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As great as my holiday was my skin didn't have that much of a good time. I had so many skin issues it was untrue. And being that time of the month everything was just magnified. Read on to hear all about my beauty breakdown, the products I liked and the bits I bought. Enjoy xoxo

Let's start twenty four hours before departure. I slathered up with faux tan to look beach ready off the bat with my tinted Garnier Body moisturising lotion. I streaked it but overall I looked ok and no one noticed so no big issue there. Plus it dissipated within days so again it's all good. I actually fell in love with my St Tropez aftersun. It intensed my natural tan really well and didn't streak or anything. I liked. It has that biscuit smell though, so be warned.

On to SPF and I was impressed with the Calypso sunscreen. It wasn't a spray like I hoped but I think I preferred it to the spray pump of the P20 (which is basically the same thing by what I can tell). It smells like pure alcohol but is a easily bendable gel which will stain your clothes if your not careful. It prevailed at its "one spray all day" except when a boat ride was concerned. My chest and shoulders were raw!! I was horrified. I'm a beauty blogger, this shouldn't happen, I should know better!!! So if your a-going on a boat trip in 35 degree heat anytime soon slather up repeatedly or just cover up. It's not worth it. To soothe and help repair my skin I used burn gel and E45 cream, and an Aloe Vera moisturiser mini, when that ran out. I also loved using my Eurax 'stop itching fast' cream on said sun burn; which also came in handy when the mosquitoes decided to strike on day 12.

But there was one thing that didn't get burnt, despite the boat ride, and that was ones face. yes The kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV defence SPF 50 PA+++ UVA was a winner. It still gives a glow to the skin and most definitely contributed to the epic chin break out of 2014 but it stayed true to its claims at preventing skin darkening. I was very very impressed. If I would have burnt my face I would have been inconsolable.

my skin reacted to something in the air because I had red lumps come up all over my cheeks and my skin became super super sensitive. So sensitive that every product I applied burnt my face. everything burnt even a chance sample of Kiehls sensitive cream. I thought I was so clever. I packed products for every possibilities except irritated sensitive skin. I was not a happy bunny. I couldn't even review my Skyn products properly because they are heavy duty and they burnt and left an epic cooling sensation on the skin. Especially the toning pads. OMG. Burnnnnnn. The Skyn Eye pen was nice though. I don't like the rubberised end. It tugs at the eye, so I twist and apply with clean fingers. But spoiler alert I have been using the toning pads in the past few days and I'm liking them. Review on The Face Rescue Kit to come eventually. Oh yes I wore one set of the eye gels only to get into a hot shower afterwards. I had red rings for an hour after that!! Note to self, use eye pads AFTER showing.

I was a little underwhelmed by the Liz Earle moisturiser and toner to be honest. And the hot cloth cleanser, which once was my one true love, was just "ok". I much prefer my REN alternatives.

And my Loreal nail varnish chipped within 3 days and I couldn't be bothered to reapply. I did find however that the Boots nail varnish remover pads were really good and really cheap. I definitely recommend them.

By the half way point in my holidays my chin had erupted like nothing else. But unlike my skin sensitivity I was ready for a breakout. Apivita's Pink Clay face mask was excellent at bringing the initial break out to the surface and I sort of got addicted to it. Next to my beloved ESPA PROSERUM this didn't feel so harsh on my skin. After using the first sample all over my face I used the other one locally and it gave 6 applications. Value for money over here. But as I used it I felt I needed more intenseness. 48 hours back on British soil and I head to Marks and Sparks for the Green clay mask. And that is intense. I found it a little uncomfortable on the skin and was glad I only used it on my chin and nose area. After watching Lisa Eldridge's video on face masks, I'm all over the mask mix up. Oh and on the Apivita mask subject. I loved the eye mask. It was thick and luxurious but didn't irritate my eyes at all. I really enjoyed using them and the sachets do 2 to 3 applications each so very impressed.

On to makeup and OMG the once unmovable mascara Bourjos clubbling waterporoof did not upstand the heat. Say hello panda eyes. Impressed I am NOT! My Illamasqua brow gel came up trumps though at keeping my eyebrows good. But seriously by day 4 I didn't wear ANY makeup again throughout the whole holiday, oh except once to cover my chin around day 11. What can I say I 'm lazy and low maintenance.

Hairwise I fell in love with the shampoo at the villa, It was decanted so I have no idea what it was, but it smelt like Dolly mix. Yum. Also I found myself using the Charles Worthington Leave in conditioner. I think I applied too much as it make my hair a lil crispy but it did an awesome (conditioning) job at taming my hair. I liked it for lazy holiday days.

Bathwise I didn't think much of the sanctuary body scrubs I bought with me. The salt scrub was just annoying to apply, and the body scrub was just "meh".

I bought amongst a few other things, a litre of coconut oil. Which solidified after being in sub temperatures in the plane holdall. All the Lols.

So yeah holiday beauty drama happening all over the place. I will definitely repurchase the St Tropez aftersun, kiehl's daily defence sunscreen, the Charles Worthington leave in conditioner and the Apivita face masks. They were awesome. Oh and the Calypso sunscreen, but I would probably be extra vigilant and reapply during the day on especially hot, beach bound and boat days. Burn gel is also the way forward on sun burn and the Boots nail varnish remover pads all the way. They were excellent.

Next holiday I think I am only going take the makeup basics (eyebrow stuff/mascara/concealer/powder). I'll stick to sensitive and soothing cleansers and moisturisers to cover all bases and face masks and treatments to moisturise on the plane and combat the breakouts. Oh and definitely take a beauty balm that does everything. Dr Lipp saved the day more than once too. I will definitely keep the beauty bulk to a minimum next time around. I had too much to keep on top of.

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Thankyou for reading - Take Care xoxoxo

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