Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Radiant Skin... 3 Steps Away??

I'm using up lots of products at the minute and have rediscovered the power of the Alpha H Liquid Gold exfoliating toner. It tingles slightly, but dries matt and in the morning my skin is super soft. I heave been using it of late as my "exfoliating toner" step every now and then (not every night) after a good Apivita Face Mask with Pomegranate used to radiate and revitalize. It smells delicious and has little red beads in with the cream which melt into the skin. It feels soothing and light on the skin and when washed off my skin feels, well..., radiant and revitalized. I really enjoy this and the Apivita line in general. Everything I've used of theirs I like. They're a Greek brand I believe and are sold at Marks and Spencer. And then after all the cleansers, toners and face masks and toning spritzes (you can't miss out the spritz!) I apply my ESPA Optimal Skin Pro Serum. This is magic in a bottle. When everything else fails this keeps on working. I love this so, so much... Product reviews on the Alpha H Liquid Gold HERE and the Pro Serum HERE. If you want radiant skin you might want to give these a look see. Hash Tag beautiful. xoxo

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