Tuesday, 14 October 2014

L'oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

Woo Hoo the first hair care review of the season. I mentioned in my come back post, Doing beauty in my spare time, that I am growing my hair and that I need volume. The flat and lifeless do of my teenage years sort of haunts me to this day, but with so much new technology out there now and volumising formulations that really give your hair real life vavavoom I felt that I owed it to the beauty enthusiast inside of me to get out of my pixie crop ways and raid the hair care sections of Boots and Space NK. Oribe products are firmly at the top of my wish list. So to the shampoo and the review, here's what I think.

So your a person filled with volume worry and haven't really got the dollar to spend on the expensive stuff, what do you do? Well you buy the funky teal and pink ( that shout off the shelves) bottles that say all the words; like:"thickening" "for thicker hair" "thickness creation" "expands hair" "luxurious body and bounce" "80% more body and bounce" "instantly expands hair", run home, wash your hair instantly with the shampoo and conditioner because the effect simply cannot be achieved with JUST one of them and wait for miracles to happen.

They both smell quite standard for a shampoo and conditioner. There's no yum factor but the shampoo smells a little fruity. I can't put my finger on it really but I'm saying it has notes of mango. I said Mango and I'm sticking to it. They're both an off white colour and the product from both are very lightweight. Neither feel very luxurious or moisturising. So if your used to a moisturising shampoo and conditioner then you might feel a little put out. If you have drier hair or thinned out hair due to ageing, or want a little more of a nourishment boost then I recommend the L'oreal Triple resist over this one.

But back to the Fibrology and ok who doesn't want a product called FIBROLOGY?? Does it work? Why yes it does. You won't go from zero to hero but you'll be on your way. You still need to blow dry and dry shampoo and all those things for maximum effect but I have received many compliments from people saying my hair looks really good, looks in really good condition, has a bit of bounce about it... etc etc. It's not miraculous but it's better than not using it if you know what I mean? Before I went pixie short and before FIBROLOGY I NEVER got a hair compliment on the every day. So yes I'm confident to recommend this to you guys who desire a bit more oomph to the do. If your in the market for a new shampoo and conditioner this is probably the best I've used for actual hair boosting powers. xoxo

Sunday, 12 October 2014

CRAZY exfoliating Cleanser mask things

The new kid on the block is the deep cleaning, exfoliating cleanser, mask thing; which helps you get your glow on. I have accumulated a few and my impression is largely that they're far too strong for my skin and for some reason as I have been retesting these for a clearer and more accurate review in the past few days I am sorry to report that The Body Shop Blue Corn 3-1 deep cleansing mask (RRP £10 100ml) and the GlamGlow Youthmud Tinglefoliate treatment (£25 15g) both literally feel like they're burning my skin. The whole process is really uncomfortable up to the point of painful; so not for you if your suffer with highly sensitised skin. My skin changes regularly and depending on a mass of variables my skin can be completely fine or completely flare up.

Both masks are your generic clay/mud mask experience; after ten minutes or so it'll completely dry and I wipe off with a flannel. Be warned your Glam Glow will stain your flannels. The blue corn mask will actually leave your feeling quite parched so I guess putting on a moisturising mask afterwards may be the way forward. The Glam Glow leaves your skin feeling really soft and supple. I won't repurchase either due to the burn factor but if I had to make a recommendation I would say treat yourself to the Glam Glow if you have hardier skin than I. It's packed with fabulous ingredients to really detox the skin and give it a treat. But it's pricey so way up the pros and cons. I'm disappointed because I like the idea of the boy shop mask and it really does do what it says on the tin, but the burn factor plus parched result doesn't do it for me. The Body Shop is an amazing company though and I fully endorse people trialling their products, so perhaps ask for a sample to see if it's for you before you pick up the big pot.

The one product which doesn't set my face on fire is the REN Flash Rinse 1 minute Facial (RRP £32 75ml). It's basically a blown up toothpaste tube that dispenses a lime green gritty dry oil, which smells citrusy sweet. I find it a little bit uncomfortable on the skin to be honest but the results are awesome and definitely gives one instant gratification. Despite not being for sensitive skin (oops) this doesn't irritate my skin at all. It's really lovely. Would I repurchase. Honest answer is I don't know. I don't feel the love but I really like it. I guess time will tell if I start panicking when I start running low.

