Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream

This is a Rave Review... But there are 2 issues which I need to raise: the super sweet "chocolate" fragrance does not resonate with me at all. Ugh. Keep them out!! I also hate the label, it drives me mad, and once this post goes live I'm pulling it off. I think These bottle look chic without the rubbish label anyway. Ok negatives over with... let's get raving.

So I was having the age old problem of what to get for my third item in the "Boots 3 for 2 offer". There were 2 or 3 products which I have been looking at recently, including this one and after lots of deliberation set on this.

First Plus - I really love the glass bottle and bright green lid. Its super chic and once the label is disposed off one will be very happy with this indeed.

Second Plus - The dispenser is really good at allowing you to control the right amount of product. You never get too much with this one. Happy.

Third plus - This is matt! Most bronzing liquids have shimmer running through them, but I really wasn't after that look. Because it's matt you can mix it in with foundation to deepen their colour. Wayhey!

Fourth Plus - This sheers out splendidly and looks really natural and gorgeous on the skin. It can appear a tad too orange at first, but less is more in these situations and you can buff it in a treat.

Fifth Plus - It is really easy to blend out and is seamless.

I love using this as a full on bronzer and apply it to the high points of my face. It is a perfect accompaniment to the no makeup makeup look I rock, or I will apply this literally on its own to give me that natural sun kissed look. I really enjoy this product and am really glad I picked it up. If your at a loss at what else to pick up in Boots, look no further than the Bourjois stand. Love this. That's it. xoxo

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