Monday, 21 April 2014

Calypso Sunscreen

An impending holiday abroad meant stepping up to the plate and investing in some good sun care products. The product of choice was definitely the P20 once a day sunscreen but after spending a pretty penny on a tonne of that I realised I needed more, but refusing to spend top dollar again I went googling again. The name Calypso came up as a great alternative to P20 but at half to price. Ok then. Bish Bash Bosh. 200ml ordered for approximately ten pounds. Sorted.

First things first. It isn't a spray bottle. Instead it has a hole on top and you squeeze the stuff out. It's consistency is that of melted jelly. Thick and gloopy liquid which quickly dissolves when your rub into your skin. It is an off white yellowy colour which smells really strongly of alcohol. Also, be warned. This stains your clothes if you don't let it dry before dressing. But once dry it feels invisible. If anything, it gave a little bit of glow to my limbs, which was quite nice.

I was disappointed when I realised it wasn't a spray but quickly came to love it. I found the jelly liquid-y sunscreen really easy to apply and blend out, whereas I found the spray bottle of the P20 bottle quite restricting and difficult to blend. Hold your horses, A P20 review will be up soon.

I found that, overall, over my fortnights holiday the Calypso did well at protecting my skin from burning and my limbs slowly tanned. I would say it was perfect except there was a day when I went on a boat ride and I got really sunburnt. Oh my God It was so painful. The Calypso really didn't hold up. But everyone else I was with was using the P20 and they got really sunburnt too. It just wasn't good enough for the extreme conditions. It might say once a day, but believe me, I'll never listen to that again and will definitely reapply before getting on a boat again. Or I will cover up completely.

I didn't bake myself on a beach everyday so I couldn't tell you its effectiveness on protecting your skin over a prolonged period in the baking sun but if your going to be stepping in and out of a air conditioned car, walk around temples and eat tons of food then this is perfection. It also kept protecting after a few dips in the pool, without having to reapply.

If your going to bake on a beach I would definitely reapply every few hours, just for your own piece of mind. It's not a miracle worker but it's very good. I would repurchase definitely. xoxo

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