Wednesday, 21 May 2014

SUNCARE PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT & Riemann P20 Once a Day 10 Hour Sun Protection SPF30 REVIEW

As I finally sit down to write this review there is big news in the press that sunscreens are not giving you as much protection as they claim. My thoughts? Well any reader of the big blogs (Caroline Hirons, Model Reccomends, Lisa Eldridge etc, etc) will know there's more to sun protection that the SPF level. And It is urged that you look for a 5 star UVA rating and broad spectrum protection over the Sun protection Factor alone. Regardless of wearing a high or low factor the bottle itself says reapply every 2 hours. Then on top of that it has been stated that anything under SPF15 is pointless and anything over 50 can't be verified. Also the way in which different countries and brands even test SPF differs so you don't really know what your actually getting,.. really. The guide is to buy SPF15 to 20 if your dark/medium skinned, 25 to 30 if your medium to light, and 35 to 50 if your pale and that's it. Really it doesn't matter what your SPF is, if you don't reapply long term it's pointless anyway and even exposing your skin, full stop, to the sun is damaging it and AGING it. The minute your skin even dares to darken by a smidgen it has been damaged. Even if you are not burnt or your wearing tonnes of sunscreen your skin has still been damaged just by being exposed to the sun at all. The debate therefore appears to be vanity versus skin care. It is true sun exposure causes melanoma but you could contract that anyway as much as you could contract lung cancer without smoking a cigarette in your life; so if you want to just live your life and look fabulous then buy a BROAD SPECTRUM, FIVE STAR UVA (UVA protection protects against skin cancer, SPF relates to UVB protection which protects against sun burn) sunscreen but with the relevant SPF that is appropriate for your skin type. What I'm saying is to look beyond the SPF because it isn't the only factor to consider when buying sunscreen, also be mindful that it protects you to some extend but not 100%.

Ok Public Service Announcement over. What do you do when your confronted with a product which promises to be waterproof and gives 10 hours sun protection? DO you believe it or not? Well I am inclined to give it a whirl and see. First of all I found it took quite a while to dry and felt really greasy and sticky, but on an everyday application it does it's job at keeping the sun burn at bay. It's definitely waterproof too but on a day at the beach in and out of the water and on a boat ride in the middle of the pacific ocean my friends and family burned really badly, ergo it isn't good enough for such intense heat and the intense winds of a boat ride. So always err on the side of caution when it comes to application on a particularly hot day. P20 is very good but like all sunscreens I fear it isn't flawless. It is really expensive too with a 200ml bottle retailing for approximately £25.00 (at the minute Boots is selling it for £19.99). I much prefer the alternative Calypso, for a more wallet friendly price of £5.99 (At Wilkinson's)

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