Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Skyn Iceland "Saving Face" Recovery kit for Life's Big Moments

Ah the skyn Iceland "Saving Face" Recovery Kit. Seriously I was so excited to try these products out. The Skyn Iceland stand in Marks and Spencer's has long enticed me and I finally bit the bullet and picked up this kit with my friends 20% discount. RRP £38.

First of all I think the packaging is excellent. It's very clean and clearly explains what the product is. Lots of skincare has fancy pantsy names which freak me out somewhat but these are great. I particularly love the little blurb on the front of the packaging.. "doughnut for breakfast, Popcorn for dinner". The blurb slightly differs for each of their products and I think It's a really enticing and fun way to sell products. Is this your life? Then you need it. I very much thought I needed a recovery kit to balance, replenish and restore my skins natural glow.

Ok the Icelandic Relief Eye Pen. I think this is my favourite product of the lot and was very disappointed the day I clicked the pen and nothing came out. I was caught off guard and left without an eye product for a while. I think this is a fabulous, cooling silky smooth cream which melts into your skin beautifully. My only problem with it is that it costs £17.50 and you only get 3.95g in it. Ordinarily you get approximately 15ml so this just isn't value for money. I like it but it just seems a little expensive for the amount of product you get. I love the packaging.

Glacial Face wash. Ugh. This spearmint smelling gloopy white, foamy face wash is not pleasant to use at all. I hate a face wash anyway, much preferring balms or cleansing milks, but this has done nothing to change my mind. My biggest beef with it is that it leaves my skin feeling tight and stripped. Not a fan. Do not recommend. Will not repurchase.

The Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion has a super intense minty fresh scent which is too over powering for me and makes me feel a little nauseous. oops. It is really strong and your skin zings with cooling freshness for ages after application. On an ordinary day this is not nice at all and felt like it was burning my super sensitive holiday face LINK. But I have used it on a day when my skin was I was really hot and flustered and this really soothed it. I think I'll throw this in my gym bag or save it for an intense hot and bothersome day. As it stands I will not repurchase.

Nordic Skin Peel. Wow these smell of pure alcohol and are really strong. Apart from the Alpha H liquid gold I am a 'newby' to the exfoliating toner and I wouldn't recommend these for a first timer. As time goes on I can stand them now but I have an awful feeling that they broke me out. I stopped using them a week or so ago to use up other toners and things and my skin started to clear up after having really bad skin for weeks on end.

At the time of writing this I have only used one set of the eye gels, saving the other for a particularly puffy eye, hung over, "need to lighten my eyes now" sort of morning and as that time is coming round anytime soon I thought I would hit Publish on this review now and if I find them super amazing when I use them again I'll report back. When I used my first lot I found that they stuck on very well, felt soothing if not a little sticky but where great (I think). My error was that I went and had a hot shower afterwards and I had red rings around my eyes for ages afterwards. Whoop Whoop. PSA time. Don't have a shower or hot bath after using these eye pads. haha.

So in conclusion I am really disappointed. I expected great things from these because, well, they're quite expensive products. It just goes to show that the price of something doesn't always equate to quality. I think the Nordic skin peel may been excellent but my skins just too sensitive for it and the eye pen is great, just too expensive for what it is and the daily lotion really soothes red flustered skin but I can't stand the smell. I do think the packaging is great and it's just a shame that I won't be purchasing any more of their products. I need time to get over my disappointment. But watch this space on the Eye Gels. They might be revolutionary. We'll see. xoxo

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