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Howdy ya'll. My top viewed posts are ones on hair dye and my 'ye olde' top tips for bleaching your hair, from yesteryear. As time has gone on I think I've become a bit more knowledgeable on the whole thing and have more of an informed opinion on the dos and don'ts and am slowly working my way through the hair bleaching kits in Boots. If your considering going blonde or already do it and finding it difficult to get the right colour or your hair is in really bad condition or anything like that - then keep reading and hopefully I can help you out. Enjoy xoxo

Ah the salon experience. You might feel like your in safe hands but unfortunately sometimes, your not. I asked for white hair I get yellow. Once I got this amazing silverised look and it was awesome, but never to be repeated. I think the lesson learnt here is go big or go home. I find if you pay extra dollar your results are more likely to be good. Just my experience. Unless you have found a gem at a cheaper price (then send me their number), you expect to pay that little bit extra. In my experience if I chose one of the lower priced people - you know Technician etc, I find they are constantly asking their senior for advice. If my hairdresser needs advice then its all over. If I ask them whats your favourite thing dying or cutting and they are bleaching my hair at the time and they say "cutting". It's all over. If you go somewhere like Tony and Guy or L'Oreal Colour studio the hair dressers are either colour technician or stylist. Chances are if you have a "colour technician" your odds of getting the colour you want is more higher. You can't be shy or let them take over - you want your hair a certain colour, e strong and ensure you get what you want. Although your paying top dollar you might still get a dud colour so keep on top of them and refuse to move unless they fix it. Ha ha, that's me.

The expense and trauma of arguing with hairdressers is too much to bare so I have started to bleach my hair at home, enlisting friends or doing all by myself (proud). We're very lucky to live in a time when such great advancements are being made in hair dye and hair lightening. I can lightening my hair now, with the same results as bleach (peroxide) but without damaging my hair as much. Unfortunately if your hair is dark to begin with these hair lighteners won't work very well so you would have to bite the bullet and dose up on the bleach, however it is suggested that you slowly lighten your hair rather than go full out blonde. With darker hair your colour will most probably come out orangey so the upkeep of toners and silverising shampoo's is essential. Even if you went and had it bleached at a salon it would be an ordeal to get the right colour you want. It would be quite a process to go from dark brown to white blonde, so your patience is required. I have blonde hair anyway so hair lighteners work really well for me. And come up much less YELLOW than bleach. Unless you like the yellow look following the highlighting with a toner is essential. Jerome Russell do 2, an extreme platinum one and champagne blonde one. My advise is to follow the instructions to the letter, don't wing it because things go wrong and your results are never as good. The big problem with DIY kits is that it is going to be more difficult to get even results. Definitely enlist a friend and then just practice a technique. I recommend you buy a hair dye brush and work methodically around your head.

Like all things, to get optimum results you need to put the leg work in. That means going to the salon for your ends to be cut more often than you normally would. Especially if you have long hair, bleached hair will make your ends dry and frizzy so it's important to keep your ends clean. It will also make your hair appear thicker. Buy all the shampoos and conditioners which say "for damaged hair" "for dry hair" for "colour damaged hair" "moisturising". And leave the conditioner on for as long as you can. I'm currently obsessed with John Freida's Hydrate and Rescue Deep conditioner. This is super moisturising. And on top of that at least once a week (or ever other day depending on how you feel) use an intensive moisturising, revitalising hair mask. I love the Charles Worthington moisture seal hair balm. On the day I bleach my hair I put this on before I go to bed and wash it out in the morning. It's really good believe me. Using hair oils before styling is great too. I recommend the Morrocan Oil for light/fine hair. It's a beautiful product. And also the Bamboo dry oil mist for a less intense but still extremely moisturising spritz.

But you don't just want silky smooth, healthy hair, no. You want your hair COLOUR to be stunning too and not fade or brassify (go yellow) after two seconds. The key to success here is to use silverising shampoos. I use Pro:voke Touch of Silver, which is the only brand to be sold in Boots. It is really good and does the job at banishing those yellow tones. I also have their daily shampoo, which is ok, but I wouldn't say made a difference. It might do over time I guess, but because I find it quite drying I use moisturising shampoos and conditioners daily. I love the John Freida Full Repair shampoo and conditioner. Actually a quick FYI on this. Silverising shampoos are really drying, so I recommend using a really great moisturising conditioner like the Charles Worthington leave in conditioner or put on a hair mask that day. or do both.

Agh roots. The final hair bleaching problem. Not only is it damaging and a pain in the arse to get just the way you want it, it is also high maintenance. I, personally, don't mind a little bit of root. I find it more "natural" that way. I don't know. I always prefer my hair colour a week or so after its been done. When my roots are white it looks a bit odd to me?! I don't know. Anyway back to you guys. I think the rule there is to just fill in the roots and leave your ends well alone. This will help keep them in good condition. And then apply a toner all over to help the new colour blend into the rest.

So that's it. A bit of advice on bleaching / lightening your hair and how to manage it. I hope it was useful. If you are reading this on the off chance and have any further questions of queries relating to bleaching your hair. Please comment below or ask me via TWITTER. Also check out my BLONDE BEAUTY label for in depth reviews on all the blonde and beautiful stuff that I have used. Thanks for reading. Take care xoxox

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