Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Epic Night Time Skincare

Hi all, before the Beauty trauma which was my holiday there was calm and joyous tidings. the first weeks of March I had stumbled upon an amazing night time skincare regime which did my skin the world of good in the last days of winter.

After my inflamed, irritated and sensitive skin issues back in October ("er which had nothing on my issues on holiday FYI") I really threw myself into wearing serums and used oils for the first time and soothing and hydrating masks and glow enhancing beauty products. As a result my skin was problem free, felt supple and gorgeous.

For all you guys out there who don't spend much time or money on skin care products and have problematic skin - click onto my Winter Beauty Label and get yourself educated. Or stay here and read on about lush skincare which will make your skin go wow!!

Enjoy and take note. xoxo

This product is no stranger to the monthly favourites and was an essential player in creating my HAPPY SKIN back in September. But this Balm cleanser just melts into the skin. I like to take time out to really massage it in my skin and do the "tilbury tap". I like to keep it on for a while as a little mask and then massage it off with a warm damp flannel. It feels divine. I have found however, as the older it gets the grittier it feels. It used to be buttery soft. This doesn't take anything away from the product itself but is worth noting.

This feels heavenly on the skin. I particularly like the REN Ever-Calm range. The products feel so nourishing and soothing and are a joy to use. It's lush.

Marketed towards combination to oily skins but this exfoliating toner is really gentle on the skin, which I'm told "unclogs pores and sloughs off dead skin leaving the complexion looking clear, smooth and even toned" And that it does. It's really nice and is a good introduction into exfoliating toners. Next stop P50....

and then THE SPRITZ. I alternate between the Caudalie Beauty Elixor and the Avene Eau Thermale. In truth this is my favourite part of the night time skincare routine. It just feels so relaxing and soothing on hot and tired skin.

My new Holy Grail what can I say. out of all the serums I have ever used, including the sample of the serum costing £105, this is my favourite. It is amazing. Please read my RAVE REVIEW with sexy pictures. Oh, or check out yesterdays post as I had to take this on holiday with me didn't I - so guess what was a holiday hero?

Beautiful. What can I say. On top of the ESPA pro serum this applies like silk and my skin radiates. Even without the serum it is really rich and succulent without being heavy or sticky. Amazing skin care. And I hear Trilogy is sold at Boots now? OMG. Think of the Boots points??

Here we have Five amazing products and one amazing step: "THE SPRITZ" that make up a lushes night time skincare regime. It just feels amazing, a real calming and unwinding experience at the end of the day. I recommend it to everybody. xoxo

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