Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Falling in love with makeup again...

My journey into the world of beauty blogs and vlogs has resulted in the overall depreciation of makeup and the growing interest in skincare. It is all about the skincare and I am sure my blog reflects that. But you will notice that over the next week or so there will be a few more makeup related posts thrown into the mix because I have been makeup shopping. From low end to High end I have been shopping (and not only makeup.. but that's what we're concentrating on today). I have regained my love for makeup and am excited about it. It started with a makeup cleansing session. I threw away all my old mascaras, gave away some lipsticks I never wear and even threw away the L'Oreal True Match Foundation. I couldn't work with it and quite frankly it p***** me off so much I needed it out of my life. So there was a gap and I needed to fill it. That is all.

So shopping. I've bought the new Clinique Lash Power Mascara, which is good and does the job well, separates the lashes a treat. The Rimmel by Kate Scandaleyes (Amethyst) which is a aubergine/egg plant coloured mascara because why not?, The real Techniques retractable kabuki brush, The Bourjois bronzing BB cream, which I am obsessed with and wear everyday, Bourjois Velvet lipstick in 03 which is awesome and the No7 Stay Perfect eye crayon in the taupey colour, which, again, is a great find. Very happy with that one... and I had a splurge at the Chanel and Estee Lauder counters. First up lets talk Lipsticks. I saw the new Estee Lauder Envy Lipsticks at my local Boots months ago and was wowed and in awe of the Impassioned orangey red shade but I knew I would probably wear it once so I resisted. Last weekend I went into a bigger Boots and they had the entire line and I naturally gravitated towards the pinky nude shade Potent. I swatched, I patted it on my lips, fell in love and felt giddy with excitement. I haven't felt this excited about a lipstick since buying my YSL rouge veloupte way back when. It's such a grown up shade. I feel very grown up wearing it and so far I find the longevity incredible. And finally I finally picked up the Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua foundation in B10, which has been lurking on my beauty wish list FOREVER. It always looks incredible on the girls on Youtube and I felt it was time. Then I spent all my points on the Les Beige powder in 10. HAPPY!!

Woohoo so I think that is all the makeup bits I picked up recently and I'm still going to London later this year so believe me I have a Charlotte Tilbury shopping list. So yeah I am going to go now and play with my makeup and cut up my debit card. Have a good day. xoxox

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream

This is a Rave Review... But there are 2 issues which I need to raise: the super sweet "chocolate" fragrance does not resonate with me at all. Ugh. Keep them out!! I also hate the label, it drives me mad, and once this post goes live I'm pulling it off. I think These bottle look chic without the rubbish label anyway. Ok negatives over with... let's get raving.

So I was having the age old problem of what to get for my third item in the "Boots 3 for 2 offer". There were 2 or 3 products which I have been looking at recently, including this one and after lots of deliberation set on this.

First Plus - I really love the glass bottle and bright green lid. Its super chic and once the label is disposed off one will be very happy with this indeed.

Second Plus - The dispenser is really good at allowing you to control the right amount of product. You never get too much with this one. Happy.

Third plus - This is matt! Most bronzing liquids have shimmer running through them, but I really wasn't after that look. Because it's matt you can mix it in with foundation to deepen their colour. Wayhey!

Fourth Plus - This sheers out splendidly and looks really natural and gorgeous on the skin. It can appear a tad too orange at first, but less is more in these situations and you can buff it in a treat.

Fifth Plus - It is really easy to blend out and is seamless.

I love using this as a full on bronzer and apply it to the high points of my face. It is a perfect accompaniment to the no makeup makeup look I rock, or I will apply this literally on its own to give me that natural sun kissed look. I really enjoy this product and am really glad I picked it up. If your at a loss at what else to pick up in Boots, look no further than the Bourjois stand. Love this. That's it. xoxo

Monday, 2 June 2014

Getting to Grips with The Beauty Blender

The hype gets to me eventually. It will take me three years but I will pick up everything that catches my eye. This time it's the turn of The Beauty blender. I've had it on great authority that the rest of the beauty sponges out there are rubbish, beauty blender wannabes are rubbish; the only way to go is The Beauty Blender. My friend said "what do you want from Canada?" I said "the beauty blender!". Bish Bash Bosh. sorted. $19.95 later.

I had the biggest decision too... Pink or black? I went pink.

So the beauty blender is a cool little makeup application tool I guess. You rinse it under the tap and it grows!... Wring out the excess water and then bounce it on your face and blend in your foundation. The pointy end for getting the product into the corners and the big round end to blend the cheeks and forehead I guess. 

My impressions are thus; it does blend in your makeup very well. I find that it makes foundation application really easy and it doesn't cake up. Hooray! But the catch is it I find myself using a lot more product than I normally would, if I was using my fingers or another brush. So this is great news for you high coverage "more is more" lovers out there. You can blend in tonnes of product and it can look really good. Without the cakage or mask like result. But using more product isn't necessarily a good thing. I expect there's a certain amount of the sponge soaking up the product to some extent too. Also unlike a brush I don't see this "sponge" lasting the distance quality wise or hygiene wise. It also stains quite badly too. At present I don't see myself repurchasing this but time will tell how much of a effect it will have on my life, so watch this space. it might be swinging by a monthly faves in no time.

Sunday, 1 June 2014


Wow I have quite a few favourites to get through this month so without any further ado lets get this party started. Enjoy xoxo

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips.
I think I mentioned this in my December Favourites but I still love it and have been especially enjoying it this month. A product just like Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, but without the nasty smell. Between you and me, I think I prefer this one more.

Caudalie Feuille De Cassis Hand and Nail Cream.
Wow another hand cream favourite in a number of months. After my beloved NEOM hand cream finished I threw this one in my bag. It's main plus is that it smells amazing, "berrilicious" some might say? It's really lightweight and melts into your hands leaving them velvety soft. Love.

DHS Cleansing Oil.
Hello lil oil and my third beauty find from my Look beauty Advent Calendar (see all the posts HERE HERE HERE and HERE). This little oil has been fabulous at not only cleansing my skin but has helped in making my skin super smooth. I enjoy a good cleansing oil I have to say and this has been awesome this month.

Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream.
"Luv-inG" this big time this month. I swear it is summer in a bottle: First the pump is really great at dispensing just the right amount of product and I love to sheer this product out to give a gorgeous natural glow. It was mentioned that I look like I have caught a bit of sun recently and I most definitely haven't so proofs in the pudding. Love.

No7 Stay and perfect eye stick
This is awesome. It has a waxy texture which once applied to the eyes sticks for hours. I think it's the most fabulous eye product and I am obsessed with the colour.

Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in pink ice
This is a beautiful gloss. Everything about it is gorgeous. That is all. Check the colourburst gloss line out pronto.

Soap and Glory Archery brow tint and precision shaping pencil in love is blonde
This is an awesome eyebrow pen and pencil duo and is fabulous for fair brow. I love using it and have been using it every day this month.

Soap and Glory waterproof eyeliner in Cocoa Bean
A super smooth pencil which glides on the eye with no fuss or tugs. Once set it lasts all day. No smudging or dissipating through out the day. It's awesome. Oh and it has it's own pencil sharpener on the end. Very cool.

Boots Eye cream
Despite being aimed at mature skin and promises to reduce wrinkles and all that stuff I have to confess I don't buy into any of it I just wanted a eye cream with SPF. This is light reflective eye cream greatness and melts into the skin perfectly leaving a matt finish. It truly lightens the under eye area too. It's great and I really enjoy using it. End.