Thursday, 17 April 2014


1. I very rarely clean my brushes. I do a mega brush clean every now and then and spot clean individual brushes if they are particularly bad and I need them then they'll be done. But currently they are in dire condition.

2. I do not tend to my feet at all. They're dry and horrible. I really should. I go through spades of exfoliating and moisturising but it's a little dull so I forget about it after a day.

3. I moisturise and exfoliate my body once in a blue moon. I'm just so lazy I even found the "in shower" Nivea body moisturiser a chore.

4. I leave my nail varnish on my toes for months on end and if I'm not in the nail varnish zone will scratch off my chipped nail varnish with my nails.

5. If I am feeling unwell or are having a rough night or morning I will completely forgo my skin care regime. But don't panic at these times I'm not wearing makeup so that makes it ok right?? Despite these rough days, which to be honest are few and far between I'm on it when It comes to skincare.

6. I can't pluck my eyebrows or suffer for my beauty. I deal with the over grown look until I have an event coming up and then I'll get them threaded. But I will cry in the chair.

7. I leave my hair much longer than I should to get cut and I take forever to get round to dying my roots. It takes me probably 3 weeks to decide what I'm going to do and to find and enlist a friend to cut and dye it.

8. I don't do perfume. I have one Dior J'adore which I have had for 4 years! OMG 4 years..??? Maby I need a new one? lol. I'm really sensitive to smells and don't like most perfumes I try and if I do find a perfume (top notes) I like it'll sink into my skin and smells foul 9.99/10.

9. I wash my hair every day. Trust me I've tried the whole "train your hair" thing. My hair refuses to change. With bleached hair it lasts 2 days at a push. Without, it gets greasy within hours.

10. I'm rubbish with hair and can't style it to safe my life, hence why I wear it pixi short.

11. I find eyeliner really difficult so I can never be bothered to do it.

12. I like the idea of a bold lip but in reality I don't think it suits me. So I never wear it.

13. I don't wear makeup on a day to day basis, preferring, instead, my extra half an hour in bed. If I'm having a rough day I'll slap a little bit on, but this mainly consists of a bit of concealer, my YSL touché eclat and Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. On the odd occasion I'll make the effort and do the whole hog, but these days are few and far between.

OK I think this is it. Wow that's a lot of stuff to work on. If your reading this and think it looks fun please do a beauty confessional too and leave your beauty blog link in the comments. Thanks for reading xoxoxox

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