So that's it the run down of the exfoliating masks. I was expecting the review to be more upbeat but apparently I don't enjoy using them. BUT!!! but the results are really great so the end definitely justifies the means. If you want the glow you need an exfoliating face mask / cleansing thing in your life, but I just haven't found the one amongst these guys. The search continues. xoxo

Saturday, 11 October 2014


Ah the infamous Kevyn Aucoin Celestial powder in candle light and medium sculpting powder. The powder on our left is the old packaging and of which had a brush that came with (RRP around the £38 mark I think - 4.8g) and on your right we have the new packaging, no brush and comes in dinky pouch (£35 - 3.1g). I definitely prefer the new packaging, but its dinky-ness sort of makes one a little resistant to spend top dollar on this, if it wasn't for the hype I probably wouldn't have looked twice at this product.

But are they worth it? I guess that's the question on everyones lips. If, like me, you have heard all the hype and need to know the real deal keep on reading.  The celestial powder in candlelight is essential for your life to be full and happy so press the buy it now button on that one. It's a pink toned shimmer powder without any sparkle or frost. When you sweep this over your cheekbones be prepared to swoon as your skin will literally glow. It's stunning and you'll love it I promise you. I love the highlight and believe me this is the best highlight powder I have ever used (before the Charlotte tilbury one, but this is more subtle I guess you'd call it). It is bloody impressive. That's it let's move on to the sculpt powder shall we?

I held out on the sculpt powder for the longest time and am I glad I finally caved? Well if you want me to be honest then I think you can live without this in your life just be careful with your bronzers if your gonna chisel den cheekbones. No one likes the orange cheek stripe. Well I don't and I will judge you if you commit this sin. This sculpting powder is perfectly toned to mimic the natural shadow of your skin without a hint of orange. I personally find that it is very subtle to begin with and I need to go back in to build the intensity which is great as it helps to avoid the overdone look. It is a great product to sculpt with I just haven't felt the love yet. If I do I'll be sure to write up on when the penny finally dropped. So stay tuned for that blogpost.

Anyway yes the Kevyn Aucoin products are definitely top quality and if you love the cheek products I am afraid you need them. I don't care if you love your current highlighting powder, I assure you this one is better so pick it up tomorrow. The sculpting powder? well this one can wait unless your desperate for a new one, if not enjoy the one you already use.  Happy saturday, Take Care xoxo

Friday, 10 October 2014

A Tale of Two Cleansing Balms

The word on cleansing balms hit the streets in the spring of last year. The beauty guys on the web were going cuckoo for Emma Hardie and when I finally got my mitts on it; so did I. In essence it was lush. But once you finish a "lush" product at a "lush" price point where do you go from there? Well I went to Clinique and purchased their Take the Day Off cleansing balm. It's a 125ml purple pot of "meltable" balm stuff which I think smells like Plastiscine (RRP £22.50) . I wanted to love it but I don't. It just lacks the umph of the emma Hardie. Without the fragrance it's sort of like massaging lard into ones face. It's much slippier than the Emma Hardie too and, although it leaves ones face clean and smooth, it doesn't leave it feeling revitalised and glowing and feeling beautifully sumptuous like the Emma Hardie. It's just OK. But I guess as it's slippier it goes further and is a great product to use to give yourself a facial massage with. If your so inclined. Bottom line go big or go home. If your going to trial one go Emma Hardie (RRP £36). It's more expensive for sure but it's better, in my opinion. You can get a travel sized one I think if you don't want to jump straight in with the big bucks.

