Monday, 2 June 2014

Getting to Grips with The Beauty Blender

The hype gets to me eventually. It will take me three years but I will pick up everything that catches my eye. This time it's the turn of The Beauty blender. I've had it on great authority that the rest of the beauty sponges out there are rubbish, beauty blender wannabes are rubbish; the only way to go is The Beauty Blender. My friend said "what do you want from Canada?" I said "the beauty blender!". Bish Bash Bosh. sorted. $19.95 later.

I had the biggest decision too... Pink or black? I went pink.

So the beauty blender is a cool little makeup application tool I guess. You rinse it under the tap and it grows!... Wring out the excess water and then bounce it on your face and blend in your foundation. The pointy end for getting the product into the corners and the big round end to blend the cheeks and forehead I guess. 

My impressions are thus; it does blend in your makeup very well. I find that it makes foundation application really easy and it doesn't cake up. Hooray! But the catch is it I find myself using a lot more product than I normally would, if I was using my fingers or another brush. So this is great news for you high coverage "more is more" lovers out there. You can blend in tonnes of product and it can look really good. Without the cakage or mask like result. But using more product isn't necessarily a good thing. I expect there's a certain amount of the sponge soaking up the product to some extent too. Also unlike a brush I don't see this "sponge" lasting the distance quality wise or hygiene wise. It also stains quite badly too. At present I don't see myself repurchasing this but time will tell how much of a effect it will have on my life, so watch this space. it might be swinging by a monthly faves in no time.

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