure I buy into it. I do love a good oil so I'm going to take notes of my favourite smelling ones and treat myself sometime to a big one.

Ok so I think that covers all basis. Just a little bit of a beauty catch up. Let's get blogging shall we?. xoxo

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