So the scene is set. I'm stuck with a cleansing balm which is ok. I'm mourning the passing of an old favourite and I'm pretty much dead inside. At this point in the beauty game I'm hating my skin and all my skin care products in the vanity. I've been out of the blogging game for a while and things are coasting along. I nip into TK Maxx for a bit of kitchen appliance shopping and a quick whirl around the shoe section in a hope that I will find another pair of Sam Edleman heels which I let slip me by two years ago... when I spy the beauty section, full of lots of bits and pieces but not to mention tonnes of half priced Rodial treats. I pick up the Rodial travel set and the product which jumped out at me as AMAZING is the Glamtox Cleansing balm. Yum Yum. It smells the same as the Emma Hardie and feels as thick and as luxurious as the Emma Hardie but on inspection and comparison of the ingredients (because I do that now), a few ingredients are the same, but largely their different. Whereas the Emma Hardie is yellow in colour, the Rodial is an off white. Ooh I loved it straight away and used up the tube in a matter of weeks. Cue another trip to TK Maxx, where, lo and behold, I find a full 100ml size for half price (RRP £50 / TK MAXX £25 - kerching!!) And what's not to love. The packaging is beautiful and PINK and inviting and the pot inside is epic. It's a fat silver pot with an awesome pump that just always pumps out the right amount. Hooray.

Ok so who wins? Obviously not the Clinique so moving on. Packaging-wise the Emma Hardie large pot packaging is a little annoying with all the scooping and product under the nail issues, slash unhygienic, whereas the Rodial pump is a real winner. However I would say if your going to buy either of these at their RRP the rodial is a tad expensive. So again, despite the beauty of the Rodial I would recommend the Emma Hardie again. But if your flush the Rodial is amazeballs so go for that one - oh just buy both.

The End.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Doing Beauty in my Spare Time.

My summer was spent away from the blog and mostly away from the lure of the Boots Beauty Aisles. I didn't wear makeup for like 3 months and my skin was playing up. I lost the love and the inspiration. I haven't even taken any pictures with my camera really and haven't taken a selfie since June. Hashtag cray right? But I guess I'm feeling it again now. I felt the need to do a whole beauty blog overhaul, change the name and start again. Ok so before I upload the reviews, here's a little beauty breakdown of where I'm at...

Nails - Currently acrylic. I can't remember the name of the brand but the polish name is V.I.P very important polish. It's a blackened purple shade which has subtle red glitter specks  running through it, which are literally impossible to photograph. The reasoning behind the nails? well I wanted high impact without the daily maintenance. We'll see how long they last before they drive me crazy and I'm pulling them off with dental floss sticks.

Hair - I'm growing it. Woohoo. This summer has literally seen the awkward middle stage and touch wood I'm finally getting out of it. My hair issues now are thus: creating volume and dealing with grown out bleach frizz. My tool of choice is the tangleteezer and products? The L'Oreal Fibrology shampoo and conditioner.

Skincare - Top and tail of it is that although the long and hot summer was fabulous because gotta get that vitamin D right? The hot weather and my face don't get on and I have been dealing with the worst skin I think I have ever had in my twenties. Honestly my skin is still bearing the signs (and scars) of a spotty summer but with the cooler temperatures comes a calming effect on my skin. It relishes the mild weather and I'm already seeing the benefits. Any finds this summer? om loving the Rodial Brightening Cleansing Balm, after a rocky start am feeling the love of the Astalift Aquastif serum concentrate, which is basically a orange jelly which smells awful and feels awful but I'm feeling the benefits of. My skin is feeling much firmer. Om also loving the exfoliating face masks of late... oh I think I have a lot to say about lots of different skin care bits, stay tuned for the reviews...

Makeup - As I type I am waiting on a very special shipment from a certain luxury brand. I also sampled my friend's MAC Pro Longwear concealer and sort of fell in love. I think I've just added it onto my wish list. In my opinion it kicks the Collection concealers in the face, which are, as I type splodged all over my face. My favourite makeup product of the summer has to be Maybelline's The Collosal Go Extreme Volum' mascara. It's really good and at a very reasonable price point. I highly recommend Maybelline mascaras over lots of high end brands.

Body - I had a 40% off voucher through O2 for The body Shop so went a little bit cray in there. I'm currently obsessed with the Raspberry body scrub, which is basically jam, it smells great and scrubs a treat. I also love the Argon oil bubbling bath which is just lovely and what a fabulous name? I also finished every oil in my Aromatherapy set and I just loved them. I used them all for the appropriate time or mood to fit the oil and I have to say I'm not sure I buy into it. I do love a good oil so I'm going to take notes of my favourite smelling ones and treat myself sometime to a big one.

Ok so I think that covers all basis. Just a little bit of a beauty catch up. Let's get blogging shall we?. xoxo