Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dr T's SUPERGOOP SPF 50 Sunscreen Mist.

Welcome to another Sunscreen review and this time we're going back to what I used on my holiday over Christmas: SUPERGOOP. I hope you find it useful. xoxo

Ah SUPERGOOP. I remember reading somewhere that this was the shit and an excellent facial sunscreen, I have to differ. Well ok let us start negative and work our way up to the positive shall we? Ok. First of all I found that when I sprayed this, it went everywhere!!! This was fine pre-beach fun but after two or three hours and I wanted to reapply, disaster struck time and time again. Everything, cases, other products went super sticky and some products are still bearing the signs of being "supergooped" eugh. Think hairspray but stickier. Aside from the stickiness. Lesson learned: spray away from everything. The worse thing was that it was terrible for the face. My skin became so oily and yes I broke out. This was really irritating because I bought this purely for the face. No. Just No!!

Ok so on to the positives. The bottles pretty epic right? I really like the twist lock cap and the bright and fun lettering. I don't know it just sings to me. It was fabulous at protecting my skin, I did not tan with this much at all. It gave a luscious sheen to the limbs and didn't feel sticky on the skin or create a white cast at all. It melted in so quickly there was no time to rub so this is basically a spray and go product, great if your on the go or have kids and can't spend ages on yourself.

All in all I thought this sunscreen was really good on my body (not on the face!!!) but it's widely dispersed sprays which get "GOOP" everywhere is just too much to bare and having to reapply every ten seconds? pah I'm over that. I much prefer my Calypso (REVIEW HERE). SuperGoop SPF 50 sunscreen mist retails for £18.50 from SPACE NK.

Ooh and just on another note the SuperGoop Save Face sunscreen Serum looks niiiice.. Might add it to the wish list haha. xoxo

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