Friday, 10 October 2014

A Tale of Two Cleansing Balms

The word on cleansing balms hit the streets in the spring of last year. The beauty guys on the web were going cuckoo for Emma Hardie and when I finally got my mitts on it; so did I. In essence it was lush. But once you finish a "lush" product at a "lush" price point where do you go from there? Well I went to Clinique and purchased their Take the Day Off cleansing balm. It's a 125ml purple pot of "meltable" balm stuff which I think smells like Plastiscine (RRP £22.50) . I wanted to love it but I don't. It just lacks the umph of the emma Hardie. Without the fragrance it's sort of like massaging lard into ones face. It's much slippier than the Emma Hardie too and, although it leaves ones face clean and smooth, it doesn't leave it feeling revitalised and glowing and feeling beautifully sumptuous like the Emma Hardie. It's just OK. But I guess as it's slippier it goes further and is a great product to use to give yourself a facial massage with. If your so inclined. Bottom line go big or go home. If your going to trial one go Emma Hardie (RRP £36). It's more expensive for sure but it's better, in my opinion. You can get a travel sized one I think if you don't want to jump straight in with the big bucks.

So the scene is set. I'm stuck with a cleansing balm which is ok. I'm mourning the passing of an old favourite and I'm pretty much dead inside. At this point in the beauty game I'm hating my skin and all my skin care products in the vanity. I've been out of the blogging game for a while and things are coasting along. I nip into TK Maxx for a bit of kitchen appliance shopping and a quick whirl around the shoe section in a hope that I will find another pair of Sam Edleman heels which I let slip me by two years ago... when I spy the beauty section, full of lots of bits and pieces but not to mention tonnes of half priced Rodial treats. I pick up the Rodial travel set and the product which jumped out at me as AMAZING is the Glamtox Cleansing balm. Yum Yum. It smells the same as the Emma Hardie and feels as thick and as luxurious as the Emma Hardie but on inspection and comparison of the ingredients (because I do that now), a few ingredients are the same, but largely their different. Whereas the Emma Hardie is yellow in colour, the Rodial is an off white. Ooh I loved it straight away and used up the tube in a matter of weeks. Cue another trip to TK Maxx, where, lo and behold, I find a full 100ml size for half price (RRP £50 / TK MAXX £25 - kerching!!) And what's not to love. The packaging is beautiful and PINK and inviting and the pot inside is epic. It's a fat silver pot with an awesome pump that just always pumps out the right amount. Hooray.

Ok so who wins? Obviously not the Clinique so moving on. Packaging-wise the Emma Hardie large pot packaging is a little annoying with all the scooping and product under the nail issues, slash unhygienic, whereas the Rodial pump is a real winner. However I would say if your going to buy either of these at their RRP the rodial is a tad expensive. So again, despite the beauty of the Rodial I would recommend the Emma Hardie again. But if your flush the Rodial is amazeballs so go for that one - oh just buy both.

The End.

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