Monday, 26 May 2014

No Hype Required

Hi ya'll. It is a fact that the majority of the makeup I buy has been bought on the back of the HYPE that surrounds them on YouTube and in and around the Blogs. But there is the odd occasion where I buy purely because I like the look of something and I just blindly buy and see where it takes me. Read on... xoxox

I think every product I have ever bought of Soap and Glory (period.) has been because I like the look of it and never on the back of blogger hype. In fact I want to start some hype now. In terms of the makeup line, believe me the Archery eyebrow Brow tint and Precision shaping pencil is awesome, so is the smoulder kohl waterproof eyelinereyeliner and the Kick Ass Concealer, well it might be being hyped up now, but I bought this way back when, before anyone mentioned this. All products are great and I'm sure you've heard all about the lip glosses and bronzers and highlighters. I haven't tried them personally, but Soap and Glory's makeup line is definitely worth investigating.

I picked up the No7 Blush pop and highlighter without any hype at all. They were new in and I liked the look of them. Boom. The highlighter is the standout product in my opinion, but the blushes are pretty awesome too, just a little harder to work with. The highlighter is fool proof. I'm currently obsessed with the No7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define "eyeshadow crayon" in Cool Mink. I love the colour and it stays on for ages. Love.

A few lip products. Funnily enough I have read nothing on the Revlon shine lipstick in Pink Cognito. But guess what guys this exists and it is amazing. The Revlon lip glosses should also get some press too because they are stunning. Gorgeous, glossy, no stickiness. and the Chanel-esque packaging is pretty chic. But where was this when I needed to take pictures.. No effing clue...!

For eyes. I've picked up a few dew pots which I think are fantastic and have gorgeous whimsical names. I have Woodland Truffle and Autumn Smoulder. These are super creamy and glide on the lid really well and once they set they stay on for ages. I really love them and completely endorse them.

When the gamble of buying products blind pays off one is very happy indeed. If your at a loss and want to trial some new products I'd definitely recommend you try these out.

Thanks for reading. Take care xoxoxo

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